Tattoo Artists Germany: These are the best tattoo artists at a glance!

One thing is certain – one frowned upon, tattoos have become an integral part of contemporary aesthetics today. The statistics speak for themselves – every fifth German has at least 1 tattoo and the number of tattoos has almost doubled over the past 8 years. Germany is considered the Mecca for everyone who wants to be stung by some of the best tattoo artists in the world. Even in the capital, Berlin, there are now more than 1,000 studios. To make your search a little easier, we have listed some of the best tattoo artists in Germany for you in this article.

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If you want to get a certain tattoo, it's not just the right motif that is important. There are now tattoo artists like sand by the sea, but unfortunately there are also many black sheep among them. Therefore, it is all the more important to find a suitable tattoo artist who specializes best in a particular tattoo style. No matter whether you are looking for excellent black-gray portraits, realistic tattoos or those with a trendy dot work look – in this article you will surely find the right artist for you.

The best Tattoo Artists Germany – Chaim Machlev, Berlin

Chaim Machlev Tattoos famous tattoo artist Germany

For several years now, Chaim Machlev has been one of the most sought-after and famous tattoo artists in the world and already has almost half a million subscribers on the social platform “Instagram”. His studio in Berlin is called “Dots to Lines” and at the same time describes his distinctive style. Since he only started tattooing as a profession in 2012, many call him a child prodigy. His masterpieces are characterized by fine lines, ornaments and geometric shapes that look as if they have always been connected to the body of the wearer. All of his motifs are individually adapted to the body shape of his customers and are real unique pieces. But if you want to have an appointment with him, you have to be patient – the waiting time is almost 2 years.

Valentin Hirsch, Berlin

Valentin Hirsch tattoo artist geometric tattoos trend tattoo artist Germany

Valentin Hirsch is another outstanding and very talented tattoo artist Germany who works in Berlin. So he said, he created his own tattoo style. It is based on a combination of blackwork style and geometric symmetry and takes up topics such as nature, life and death. His wild drawings of leopards, lions and other animals encountering skulls are breathtaking and look incredibly realistic. Valentin Hirsch studied art in Vienna and describes himself as an artist and not as a tattoo artist. He not only tattooes in Berlin, but also regularly flies to Paris, London and New York. 5 years ago, the talented man even published a book with his biography and most beautiful works – “Symmetries”.

Randy Engelhard, Zwickau

Randy Engelhard tattoo artist best tattoo artist Germany

Randy Engelhard has been tattooing for 20 years and in 2005 he opened his tattoo studio “Heaven of Colors” in Zwickau. His clientele and popularity grew slowly but surely and today he is one of the most sought-after tattoo artists in Germany. He tattoos at various tattoo fairs worldwide and appears as a guest artist in many countries. From Gothic motifs to incredibly vivid portraits – the tattoo artist knows exactly which machines and colors he has to work with to get the perfect result in the end.

Sasha Masiuk, Berlin

Sasha Masuik tattooist shoulder tattoo women

Sasha Masiuk is one of the best and most famous tattoo artists in both Germany and Russia. She was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, where she also graduated from the Academy of Art and Design. The tattoo artist is known for her complicated and detailed works in dot work and linework style in combination with delicate floral patterns. Even if she and her husband live in the German capital, 6 years ago she opened two tattoo studios in Moscow and Sankt Peterburg. In Berlin she tattooed as a guest artist in either the “harvest time” or “AKA tattoo studio”.

Jessica Svartvit, Ulm

Jessica Svervtiv tattoo artist best tattoo artist Germany forearm tattoo women

Jessica Svartvit is a young and incredibly talented lady who only started her tattoo career in 2014. Although she has been in the industry for such a short time, she has made her unique tattoos one of the most popular tattoo artists in Germany. For many of her works, she uses a mixture of different techniques and styles such as classic mandala, old school and new school. Attention to the small details, the fine lines, the choice of colors, which harmonize wonderfully with each other and give the tattoo a gentle touch – all this makes the work of Jessica Svartvit so beautiful and exciting.

Lucas Wagner, Hamburg

Lucas Wagner tattoo artist Hamburg best tattoo artist Germany traditional tattoo

Germany can really count itself lucky to have a tattoo artist as talented as Wagner for traditional tattoos. As the name suggests, traditional tattoos are an important part of the history of tattoos as art. The thick, black contours are typical of these tattoos. The contrast brings out the design even better and the black ink ensures that it lasts and ages well. The most famous tattoo artists in this style include legends such as Ed Hardy, Sailor Jerry and Lyle Tuttle. Lucas Wagner is considered by many to be the German master of traditional tattoos and that's why you have to wait at least 4-5 months for an appointment.

Tobias Burchert, Halle (Saale)

Tobias Burchert tattoo artist best tattoo artist Germany shoulder tattoo women

You will fall in love with the abstract designs and shapes and bright colors of this tattoo artist Germany. Tobias Burchert, also known by the nickname “ElSchwino”, has been tattooing since 2008 and is undoubtedly one of the tattooists that every tattoo fan should know. Typical of his tattoos are the realistic, graphic elements and the sweeping lines. This creates unique and surreal works of art that really catch the eye.

Waler Montero, Paderborn

Tattoo Realistic Style Walter Montero tattooist arm tattoo men

Argentine tattoo artist Waler Montero has taken surrealist tattoo realism style to a whole new level. He has been active in this industry for 17 years now and inspires people all over the world with his works. These are mostly composed of realistic images in dark colors and a brilliant combination of color, shape and concept – you can recognize a tattoo engraved by Montero. In his tattoos, people's faces have a kind of futuristic and somber look, and an image can be engraved in several different perspectives at the same time. But it is precisely this chaos that sets Waler Montero apart from the crowd.

Gerhard Wiesbeck, Berlin

Gerhard Wiesbeck tattoo artist famous tattoo artist Germany full body tattoo

Gerhard Eisen is another outstanding tattoo artist in Germany. If you are interested in blackwork, dotwork or geometric tattoos, then you are well advised with him! However, the tattoo artist interpreted the styles in his own way. In his work one searches in vain for fine lines, delicate details and subtle patterns. His tattoos are characterized by incredibly bold and bold blackwork and geometric shapes that remind us a little of the tribal tattoos. This combination of the two styles provides an excellent contrast and makes all his tattoos something very special.

Brian Povak, Berlin

Brian Povak tattoo artist best tattoo artist Germany

Well, as you can see, most of the best tattoo artists in Germany are in Berlin. And Brian Povak is just another proof of it – the tattooist is even described as the king of the tattoo world in the capital. Lively, unique, intense, captivating, exuberant – this is how you could describe his works. His main strengths are portraits and tattoos in a realistic style.

Mandy Frank, Hamburg

Mandy Frank Tattoo Artist Germany Tattootrends Watercolors Tattoo

Total chaos, confusion and a total disregard for any perfection – all of this characterizes every work of the German artist. Whether you are illustrating a children's book, embellishing a piece of clothing, painting a picture or tattooing a customer – Mandy Frank's designs are full of colors and shapes. The result is always breathtaking works of art – regardless of the canvas. She loves to let your creativity run free and literally play with the colors. However, her style has nothing to do with the classic watercolor tattoos and is therefore known as “Colorsplash”. The German artist discovered her love for tattooing only a few years ago and describes herself as “A painter who also tattooed.” To get an appointment with her, you need to keep an eye on your schedule as she currently works as a guest artist in various tattoo studios across Europe.

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