Decorate the shelf: With our ideas and tips, the wall shelf becomes a real eye-catcher!

At some point in our lives we are all faced with the question, “Where should all the books and memorabilia from vacation go?” Open shelves and wall shelves are an easy way to make the most of the space available in our home. In fact, the pieces of furniture offer much more than just storage space – with the right accessories and a little creativity, they become real eye-catchers. Whether for the bedroom, the kitchen or a boho living room – shelves give every room more personality and style! And since autumn is the perfect time to freshen up our apartments, we give you lots of helpful tips on how to decorate a shelf!

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Wall shelves are an easy way to add a modern touch to our home while being surrounded by our favorite photos or memorabilia. Designing the perfect bookcase is a mix of art and science – one that requires thinking not only about how it will look but also how it is going to work. In addition, wall shelves can be redesigned depending on the occasion and season. For example, fir branches and pine cones are perfect as a pretty autumn decoration and create a cozy, cozy atmosphere.

Decorating the shelf: choose a color palette

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Decorating a shelf seems pretty easy at first glance – just put some books and decorations and you’re done, right? Unfortunately, that is far from the truth! No matter what you want to decorate your shelf with, the first thing you have to do is to ensure that the elements harmonize with each other and complement each other in terms of color or theme. In order to create a beautiful and calm overall picture, choose a maximum of 3 color tones that also match the rest of the furnishings in the room. It has also been proven that an odd number of objects has a calming effect on people.

Showcase your favorite books

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While it is one of the most obvious and obvious shelf decorating ideas. We all know how quickly books and newspapers can pile up, making an open shelf look very messy and cluttered. After all, you don’t want that, do you? Instead of tucking the books in a box in the basement, display them proudly and use them as shelf decorations. Organize these by color for a pretty rainbow effect. When decorating, it’s important to get creative – so try to keep things more interesting by arranging the books both vertically and horizontally. In this way you create a balanced, yet impressive overall picture that really catches the eye.

Plants are an absolute must

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Nothing gives a room as much liveliness as beautiful plants. Whether a vase with blooming roses or succulents – plants of all kinds are the best possible choice for anyone who wants to decorate and prettify an open shelf. Or let yourself be pampered by the magical scent of fresh herbs such as rosemary, basil and mint.

Decorating shelves Tips: Pictures and works of art add a personal touch

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Shelves are a great alternative to showcase your favorite photos or works of art. In this way you give the room more character and depth. In order to achieve a harmonious and comfortable feeling, you should match the color of the picture frames to the remaining decorative elements. Or you could also think outside the box and just lean against them. Experiment until you get the perfect look for you. The combination of elements of different sizes looks exciting and interesting and gives a balanced yet modern appearance.

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“How to decorate a shelf and use the space as optimally as possible?” – this question is of particular importance for those who furnish a small apartment. If you want to decorate the shelf in a modern way and be practical, then you are in good hands with baskets and boxes in different sizes! They are now available in a multitude of designs, colors and materials, so that they can be wonderfully adapted to any interior style.

Give the wall shelf a new color

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A new color is the best way to freshen up and bring to life that old shelf that you love so much. Although there are many cool models on the market in a wide variety of colors and styles, upcycling ideas from old furniture are a lot of fun and give the room its own character.

Decorating the shelf: the most beautiful ideas and inspirations at a glance!

Boho living room set up ideas decorate shelf beautifully

Flowers and plants bring vibrancy to the room and beautify every shelf

Boho living room set up shelf decorating tips

Put the TV on the shelf to save some living room space

set up small living room tips to decorate shelf nicely

Showcasing our book collections is one of the most important shelf decorating rules

open shelf decorate living trends 2020 living room furnishing ideas

Don’t be afraid to play with the shapes and sizes of the decorative elements

Shelf decorating ideas brown wall color for the living room

Open shelves can easily look chaotic and therefore it is important to decorate shelves in a modern way: “Less is more!”

Decorate shelves rules Minimalist living style Furnish living room modern

With beautiful accessories, you can decorate the shelf in the living room and make it a real statement piece

Shelf decorating ideas to furnish living room modern living trends 2020

Shelves in different shapes and designs are an easy way to spruce up your home

Shelf in the living room decorate home accessories trends

Soft blue tones create a harmonious and calm overall picture

Modern decorate shelf upcycling ideas with old furniture ladder shelf

Wooden shelves give the living room a cozy and warm atmosphere

Vintage home style decorate trend shelf in living room

Whether in the bedroom or living room – with the right accessories, the shelf becomes a real eye-catcher everywhere

Living room decorate modern ideas decorate shelf rules

Would you like to decorate the shelf in a modern way and at the same time stow all these documents somewhere? Then decorative baskets and boxes are your salvation!

Furnishing the living room vintage Tips Living trends Decorating open shelves

For a clean look, resist the urge to clutter the shelf with unnecessary things and items

Decorate living room modern ideas like decorating shelves

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