Autumn decoration 2020: ideas for do-it-yourself autumn wreaths made of natural materials

Nature’s autumn gifts are a wonderful material for making a door wreath. Colorful leaves, rowan berries, acorns, chestnuts and flowers decorate the house entrance and create a pleasant atmosphere in the entrance area. Of course, you can also put the autumn wreaths on the table or hang them in the window! Take a look at the most beautiful ideas for do-it-yourself autumn wreaths made of natural materials!

Instructions for a colorful autumn wreath made of leaves

Make your own autumn wreath out of colorful leaves

The green maple leaves turn into a bright red and fiery yellow in autumn! Due to their beautiful colors, they offer a visual pleasure and are perfect as handicraft material for a lush autumn wreath. All you need is a straw wreath, colorful maple leaves, and floral wire, also called binding wire.

autumn wreath made of leaves and straw ring

First attach the beginning of the floral wire to the blank by wrapping the wire around the blank once and twisting the end in place. Then place some leaves on the wreath and tie them around the blank with green floral wire. Arrange the sheets so that they cover the blank from the outside, top and inside. Also, squeeze the leaves a little at the leaf nerve so that they bend and protrude a little, rather than just lying flat on the frame. It should be wrapped as tightly as possible, but not too tight.

make autumn wreath yourself from leaves

Then wrap the next row of leaves on the wreath so that it covers the wire from the previous one. It is worked in a spiral until the whole wreath is covered with leaves. Finally, make a hanger so you can hang the wreath on the door!

Autumn wreaths with chestnuts

Make a chestnut wreath yourself with a Styrofoam blank

Chestnuts are a particularly popular handicraft material in autumn. The brown, smooth balls fascinate young and old and are ideal for autumn decorations. Chestnut wreaths are also among the most beautiful craft ideas.

Make Herbstkanz yourself with chestnuts

Just make sure that you need a lot of chestnuts for a large autumn wreath. You also need: a Styrofoam blank, a hot glue gun, orange crepe paper, decorative tape and other decorations.

Autumn wreath with chestnut raffia bows and red leaves

First, wrap the entire blank with the crepe paper. Alternatively, you can paint the white styrofoam with a dark color. Then start gluing the large chestnuts onto the wreath. Then move on to the smaller ones. Finally, fill in the gaps with other natural materials such as moss, acorns and walnut shells and decorate the wreath with raffia bows.

The chestnut wreath also cuts a fine figure on the windowsill

Chestnut wreath as autumn decoration on the windowsill

The brown chestnuts also go well with green ivy and red berries

Door wreath with chestnut ivy and red berries

You can also fill the gaps between the chestnuts with moss

Door wreath with chestnut moss and berries

Poppy capsules also look particularly decorative in an autumn wreath

Make a wreath out of natural materials like chestnuts, acorns and cones

Heather branches add texture and color

Door wreath with chestnuts and heather branches

Autumn wreaths with hydrangeas

Autumn wreath made of hydrangeas in purple and green

Even if many hydrangeas often look brown and dried out from afar in autumn, they have not withered, but simply change the color of their flowers. Mostly they shine in strong dark pink and green and blend in perfectly with the autumn garden. This autumn color makes it ideal as an autumn decoration.

Make your own autumn wreath from hydrangeas

Autumn wreath made of hydrangeas in pink and white

If you touch the hydrangea flower balls in late autumn, you will notice that they are hard. This is an important indication that these have already matured enough to be processed into wonderful autumn wreaths.

How to make autumn wreath from hydrangeas yourself Instructions

If you are using a styrofoam wreath, wrap it with satin ribbon. For an interesting look, combine autumn hydrangeas in different colors such as purple, beige and white.

Autumn wreath made of hydrangeas and moss

Autumn wreath made of hydrangeas and moss

Dried up hydrangea flowers, cones and cinnamon sticks are a combination full of warmth and charm that make long autumn and winter evenings more pleasant. A wreath of dried plants can also act as a potpourri – just drizzle with a little cinnamon or orange essential oil. You can also add dried orange peel.

How to make autumn wreath from hydrangeas and moss yourself

If you prefer the minimalist look, you can try this fall decorating idea

elegant door wreath for autumn with hydrangeas

Combine with chrysanthemums in wicker baskets in front of the house entrance that cheerfully welcome residents and guests

Decorate house entrance with white chrysanthemums and wreath with hydrangeas

Hydrangea wreaths also go perfectly with the chalet living style

Decorate the chalet in autumn with a hydrangea wreath

Inspiration for your Provencal kitchen or living room in Provence style.

Autumn wreaths with hydrangeas perfect for the country house style

Lavender, checked patterns and an autumn hydrangea wreath create the shabby chic look

Autumn wreath with hydrangeas for the country kitchen

Late summer living room and a hydrangea wreath on the coffee table

Hydrangea wreath on the coffee table as a modern autumn decoration

Autumn wreaths with rowan berries

Rowan Rowan tree with autumn colors

From late summer to winter we are delighted with the bright red berries of the mountain ash. And even after the rowan tree loses its leaves in winter, the berries that grow on umbels stick to the tree.

Autumn wreath with orange rowan berries

To make this wreath out of rowan berries, you could proceed as with the instructions with the leaves. It is also not necessary to wrap the blank with bunches of berries from below. Finally, hide the ends of the last bouquet under the first bouquet and decorate the wreath with a bow in a contrasting color.

Make your own autumn wreath with rowan berries

Autumn wreath with berries and nuts for the table

The red berries especially come into their own when they contrast. So you can best combine these with beige-brown acorns, nuts and pine cones. Accents in yellow such as yellow leaves or a yellow bast ribbon.

Autumn wreath made of dried flowers

Autumn wreath with dried flowers roses and hydrangeas on wicker wreath

Say goodbye to summer with a beautiful autumn wreath of dried flowers. It will last a very long time and has a wonderful boho flair. Arrangements made from dried flowers exude a rural charm and remind us of the transience of life.

Willow wreath decorated with dried flowers in shades of purple

For the production of dried flowers, roses are the absolute classic. They also look spectacular on an autumn willow wreath. Here are 3 methods you can use to preserve roses. Spray the dried flowers with hairspray to keep their color longer.

Autumn wreaths with physalis

Decorate autumn wreath with physalis willow wreath with lantern flowers

The orange fruits of the lantern flower can be used for all kinds of pretty decorations in autumn. It is best to cut off whole stems for this. Make sure that the capsules should be fresh because then they are still soft and won’t break. In late autumn the lanterns gradually begin to decompose until only a filigree framework surrounds the berries. So if you make a wreath with physalis, it will dry up decoratively over time.

Combine physalis lanterns with dried flowers

Autumn wreath with physalis and dried flowers

As you can see in this example, yellow and purple also go wonderfully with orange. The yellow flowers of the Craspedia, also called ‘drumsticks’, are a great eye-catcher next to romantic mini roses and delicate gypsophila in this colorful wreath.

The orange lantern flowers also come into their own in combination with green ivy

Make your own autumn wreath with physalis and ivy

A wreath with bright orange lantern flowers will be an eye-catcher on the garden fence

Autumn wreath with Physalis lantern flowers shines in front of the garden fence

Rowan berries and lantern flowers in orange harmonize perfectly with potpourri and hydrangea blossoms in purple

Autumn wreath in orange and purple decorated with natural material

Dried echinops, better known as the blue milk thistles, add great accents

Autumn wreath with physalis thistles and dried flowers

Autumn wreath with apples

Autumn wreath for the door made of apples, hops and wild wine

Autumn time is apple time! You can not only enjoy the delicious fruits in cakes and jams, but also process them into a beautiful autumn wreath. For this craft project, you will need: lots of apples, a wire hanger, pliers, a crochet hook to drill holes in the apples. A few sprigs of hops, rose hips, and wild grape complete the look.

Make your own autumn wreath from wire hangers and apples

  • Use the pliers to bend the wire bracket into a circular shape
  • Now the hard part – you need to “unscrew” the point where the ends of the hanger join, being careful not to cut a piece of wire.

Make apple wreath yourself instructions

  • Then you need to pierce the apples with the wire. It is easier to work from the bottom up.
  • Repeat the step until there is no more room. In this example there are exactly 21 apples on the wire bow.
  • Then twist the wire ends together again.
  • Finally, decorate the wreath with vine and hop branches.

Make apple wreath yourself in autumn

This wreath is best for outdoors. If the temperature is low, the apples will last longer. Fruit flies are also not welcome indoors.

You can also tie a bouquet of rose hips at the very top in the middle

Door wreath made of apples, wild vines and hops in autumn

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