Healthy Travel: Tips for a Relaxed Air Travel

healthy travel protect thrombosis quickly

Intermittent wounds, blood clots in the legs, arousal and breakthroughs: In loud anticipations of the upcoming holidays, most travelers forget to protect themselves from illnesses. So the probability of catching an airplane or a bus with a flu is great. Therefore, to make healthy trips possible, more rules should be considered.

Healthy travel: On air travel there is an ignition hazard

Airline travel has a high ignition hazard. The very best advice, though, is to avoid thoughts. As the last one in the airplane, you do not have to stand with the passengers with a snake. Furthermore, it is recommended to disinfect the safety belt and the folding table.

If you sit too long in the airplane, you can form a blood clot in the leg. For chronically ill people, pregnant women and people over 60 years of age, the risk of thrombosis is particularly high. They should rise up during the flight and promote blood flow with special exercises. The experts also advise to provide the body with sufficient liquidity.

When grandchildren get sick on the plane, it is especially difficult for the parents. They should be aware of the most common illnesses and have a travel pharmacy with the most important medicines for the small patients in attendance. The first-aid boxes in the airplane can rarely offer appropriate drugs for the young passengers. Even if the drug is on board for children, it is very difficult to estimate the appropriate dosage for the child.

Even an injury risk should not be underestimated on air travel: If it unexpectedly comes in severe turbulence, then you can see the travelers injuries. That is why the experts recommend staying there whenever possible.

Healthy travel: These Medicines belong in the Travel Pharmacy

avoid healthy travel flying accidents

On cruise ships, bus trips and long distance travel in exotic countries, a travel pharmacy may in no case be missing. Therein come as a substitute for all the medicines that one takes every day. Pain tablets, lowering preparations, medicines for acute breakthrough and vomiting, antiallergic eye drops and lubricant, nasal spray, remedy for neck pain and insect repellent should be absent in no case.

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