Applying nail foils: Instructions and helpful tips for the perfect effortless manicure!

Who doesn’t love a professional manicure? There is hardly anything better than walking out of the nail salon with a fabulous nail design. A good mani is the calling card of every woman and gives our outfits the finishing touch. But for beautiful nails we have to invest a lot of time and money on a regular basis and for one reason or another this is not always possible. The solution? Nail foils are the latest trend for fall nails 2020 and are the ultimate salvation for all fashionistas who want a cool and trendy manicure like a professional. Whether monochrome or in elaborate designs – the selection of patterns and nuances seems to be endless. Do you fancy a cool nail design that is not only quick, but also lasts for a long time and attracts eyes? Then you are right with us! Here you can find out how to apply nail foils, whether they are harmful and much more useful information!

Applying nail foils Instructions nail design ideas for short nails

The right nail polish turns our hands into a real eye-catcher and rounds off every outfit perfectly. But we all know it – painting your nails yourself at home is not that easy and there are quite a few things that could go wrong. The application of nail foils does not require any previous knowledge and is therefore ideal for beginners who are only just getting into the world of nail art. The trend makes it possible to get a professional and stylish manicure in a matter of minutes. All you need are 5 minutes and you’re good to go!

What exactly are nail foils?

Applying nail foils Instructions How to paint your nails yourself Tips

Nail foils are actually not a new trend in the world of manicure – they were invented back in the 80s. The main reason they haven’t caught on as well as other trends and nail techniques is because they came out around the same time as acrylic nails. This involves thin self-adhesive strips of film that are stuck onto the nails. Nail foils are also known as nail wraps and are an excellent alternative to conventional nail polish. According to professionals, it takes less than 10 minutes to apply and can be done anywhere. Whether matt, with glitter, playful butterfly nails or French nail foils – they are available in practically every conceivable color and design, so that every woman can find the right design for herself. And the best thing about it? If used correctly and carefully, the nail wraps can last up to 14 days!

Apply nail foils: It’s that easy to achieve the perfect manicure at home!

How to apply nail foils Instructions How to paint your nails yourself at home simple nail designs

Applying nail foils may seem a bit complicated at first, but you will be surprised how quick and easy it is! Different designs and colors are available both online and in any well-stocked drug store. Not all models are created equal, however – depending on the brand, some could be narrower or wider than your nails. So don’t be afraid to experiment and test different brands until you find the right nail wrap for you. And this is how easy it is to stick the nail foils:

  • Before you apply the nail foils, you should first prepare your nails for the procedure and clean them thoroughly. This is the only way to ensure that they last a long time. It is particularly important to remove any residue from the nail polish. First, degrease the nails thoroughly with a nail polish remover containing acetone to remove dirt and grease.
  • So that the foil is not stuck over the cuticle and for an even better result, it is recommended to push the cuticle back slightly.

Nail foils application instructions nail designs for autumn flowers nail decoration

  • Base Coat Instruct – This step is not a must, but recommended for women with damaged or sensitive nails. A base coat evens out unevenness, forms a protective film and provides the perfect basis for the nail foils. Another advantage is that it increases the durability of the manicure.
  • Choose the right size – Before you apply the self-adhesive nail foils, you have to decide on the right size. If there is no suitable one in the set and you fluctuate between two sizes, it is best to choose the smaller nail foil. If this is still too big, you can cut it to the right size with nail scissors.

How to stick nail foils instructions fall nails 2020 nail designs for short nails

  • Stick on nail foils – And now the fun begins! Now carefully pull the self-adhesive nail foil out of the foil paper and then place it in the middle of the lower edge of the nail. Swipe smoothly upwards and press the sides firmly to avoid air bubbles.
  • Bring into the desired shape – Remove the protruding remnants of the nail foils with a glass nail file and shape them into the desired shape. Whether nails in almond shape or rather short – everything is possible with nail foils! So that the nail wraps do not warp and for a nicer and even result, be sure to file the nails only in one direction.
  • Fix with top coat – For an optimal result and so that you can enjoy your new manicure for at least 10 days, the nail foils are finally sealed with a thin layer of top coat. So that this does not smear or even dissolve, you have to let the top coat dry completely.

And how can you remove nail foils?

Leopard print nails nail foils trend

The 2 weeks are over and now you are asking yourself “How can I remove the nail foils?”. Well the answer is – just as quick and easy as you glued it on! However, we have to clarify something – the nail foils must under no circumstances simply be removed from the fingernail. This can severely damage the top layer of the nail and that’s what we don’t want!

  • With nail polish remover – The self-adhesive nail foils can best be removed with a cotton pad with nail polish remover containing acetone. Simply soak cotton balls with nail polish remover, place on your fingernails and leave for 3-4 minutes. Remaining glue residue on the nail edge can be removed with a nourishing nail oil and a cotton pad.
  • In a hot coconut oil or olive oil bath – If your fingernails are sensitive or sensitive to acetone then this is the perfect method for you. Removing nail foils with warm coconut or olive oil will keep your hands hydrated, making them smoother and healthier. To do this, simply heat a few tablespoons in a bowl and dip your fingernails in the oil. To avoid burns, you should never overheat the oil! After about 10 minutes, gently and slowly slide down the nail foil with a rosewood stick and remove it.

Are nail foils harmful to your nails?

Nail foils harmful fall nails trends painting short nails

Some people believe that nail foils are harmful and could permanently damage the nails. However, this is nothing more than a myth. Nail foils are not permanent and can be easily removed with nail polish remover like ordinary nail polish. Filing, as with acrylic and gel nails, is completely impossible. So the short answer is no – nail foils aren’t bad for our nails.

Helpful tips to make your manicure last longer with nail foils

Nail foils trend nail design ideas for short nails

We have put together a few helpful tips and tricks for you to ensure that the nail foils decorate your fingernails for a long time.

  • Good preparation is essential – As already mentioned, nail wraps need an oil-free and smooth base. So before you apply the nail foils, you should definitely prepare your nails first. If you have grooved or uneven nails, you should smooth them out slightly with a buffer.
  • Especially when you want to switch from gel or acrylic nails to natural nails again, the use of a base coat or a nail hardener is an absolute must.
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat every other day.
  • If the foils are too big, they won’t adhere as well.
  • Choosing the right brand also plays a crucial role in the durability of the nail foils. Premium brands use high quality materials and adhesives that add strength and nourish your nails.
  • Before you apply the nail foils, you can apply an additional dab of nail glue to the fingernails.
  • The chlorine in the water in the pool could affect the nail foils and make them peel off more easily. Professionals recommend avoiding sports activities such as swimming for at least the first 3-4 days.

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