Lowering the maintenance cost of your car: With these tips you can save money

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Procurement, operating costs, insurance, inspection and loss of value: A new car is associated with high expenses. If they could get into the grip, they should reckon their investment in the next five years. We explain to you who you can save the overview and lower the maintenance costs for the car. If even car driving can get in the pocket, you can read it here and save money.

Lowering maintenance costs for the car: The cost types at a glance

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Most car owners are unaware of the cost at their inception. We offer you an overview of the various cost types:

Kaufpreis. Here, the monthly leasing or financing rates, as well as special payments, were calculated separately. Just before the purchase, one should consider, was for a car to fit their own lifestyle.

Since electric cars were promoted state-by-state, many buyers ask themselves whether the purchase of any electric vehicle really benefits them. Compare that to the acquisition of an e-car only in the upper price segment. In the small and compact classes, all the equipment costs fall by 50% more than in petrol cars. The investment could pay off for multi-drivers, but they could save money on fuel.

Car maintenance costs lower saving money

Betriebskosten. These include, among other things, the expenses for fuel, engine oil, as well as vehicle maintenance and cleaning. Basically applies: Motorists who are very much on the road should opt for diesel. If you drive rarely, then gasoline makes more sense.

Wartungskosten. Brakes, wear parts, tire change, both planted and repair recommended by the manufacturer flow here with one.

Fixkosten for garage or parking space, insurance, tax, or kasko come to every car owner monthly, whether the car is driven, or not.

Wertverlust. Even a new car loses value after purchase. In the first year, the value loss is on average 25%, from the second year it can vary between 5% - 6%.

Lowering maintenance costs for your car: This way you can save money

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The total cost of a car can amount to hundreds or even more than thousands of euros per month. However, it is very important to list all the cost types in a table and to know what planned costs are incurred. It also pays to pay a small sum for exception cases each month. It also provides other variants that lower monthly costs:

1. If you drive too late to work, there is the possibility of taxing the driving costs tax-efficiently. For this purpose, a removal package in the tax declaration will be valid. Each worker should find the shortest route between his living room and his workplace. Based on the length of the route, the height of the package is then calculated. Basically, 30 cents per km were replaced.

2. One more possibility that lowers the overall cost is to avoid the car you own. On the platform Drivy, Europe's largest carsharing community, is for example a car rental between private individuals. In this way, tenants with car owners from close proximity were contacted. All vehicles are insured and contracts are signed with each booking. In that way, the car rental companies can set the rental price themselves, determine the time and average on average 680 euros / month. Car owners who rent your car, or drive only at certain times, can make money with Drivy and cover the monthly expenses.

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