Current pandemic: fewer deaths from coronavirus

Coronavirus and the pandemic are currently spreading rapidly around the world due to the summer holidays. However, new data from the World Health Organization (WHO) shows that cases are subsiding in most regions. The biggest slowdown is in America. In the second week of August 2020, more than 1.7 million new coronavirus cases and around 39,000 new deaths were recorded. The WHO announced this in a recently published situation report.

What is the current pandemic like?

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The figures for the seven-day period mean a five percent decrease in new COVID-19 cases worldwide. A 12 percent decrease in new deaths from a week earlier is also seen. Despite the slowdown, the new numbers have now brought the global total since the pandemic started to well over 23 million cases and more than 800,000 deaths. With the exception of Southeast Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean, all regions saw a decline in new numbers. This was announced by the UN health department. America remains by far the hardest hit country by the pandemic. In addition, half of all newly reported cases made up 62 percent of deaths there.

However, the region also saw the greatest slowdown in the spread of the virus. The number of new cases fell by 11 percent, while the number of newborns decreased by 17 percent from the previous week. This is partly due to the decreased transmission from the US and Brazil. These are the two hardest hit countries in the world. Meanwhile, the WHO warned that several countries and areas in the Caribbean had seen a surge in cases. Experts suggest that this could be linked to growing tourism. The Southeast Asia region accounted for 28 percent of all new cases and 19 percent of all new deaths reported worldwide. Both categories increased by four percent compared to a week earlier.

More statistics

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India continues to report the vast majority of confirmed cases and deaths in the region with 455,000 new cases. This brought the total to well over three million and with more than 6,700 new deaths. However, the number of victims rose to over 56,700. In the eastern Mediterranean, too, the number of cases rose by four percent in the past week compared to the previous week. However, the number of deaths in the region fell for the sixth straight week. In Europe, where the number of new cases has risen steadily in recent weeks, the pace has slowed slightly over the past week, the data showed. The number of new deaths in Europe continued to slow, falling a full 12 percent from a week earlier.

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