Rumah Miring: A shattered house in Jakarta as a criticism and later adoration

shreds house in Jakarta Blick von Aussen

A terrified house in the middle of a symmetrically arranged town is always an interesting sight. The project by Budi Pradono Architects is based on the typical European-demanded Häusern, which can be seen in a residential area just from Jakarta in Indonesia. The high-rise building with the names "Rumah Miring" should be a "Anti-Establishment" symbol and works thank-you stores and easy-to-use glass floors as visual criticism and later additions.

One writes house as criticism in later admixture

modern house in Jakarta Weiß und Glas

The house is located on a 160 square meter (8 x 20 m) large ground floor in the city pondok indah. While there is a closed living room, this building is in the vicinity of one of the small fluctuations with unheard-of disturbances in other homes. South Jakarta's Pondok Indah is a residential neighborhood, built in the 80s, and built to be highly successful. Then Pondok Indah is at present a symbolic status. For some of the most successful parliamentary MPs in Jakarta, some prominent others from other regions were possessed of a mousse, a house in this making. These success symbols are in the Allgemeins in the architectural language. Some cases related to those in Italy or France and then relegated. So the house-owner wanted to weld these symbols of the heresy ruin and a shattered house, criticizing his environment.

home in Jakarta Facade Stahlgerüst

Also the Farbe of the facade replaces as an antithesis. Rumah Miring (Slanted House) is adjacent to the House of Indonesian Musicians, Ahmad Dhani. Dhanis Haus is very sharply streaked, while the shredded house is completely white.

The house is still "tipped" before

Haus 3D model is modeled on the architecture

The design is stamped with stalwart Stahlhülle by its expat. The characteristic element is the remarkable feature of the structure in a shop of 70 ° to be still. The Stahl construction should not be seen as a symbol of the instability, as deconstruction of an existing situation in the environment.

Haus Terrasse is shaded with swimming pool kitchen in highlighter Weiß

Also, the new room schedule follows a new schedule. The bulkhead, the maintenance and sociability is enhanced by a large terrace in the open and the adjacent swimming pool. The first and second works are the private rooms that were one of the main halls, a walk-in closet and a main bath room. To this end, the top ebene, the one-sided look on the wall, is reserved for the lounge and guest room.

Swimming pool with kitchen and furniture with bar

The 16 m² big bathing room is an answer to the current trend of urban living, where you normally spend more time in a bathroom. These users can spend more time burning rough times, while using smartphones, reading newspapers or using social networks.

The tall workpiece-clad workpiece is connected by a hanging staircase from each wing. The designer also devoted many flanges and cuffs to work on a tropical interior with holes and at the same time create a subtle outlet between them and doors.

Stair with podest white lacquered wood parts swimming pool

Do you believe that the building tells the desired work?

Can the Architect say a criticism of this matter?
Can the architecture say an antithesis in your neighborhood?
Can that architecture deconstruct a physical establishment?
Does the Essence of Life Interrogate?

large covered terrace with kitchen everything is shaped

modern architecture with my interesting design

Metal stairs connect the rotating Stockworks

modern house races in the Zwischengeschoss, climbing flanges and many green

The cliffs contain the Natur house

Haus Glasfront Blick is shrewd about that dagger

shredded house space heating glazing over the city

more comfortable sliding room with glass front Zugang to the balcony through ski areas

Bathroom 16 qm Badewanne Einbau-WC Stein

Inside the architecture, integrate balcony with a beautiful view

Erich boden in the slatted room space glazing

house Architektur 70 Grad Shop

shreds house in Jakarta Querschnitt Plan

modern Haus 3 Stockwerke Front Plan

Lowest of the Haus Grundstück im Stadtteil Pondok Indah

0 Swimming pool with terrace

1 Stock Schlafzimmer 16 qm Bathing Room

2 Stock Architekturplan Raumaaufteilung

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