Which suit color for the interview? This is how you look professional

In today’s job market where companies may be polling dozens or even hundreds of people for a position, first impressions are more important than ever. Respondents need to pay attention to everything: from what they say to their body language. Even the suit color can have a strong influence on the interviewer’s first impression.

The best suit color for an interview is blue

According to color psychology, some suit colors can convey professionalism, reliability, or a sense of authority, while others can make you look old-fashioned and incompetent. It is also advisable to choose an outfit for the interview that fits you like a glove. Too big a suit can make you look like a kid wearing your dad’s clothes. To make sure that a suit fits your figure perfectly, you can read the fitting tips in this suit guide.

Suit color blue

blue suit with white shirt and white sneakers looks business casual

Many experts agree that blue one of the best colors for an interview is. A 2013 study by the international job exchange Careerbuilder found that 23 percent of the 2,099 managers and HR professionals surveyed recommend blue. Respondents also said they associate the color with someone who is a team player. Cornell University Careers Center also says the color “indicates that you are trustworthy, honest, and believable.” If the dress code is business casual, you can combine the blue suit with a white shirt and white sneakers.

This is the effect of a black suit during an interview

black suit with light gray shirt and burgundy tie for job interview

Schwarz is a classic color and ranks second in the CareerBuilder survey. Managers and recruiters most commonly associate it with dominance, while the Cornell Career Center says it alludes to strength, authority, leadership, and timeliness. Since black can appear so powerful and distant, only wear it if you want to convince as a manager in a job interview. This suit color is not suitable if you are applying for a position in customer service, retail, or social work.

Gray implies intelligence, poise, and analytical thinking

Gray jacket with a white shirt with a subtle dot pattern for the interview

Degree is a neutral color that is also good for an interview. It signals neutrality and can also represent you as a logical and analytical businessman.
Just a little tip: If you tend to sweat when you’re nervous (which is normal), light gray may not be the best color for your big day. Of course, you can wear charcoal gray trousers or a blazer, but avoid light gray shirts. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to hide sweat stains.

A white shirt is an all-purpose weapon

white shirt and blazer in anthracite at the interview

White you connect with someone who is organized, detail-oriented and clean. The white shirt always exudes elegance and seriousness and should not be missing in any wardrobe. Combine a white shirt with dark blue or gray pants and you’re good to go.

The best suit colors for job interview are blue and gray

tip: If you have to wear a tie, avoid overly flashy patterns and colors that can distract the interviewer. Only very subtle patterns such as filigree pinstripes are allowed. As a rule of thumb, the pattern should be so small that it can hardly be seen from a distance.

Which colors are better to avoid?

The worst color for an interview is orange

According to the CareerBuilder study, Orange the worst possible choice one could wear in an interview. Why? Respondents said they often associate it with someone who is unprofessional. While orange is also associated with creativity, it is better to avoid bright colors in job interviews in general, regardless of your career path.

Braun As a color, it has some positive properties: it can have a calming and earthy effect. However, in an industry that is fast moving and innovating, it can make you feel like you’re conservative and passive. According to Cornell’s careers page, brown implies that you are “bored and slow to respond to change”.

dark blue suit with light blue shirt and red tie at the job interview

In some cases it is Rot OK at the job interview – but you have to be careful. Because it’s such a flashy and energetic color, it can send the wrong message. For example, that the candidate is dominant, rebellious, and persistent. There’s a fine line between being assertive and aggressive, and red is a risky choice for an interview.

However, if you are applying for a leadership position, you can use red for a splash of color. A red tie or handkerchief can be combined very well with a white shirt and a gray or dark blue suit.

gray suit with white t-shirt without tie and checked pants

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