Dangerous germs in waters in Hesse registered: Multi-resistant bacteria do not treat antibiotics

dangerous germs German liquid Hesse found

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria have been found in Hesse in Flüssen. Researchers have taken samples from liquids in the region and they have been able to prove them in five. The results of the tests are worrying, while most drugs are not effective against the nurse judge. Therefore, if you do not infect a swimmer or holiday, they cannot be treated with antibiotics. Particularly dangerous germs have been found in the vicinity of hospitals, nursing homes and businesses for mass animal husbandry.

Dangerous germs found in five fluids in Hesse: Is there an infection risk?

The multi-resistant bacteria are found in Fulda, in Gersprenz, in the Main, in Lahn and in the Old Wehr. Whether bathing in bathing waters is still unimportant, the regional environmental protection office can best say. Basically, there is the danger that water sportsmen swallow water while swimming or surfing. With the water, the bacteria in the intestine went and could pass through it. Especially for infants and people with a weak immune system, or in patients taking antibiotics, there is a higher risk of infection. In any case, they should relinquish bathing in waters with poor water quality. In healthy people, it could cause ear or eye inflammation.

Dangerous germs: Multi-resistant bacteria are indispensable to most humans

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Even if bacteria are ingested in the intestine, it does not automatically mean that they have a negative effect on the intestinal flora. Around 7% of Europe's population has such bacteria in the nose, mouth or intestine and lives, without causing an infection. If the immune system is weakened by an illness or poor diet, inflammation can occur. The scientists, in any case, affirm that these consequences could have severe consequences for the whole of humanity in the future of multi-resistant bacteria. Since dangerous germs can hardly be treated, in less than 30 years many people and complications could die of a flu.

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