Decorate the table and dining area with autumn decorations: Charming DIY ideas with natural materials

The summer is over. When the weather outside is cloudy again, we want more cosiness at home again. Now is the right time to decorate the table and dining area with charming autumn decorations. We’ll show you some DIY ideas with natural materials that let you overlook rain, clouds and fog and spread a happy mood in no time at all. Clear the stage for autumn leaves, wheat stalks, painted pumpkins in accent colors and stylish decorations with candles!

Decorate the table and dining area with autumn decorations: An edible arrangement made from seasonal vegetables

Autumn decoration with fresh vegetables and flowers

Here seasonal vegetables are not part of the menu, but the table decoration. Who would have thought that red cabbage would look so good with fresh flowers and berries? The tone-on-tone arrangement in pink and red is a real eye-catcher on the autumn table. It can be perfectly staged with dishes in blue and pink napkins. Individual romaine lettuce leaves decorate the lanterns. In this way, the decoration of seasonal raw vegetables continues on the dining table.

Decorate the table and dining area with autumn decorations: paint the decorative pumpkins

Make autumn table decorations yourself with painted pumpkins

Ornamental pumpkins come in all sorts of shapes. These mini pumpkins are not edible, they are only used as decoration. They can be painted very well and arranged together to form colorful ensembles. To do this, simply:

1. Thoroughly clean the pumpkins and rub dry.

2. Seal the pumpkin surface and let it dry out in the open.

3. Choose paints that have good opacity so that you can achieve the desired effect with just one layer.

4. Divide the pumpkin into several sections, apply the paint with a flat brush and then let the section dry out completely.

5. Paint the stems in gold or spray them with gold spray.

Autumn decoration for the table with decorative pumpkins and cutlery in accent colors

Match the color palette of the pumpkins to the dishes and cutlery. Tone-on-tone combinations that can be grouped with candles and flowers in a dark shade look particularly attractive. Pink, hot pink and red go perfectly together. With carefully applied accents in gold and copper, the ensemble looks modern and Chinese porcelain gives the autumn table a vintage note.

Modern autumn decoration for the table with apples as a candle holder

Autumn decoration for Tosch with apples and tree trunk plates

Have you organized a family celebration or would you like to invite friends over for dinner? Then the next idea for table decorations made of natural materials comes up. Buy green, yellow, and red apples, cut a hole in each apple, and place a tea light in it. Arrange the candle holders in groups on logs.

Bright colors with autumn leaves and decorative pumpkins on the table

Autumn decoration table with autumn leaves and painted pumpkins and carrots and flowers

Dove blue and orange, white and bronze make the autumn table shine. Autumn leaves, decorative pumpkins, carrots and pomegranates on the table extend the gardening season into autumn and bring nature into your own four walls. The natural materials harmonize perfectly with the light, warm wood nuance of the dining table and bring out the wood grain better.

Modern color contrasts on the autumn table

Modern autumn decoration in copper, rose gold and royal blue

The interplay of tender pink, shiny gold, muted bronze and royal blue looks very modern. Dry flowers and decorative pumpkins in accent colors loosen up the formal look and add a natural touch. In addition, you can complete the table decoration with self-made place cards made of blue and pink cardboard.

Puristic decoration for the autumn table

Herbstdeko table modern with autumn leaves and pumpkins and golden cutlery

Lovers of the purist living style will certainly be fascinated by the next decorating idea. The color scheme is kept as natural and light as possible. Gold enlivens the puristic dining room and white forms the perfect background for the subtle decoration made of yellow autumn leaves. In combination with furniture made of ash, the inherited cutlery and crockery unfold their full effect and set subtle accents.

Decorate the table and dining area with autumn decorations: wheat stalks

Decoration ideas for the table in autumn with wheat stalks and colored yarn

Wheat stalks are true all-rounders and can be used in combination with numerous natural materials. We offer you a super simple, but very effective decoration idea. Tie several stalks of wheat together with colored thread. Choose yarn in strong nuances such as purple, orange or dark blue to add color accents. Display the decoration in a glass vase. Cloth napkins and table runners with checked patterns complete the charming, rustic look of the autumn decorations, decorative pumpkins in gold provide a beautiful shine.

Decoration ideas for the table in autumn

Apples as a candle holder, puristic decoration in the Scandinavian country house style

Apples from your own garden not only taste delicious, they also look very decorative. Of course, white puristic candles should not be missing on the table – the mood makers have high season in the cold season and create a cozy atmosphere with their soft light. You can make individual candlesticks out of apples, simply make a hole in the apple and stick the candle in it. Finished!

Crockery in clay look

Autumn decoration with pears and dry flowers and kufper accents

White, green and tone nuances form a simple, puristic color scheme that comes across as airy and light. Pears dyed in bronze, as well as dried flowers and plants help against boredom on the table. Heirlooms like the grandparents’ old candlesticks can also be perfectly staged with a puristic autumn decoration. Clay-look plates and linen napkins give the ensemble a rustic country house look.

Autumn decoration in spring colors

Autumn decoration table with natural materials yourself make pears and pumpkins and hyacinths

Pink and white are actually not fall colors. But they are the perfect color duo that extends summer into autumn and are ideal for decorations in the transition period. The whole thing is particularly noble when golden candle holders are placed on the table.

Autumn decorations made from durable materials

Flowers wither, fruit and vegetables rot, autumn leaves crumble: most natural materials cannot be kept for long. However, there are also those that look good all autumn. Such are, for example, the pumpkins, the pine cones and also the dried cotton branches, which look particularly attractive in a decorative relief bowl made of porcelain stoneware.

Autumn mood with a stamped tablecloth

Herbstdeko table make yourself stamp autumn leaves on tablecloth

Are you bored of the old white tablecloth? You can spice them up with the help of a wooden stamp with autumn leaf motifs. Buy fabric paint and apply it to the stamp with an ink pad, then press it onto the tablecloth. Fix the color with the iron so that you can later easily wash the tablecloth at 40 degrees Celsius.

Autumn decoration with blue autumn leaves on the table

On the tablecloth, you can effectively stage vases made of different materials and plants and flowers with restrained colors. The eclectic mix of stoneware, ceramic, concrete, porcelain and glass brings variety to the autumn table.

Autumn decoration for the table – more ideas with natural materials

Autumn decoration with autumn leaves and decorative pumpkins and dry wheat stalks

A successful autumn decoration does not have to be expensive. You can make effective decorations yourself with natural materials. In the photo gallery below, we offer you numerous ideas for creative table decorations in different living styles. Let yourself be inspired!

Color corn on the cob gold and bronze

Make autumn decorations yourself with golden corn cobs and pears

Ornamental pumpkins come in different colors and sizes

Make autumn decorations yourself with pumpkins and lanterns

Decoration ideas for the table in autumn: rose hips, pine cones and lanterns

Autumn decoration with pine cones and rose hips and white candles

Seasonal flowers and autumn leaves in a brass vase

Herbstdeko table bouquet of flowers with autumn leaves in antique vase

Paint the pumpkins and put the autumn leaves on the plates

Make your own autumn decoration table with painted pumpkins and autumn leaves

Fresh fruit as a table decoration

Autumn decoration table with fruit and roses and autumn leaves

Simple and elegant in black and white

Modern autumn decoration table in black, white and gold

Modern autumn decoration in anthracite and pink and dried flowers

Autumn decoration table modern with painted wine glasses and pink napkins

Fresh plants on the autumn table

Deco ideas autumn table with pumpkins and autumn leaves

Arrange wheat stalks in colored glasses

Deco ideas table autumn with wheat stalks and colored glass

Deco in the country house style with napkins made of linen fabric and candle holders made of porcelain stoneware

Autumn decoration for table in modern country style do it yourself instructions

Puristic autumn decoration with pears, pine cones and pumpkins

Autumn decoration table with dried hydrangeas and pine cones and pears

Grapes and books as autumn decorations for the table

Make autumn decorations for the table yourself with natural materials

Decorate the table for autumn with seasonal fruit

Autumn decoration with books and grapes and pears

Checkered table runners and napkins harmonize perfectly with the green twigs and white pumpkins

Autumn decoration in a modern country house style with checked napkins made of fabric and table runner

Corn on the cob in gold and bronze, as well as seasonal fresh flowers and rose hips

Autumn decoration with painted corn and rose hips and fresh flowers

Autumn decoration in a vintage jug

Make autumn table decorations with apples and oranges yourself

Tree branches and autumn leaves made of paper

Modern autumn decoration with fir branches and autumn leaves made of cardboard

Puristic table decorations with pumpkins in different colors and sizes

Pumpkins and bay leaves as a puristic table decoration in autumn

Modern autumn decoration in black and white

make modern autumn decorations in black and white yourself

Vase in anthracite and autumn leaves

Make modern table decorations for autumn in black and red yourself

Dry blades of grass in white ceramic vases and orange tablecloth

Make puristic autumn decorations yourself with dry plants and autumn leaves

Puristic table decoration with mushrooms, pumpkins and moss

puristic table decoration for autumn with dry moss and pumpkins and mushrooms

Autumn decoration with green leaves and decorative pumpkins

Table decoration with bay leaves and pumpkins in different sizes

Colorful with seasonal flowers, berries and colored glass on the autumn table

Vintage autumn decoration table with white pumpkins and blue and pink dry and fresh flowers

Simple with golden pumpkins and fresh leaves

Wine and golden pumpkins as a table decoration for autumn

Puristic with wheat stalks and white pumpkins

Ornamental pumpkins and wheat stalks as decoration for the coffee table

Autumn decoration with sunflowers

Autumn decoration with sunflowers and a yellow linen blanket

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