Soybean oil unhealthy for the brain ?: Signs of genetic changes

Medicine and science are increasingly debating whether soybean oil should be unhealthy. However, fast food restaurants use this frequently and it is becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to the variety of essential fatty acids it contains, it should generally be healthier than other types of vegetable oils. However, new research has warned of risks that soybean oil and its more precise influence on the development of Alzheimer's disease could have.

Should Soybean Oil Be Unhealthy and Promote Alzheimer's?

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Many people praise soybean oil for its health benefits and it is a product that can be consumed in moderation. However, while it is already linked to serious illnesses such as diabetes and obesity, a new scientific study has recently provided evidence that this type of oil could affect not only the development of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, but also anxiety.

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An older study conducted by American researchers from the University of California at Riverside found that excessive consumption of this oil favored both obesity and type 2 diabetes in mice. No wonder that soybean oil can be unhealthy and is found in processed foods such as margarines.

soybean oil unhealthy or not new study with research results alzheimer's disease

The same research team again carried out the current study with laboratory mice. This time, the scientists could see that this vegetable oil can affect the brain and even genetically modify it. This could promote the development of Alzheimer's, depression and autism. To reach these conclusions, the team of researchers examined the brain of mice after three different diets and finally compared the results. The three high-fat diets are based on soybean oil, modified soybean oil and coconut oil.

The vegetable oil examined caused pronounced effects on the hypothalamus, the function of which is to regulate sleep, temperature and stress. A deficiency of neurons that produce oxytocin has also been identified. According to co-author Frances Sladek, most soy products contain only a small amount of the oil in question, but advise moderate consumption.

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