Erdüberlastungstag 2019 is on 29 July! The resources of the planets are needed

Add-on load to climate change and increase extreme weather conditions

In one message, the human resources to this day have used their natural resources, such as water, booths and softer air for the whole year 2019. About the nice resource consumption of human beings, bräu wir ab heute mittlerweile 1.75 Erden. Even today, the Californian Umbrella Global Footprint Network (GFP) has the so-called Earth Overshoot Day (2019) on two months ahead of our 20th anniversary and the same date is the best in history.

Was there an Erdüberlastungstag?

ecological Fußabdruck der Länder Erdüberlastungstag

"Earth Overshoot Day" is an annual campaign of the Global Footprint Network, which should engage the limited natural resources of the Earth. The groups, located there in Hauptsitz, in Oakland, said: "On July 29, the Erderschöpfungstag involved, that human beings use the nature of that 1.75-m slower, as such ecosystems can regenerate their planets. This corresponds to the use of 1.75 Erden. "

"The cost of these global ecological drugs was ever visible in the form of abstinence, bottom erosion, loss of biological fallout or the incidence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Launches to climate change and extreme extreme weather conditions. "

The Erdüberlastungstag 2019 is früher when you suck

Erdüberlastungstag 2019 like our 20 years old

Later in 1986, Tag takes the burden of storage when still there. 1993 was on October 21, 2003 on September 22 and 2017 on August 2.

Mathis Wackernagel, the founder of the Global Footprint Network, said: "We have no such thing as the definitive defining context for human existence. We cannot use 1.75 (second) non-destructive consequences. ”

Individuals may reasonably consider their own ecological pressures under As a supplement to the Footprint Calculator, the #MoveTheDay Solutions Map is being developed.

#MoveTheDay is a campaign within one campaign - the hottest, one initiative pushed back with Earth Overshoot Day for five days per year, which is why this 2050th reaches that planet's compatibility.

Possibilities, moving the tag, can be a fun find: cities, energy, innovation, population and the planet. There was a reduction in CO2 emissions from the combustion fossils fuel by about 50% on the day of 93 days.

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