Outdoor shower and bathtub in the garden: Stylish design ideas in the modern country house style

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Whether on the outskirts of the town villa or on the terrace of the holiday homes: An outdoor shower and a free-standing bathtub in the garden provide for a wellness atmosphere and relaxation. We show you 25 ideas for bathing in the open and explain, you had to notice in the design. Let them inspire you and create your own bathing suit!

Outdoor shower and bathtub in the garden: design ideas for the holiday home

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A holiday home on Mallorca, in Portugal or on a Greek island: The dream of a domicile abroad comes in the last few years for more and more Deutsche to fulfill. Many give the property the opportunity, vacation and a favorite holiday resort. For others, it proves to be a practical investment. Selecting this investment does not, however, play anything but the position, but also the alignment one important role. The more comfortable and luxurious a home is furnished, the higher is its rent. And nothing says luxury better than a bathroom in the outdoors. There are several variants available for selection. You can mount an outdoor shower and bathtub in the balcony, on the terrace or in a high walled backyard.

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A bathroom in the living room, well before the beginning of construction work, will be well planted. It is not a premature plant, which must be counted on in the future renovation work. The problem: Only a small part of the Germans buys foundations abroad to build their own dream house. Die Mehrheit prefers to invest in ready-made holiday homes.

If you also want to invest in such a good holiday home in good condition, then you can probably save yourself the expensive renovation of the balcony or terrace. Instead, they can be a part of the garden with a high timber fence, a stone wall or high perches and ornamental grasses for the rest of the outdoor area and the bathroom. So the occupants have a little green oasis just for themselves.

The advantages of a bathroom in the garden:

  • They can even embarrass the water pipes.
  • As a rule, the installation of the bathtub and shower is simple and straightforward.
  • The backyard is shielded by a high wall or a high fence at sight.

The disadvantage of a bathroom in the garden:

  • No roofing. They also need to buy water-resistant materials and bathroom fixtures that are available for outdoor use.
  • In addition, additional costs are incurred, for example for search protection and for plants.

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If you have purchased a plot and built the holiday home, then you can embrace new water pipes for bathing and showers in the balcony or on the terrace. This variant is perfect for holiday homes that have no immediate neighbors and offer a beautiful look.

The advantages of a bathroom in the balcony or on the terrace:

  • Your guests can enjoy the wonderful view of the picturesque surroundings.
  • It provides a roof that protects the bath fittings and the bathtub from rain and snow

The night of a bathroom in the balcony or on the terrace:

  • They cannot embarrass the water pipes themselves and have to take a plumbing with the task.
  • You can not change the position of the bathtub or shower later.
  • No search protection

Outdoor shower and bathtub in the outdoors: How to blend the boundaries between the interior and the exterior

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In the difference to the exotic holiday home there is a strong temperature difference in Germany. Getting ready in the fall is not much more pleasant, bathing or showering. In winter it is not even possible. When you have a bathroom in the ground floor, you can open the room through large sliding glass doors to the garden. This way, the boundaries between the interior and exterior areas blend in the summer months and in winter you can close the doors and enjoy your warm bathing oasis.

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