Make pretty flowers with chestnuts and leaves + instructions

The brown chestnuts are a great handicraft material in autumn that will keep children and adults happy. We’ve all made chestnuts or animals, haven’t we? We have a great idea to go with autumn handicrafts: make flowers with chestnuts and leaves. Collect chestnuts and leaves in the most beautiful colors and off you go! You can also find more exciting projects with chestnuts in this article.

So you can make pretty flowers out of chestnuts and colorful leaves

Make flowers out of chestnuts and leaves for autumn

These chestnut and autumn leaves are a fun crafting project for young and old and can be conjured up in a few minutes. The finished flowers are not only an excellent eye-catcher on the table and the windowsill, but also a great gift for various occasions.

Lots of free craft supplies can now be found in the woods and parks

Autumn offers us a wealth of handicraft materials

You don’t need any special tools for this craft project other than a hot glue gun. If you’re crafting with toddlers, you can use double-sided tape instead of hot glue.

For crafting you need:

– wooden skewers
– colorful leaves, best sorted in advance according to type and color
– chestnuts
– Hot glue or double-sided tape for toddlers

First, stick a wooden skewer into each chestnut. They serve as stems and flower holders.

Insert the wooden skewer into the chestnut

If you have more chestnuts, you can arrange a whole autumn bouquet.

handicrafts with chestnuts with toddlers

Put a dollop of hot glue on the underside of the chestnut and start gluing the leaves around the chestnut.

tinker with chestnut leaves glue with hot glue

* Alternatively, cover the bottom of the chestnut with double-sided tape so that the child can easily stick the petals on.

Repeat this step until you have the desired number of petals on the chestnut.

Glue the leaves to the chestnuts with hot glue or double-sided tape

The flowers made from autumn leaves and chestnuts are now ready!

Use the right leaves for each flower

The flowers as autumn decorations or as a gift

Autumn arrangement of homemade chestnut and leaf flowers

To bring out the flowers from foliage beautifully, you can make a decorative floral arrangement. Get a rustic looking vessel, such as a small tin tub, on which you will later build your flower arrangement. Take a large bath sponge and cut it to the shape and size of your container. Then cover the sponge with jungle grass or small stones for decoration. It would also be a good idea to put artificial lavender branches in the sponge and thus highlight the colorful foliage flowers nicely.

With the bright colors of the leaves, autumn is spreading in your home

Make flowers out of chestnuts and leaves for autumn

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