Rogue Hair: The Ultimate 90s Hair Trend Is Making A Big Comeback!

Every season, trendsetters and hair experts present us the latest trends that will be decisive for our hair in the coming months. After gentle and romantic hairstyles such as the Buttercup Blonde hair color were in the foreground in summer, everything revolves around experimentation in autumn. It seems the ’90s are not going to leave the fashion world anytime soon, and even two decades later, trends keep returning to liven up our days. Broad strands of hair that gently frame the face and emphasize our femininity – Rogue Hair is celebrating a big comeback this year and looks cooler than ever! No matter whether you want to keep things chic and bold with bright neon colors or just want to give your hair a light, fresh kick – all fashionistas get their money’s worth with the hair trend! We’ll tell you below how to get the look yourself at home, as well as the most beautiful hair inspirations!

Rogue Hair Trend black hair with strands

Rogue hair is one of the most popular retro hair trends right now and is a great way to spice up our hair routine for fall. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to make a huge difference in their look with a minimal effort. Or have you always wanted to have red, purple or pink hair, but were afraid to take the plunge? Then the trend is just right for you! The name comes from the superhero “Rogue” from the “X-Men” movie, who wore her brown hair with two white strands on the front.

Rogue Hair is the hair trend everyone should know!

Blonde hair with highlights hair trends 2020 women rogue hair hair trend

Rogue hair quickly became one of the biggest hair trends appealing to fashionistas and stars around the world. And for good reason, of course – the high-contrast strands on the front of the mane form a natural frame around the face and highlight our femininity. While you can choose any color you want for your highlights, the original look consists of blonde, almost white highlights on a dark base. However, is this style too eccentric and bold for you? Rogue hair works just as well with a smooth transition and still adds a refreshing touch to your look.

The trend is very effortless and can be easily achieved at home

Rogue Hair Hair trend brown hair with blonde highlights

One of the greatest advantages of Rogue Hair is that it is a very simple and easy to maintain way of freshening up your hair without having to visit your hairdresser. First of all, you should decide on a specific color and dyeing technique. You can choose between permanent and temporary hair colors such as color sprays, gels, etc. If you are unsure of the result or want a little tweak for a party or vacation, then it’s best to go for semi-permanent hair colors.

Copper red hair color red hair with strands of rogue hair

Depending on how dark your hair is and what look you want to achieve, you should probably lighten the strands first. To avoid mishaps, we recommend that you only use high quality products.

  • Comb the hair well and section two strands about 5-6 centimeters wide at the front. Tie the rest of the hair in a ponytail.
  • If necessary, apply bleach to lighten the strands.
  • Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and mild shampoo and blow-dry.
  • Then apply the desired color evenly and leave it to work depending on the desired intensity.
  • In order to keep the colored hair healthy and moving, the appropriate hair care is required! Use a moisturizing mask at least once a week and indulge your mane with essential oils every now and then.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colors

Brown hair with highlight pastel hair color rogue hair

Rogue hair is mainly about lightening two thick sections of hair at the front and contrasting them with the rest of the hair. You still have the opportunity to think outside the box and experiment with the colors. Whether light blonde, pastel green or orange – anything you like is allowed!

Haarfarben Trends 2020 Rogue Hair

A little tip from us: Make sure you think about your outfit! If you have decided on a bright neon color, it should harmonize with the color of your clothes. Otherwise the look can quickly appear too cheesy and overloaded and we don’t want that, right?

Hair trends 2020 black hair with highlights rogue hair hair color

Good news for all women with white or gray hair – it’s never too late to try something new! Rogue Hair isn’t just for young people! So try to get the most out of your hair color and do like Stacy London! Just dye your hair completely except for the two strands at the front and voilà!

Rogue Hair: An overview of the most beautiful looks for re-styling!

black hair with blonde highlights hair trends 2020 rogue hair hair color

No matter whether for short or long hair – the hair trend works for all hair lengths and can enhance any look

Pixie Haircut Hairstyle Trends 2020 Rogue Hair

Do you prefer a more subtle look? To achieve a softer yet modern look, you can only lighten the strands very slightly

Rogue Hair Hair Color Hairstyle Trends 2020 blonde hair with highlights

If there is one person who could get us to try any hair color, then it would be Beyoncé!

Beyonce hairstyles brown hair with blonde highlights rogue hair

The trend is even more effective with curly hair

Rogue Hair Hair Color Trends 2020 Money Piec Hair

Jennifer Aniston shows us how amazing and breathtaking a smooth color transition can look

Jennifer Aniston Frisuren Hair Trends 2020 Rogue Hair

The 90s hair trend got a new upgrade this year and is available in many subtle variations

Hair accessories trends Hair trends 2020 dark blonde hair with strands

Numerous stars like Dua Lipa are obsessed with the new hair trend

Dua Lipa Frisuren Grammys 2020 Rogue Hair

British singer Geri Halliwell made the rogue hair so popular in the 90s

Geri Halliwell Hairstyles 90s Hair Trends 2020 Rogue Hair red hair with strands

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