The Bulgarian Schwarzmeerküste offers sophisticated choices

The Bulgarian Schwarzmeerküste offers sophisticated choices

Bulgaria is known for its spawns with the endless, long-winded sandy beach. The tourism is thriving, there is something for everyone - families with children, young people in party mood, some natural hobbies, those end-laced and obedient people. Aber, the Bulgarian Schwarzmeerküste has the Tourists fell more to the feet and is known with some fall and sobriety and easy-to-access url and augmentation possibilities. The coast is about 380 km long and with over 70 beaches and many curves sets a marvelous combination of Lake and Coastal climates. Here we were sneezed, announcing with the various possibilities for a perfect urlaub in the Blacksmith's castle in Bulgaria, the best suited to their needs.

Bulgarian Black Sea Coast: Who gets you the best of your choice?

to Bulgaria for the summer url flying

To sum up and importantly for a customs trip in Bulgaria there is transport and travel. Each scout starts with a one-way journey. The duration of the trip gives a bad tone for the entire trip. However, if you are ready to have a clear presentation, you will be able to get the most out of your heart, from Germany (eg Munich) to Burgas, which is at least 2,000 kms over.

If you still meet Bulgaria for your summer urlaub flights, then you will find two airports - Burgas Airport and Varna Airport. Varna is situated in the northern Black Sea coast and Burgas covering the southern coast. The mind is the two Hubs, who praised the whole multitude of Bulgarian tourists and tourists in the summer season. Once Zielflughafen drove to the search for the Bulgarian Schwarzmeerküste you find in the Hauptstadt Sofia. From the Trakia Autobahn (A1), it is more expensive than 400 km or 3.5 hours to Burgas.

On Trakia Autobahn, one walks from Sofia to the Bulgarian Schwarzmeerküste

The voyage with the actual truck is also possible, even if it is slower. The cost of this is very annoying, or even if you have to plant at least one night. When traveling with their own car, then during the url they have been able to move freely in the country and have more say and visit more places.

There are two main routes to Bulgaria (weather Munich). The first to travel via Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Niš, Sofia and covers 90% of the Autobahn. The Fahrt across Serbia is not feasible and EU citizens do not dare to leave us personally. The other Strecke is also well-known for being Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgrade, Niš, Sofia. A dry route across Romania also exists, but is not recommended for bad street conditions, traffic jams and large waterways in the borders, especially in the twin bridge with Romania in Vidin and a ruse. EU citizens can travel with one-person or one travel pass for long periods of time in Bulgaria.

The nerdliche and the southern Black Lake coast of Bulgaria

Bulgarian Schwarzmeerküste in the Nordic countries is picturesque with steep cliffs

These centers of pause tourism lie in the Umkreis of the Küstengroßstädte Varna (in the Nordic countries) and Burgas (in the south).

The Schwarzmeerküste in the Nordic countries is picturesque with steep cliffs and no bends and at the end of the face, the sand-strung washes are smaller and the multiple-wash temperature is at least some degrees of cold as in the south. The most important Urlaubsorte here are - Sveti Konstantin i Elena, Goldstrand, Albena and Rusalka (geographically arranged from Varna to the Romanian border).

South-Black Black-tailed Bulgarian sandy beaches with crystal clear water

On the other site you will find in the southern region which are well-known and rich resorts where you can find sunbeams, elenites, waters, etc. You can find beautiful, sandy beaches with crystal clear waters. Both regions have their immense charm and are quite fond of them, which option promoted. Bulgaria has fallen so badly, that you will find yourself in the right direction for it.

The best-known places with the most enthusiasm are Sonnenstand im Süden und Goldstrand im Norden Bulgarian. Familiarize yourself with your nightlife and unique party locations for those around you and your favorite activities, with which you can enjoy your welding. Among these resorts for their nightlife and parties known, the guest dear to 70% of families with children. The place is quite coarse and so hard to have a hotel directly in the disco is really cowardly so cool. Also, if you are rocking on lots and nights, you will definitely enjoy the big resorts!

Breakout or individually book the trip?

One private cottage sits with a swimming pool in the vicinity of the larger resorts

The question poses only people who receive a more solid price. These Individualists were scarcely interested in a breakthrough song. The costly expense is incredibly uninteresting, and most of the time lies the most zealous ones of Urlaubs.

If you are looking for family-friendly options, you can organize them individually into one of the smaller resorts or even have a private holiday home with a swimming pool in the vicinity of the larger resorts. A privately owned holiday home or residence is really practical, which is best seen as one hotel room and usually comes with its own kitchen. You can find many different options and unique options and offers and with patience and research online and find your luggage. So you can get to your family who's rugged and relaxed, deservingly deserving of them.

The cost-effective (Pauschal gegen Individual) is incredibly uninteresting and most likely lies the most zusammengelteur Urlaubs.

Altstadt Nessebar Kirche XII - IX Jahrzehnt BC

From the Sommerurlaub am Schwarzzen Meer, several other options for family reunion, seaside visits and sightseeing trips, cultural tourism, spa and wellness, City Tourism et al.

For people interested in culture

The cultural tourism has been developed in Bulgaria. It is so common to say so and to acknowledge it. Old artifacts, buildings and sensitivities are common. The Bulgarian Schwarzmeerküste is one of the original Siedlunggebiet, the Heimat völker and civilizations. Here are your traces of Thraker, Greek, Romer and Turkish hinterland. Historic museums can be found in Varna and in Burgas, and also one of the most beautiful archaeological museums in the city of Nessebar. The test pieces exhibit strains from XII - IX years of age. Daneben is the Altstädte who was Nessebar and Sozopol, who is so fond of Bulgaria, a cultural attraction for him. The City of Varna originates from an ancient Thrace, which is promoted by the Roman and the Byzantine nobility as a birthplace. Burgas is also a city with a 2000-year history, which can easily be seen in many museums and churches.

City-Tourism Burgas Pier Landebrücke

City Tourism

A more beloved Tourism Art is the City Tourism. You will usually be in larger cities where Varna and Burgas practice. Many people have such travel accessories, are easy-going to get their minds, their multifunctional and cushion better suited to smaller resorts. One of Hauptgründe, where these cities were so popular with tourists, is the Erreichbarkeit. It is very simple, has acquired Burgas as Nicebar's claim. Many roads lead to this large town and the two are close to the airport.

The tree-lined Hafengroßstädte have, among other things, the night-life of a European-wide metropolis.

Urlaub in Bulgaria celebrates sand and blue lake

If you are likely to recognize it, Bulgaria has some very easy-to-read and unique access to and travel possibilities. The large fell of Bulgarian Ferienorte has fallen to beets. Individual travelers find here a few great opportunities for a summer holiday in Bulgaria.

Do not sneeze and find the perfect urlaub in Bulgaria, where you are absolutely sure you find it close, if you need it.

Summer holiday in Bulgaria a private Ferienhaus with swimming pool

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