The 3 Most Important Universal Nutrition Tips + Bonus Recipe (Healthy Cheesecake)

Healthy Nutrition Choose a diet that fits your needs

Anyone who has ever played with the thought of adjusting their diet, encounters earlier or later on this problem: The Internet is full of popular nutritional and dietary methods, tips and valuable tips that should be considered when want to eat healthy and sustainably. We make no assumption that it is difficult and impossible to fill the overview with information and information - especially then, if they even contradict the rationale and clues to the goal. Is it still a wonder that many people did not know more, and who did they want to eat? A simple and stress-free strategy exists if you consider the three most important universal nutrition tips for a healthy and nutritious diet.

Find a nutritional form that suits you!

Nutritional and dietary forms that fit your lifestyle

A well-known saying goes: For every pot, give it a suitable cover!

And that's also true for nutrition and dietary forms. It brings in so many different concepts and systems out there that claim to be the best methods to achieve Goal X. Paradoxically, there are also plenty of people who have had success with these variants - and this causes many people to get confused, often looking for "the best method."

The truth is that many nutritional and dietary forms function as they observe all the basic elements, e.g. that includes a calorie deficit, a protein-based diet, and a choice of foods that may be long-satiating and reduce appetite.

"But," you were told, "if all strategies work, then it doesn't matter why I decided, right?"

Not quite. Every one of us had certain preferences and preferences, this diet was concerned. For example, if I am a person who is passionate about pasta, rice and bread, but opt ​​for a low carb diet, it may very well happen that we are eating very low-carb, low-carb diets. The Folge? I am permanently unhappy, unhappy and I find it difficult to keep myself in the nutrition and nutrition concepts. Did you believe how long I kept on such a diet until I broke the first rule of diet?

Probably not particularly long.

Nutrition Tips Diet Choose Suitable For Your Lifestyle

Deciding instead of a variant for me, in which I need my daily portion and pasta, rice and bread in moderation, things probably look very different already. I don't have to give up on it, I wanted to eat it for my life - and that is how it comes to an end.

You have to choose a diet and diet that meets your preferences and preferences, then your content does not fall too heavily and the likelihood that you successfully maintain it increases rapidly. And that is, successful concepts were realized: You have to adapt to your lifestyle and easily integrate into everyday life.

• You like meat and have no problem with bread & co. to delay? Then possibly a ketogenic diet is the right one for you!
• Do you have any hunger in the morning and often relish the breakfast? Then you must be interested in interval fixes.
• Do you feel at ease when you need to categorically exclude any food groups? In the case, you should try it with a natural blend.

Determine how many calories you need

how many calories do I need per tag app

A major problem for today's society is that we are overcooked with calories. We eat too many or so. move too little for the number of calories we consume on a daily basis.

If it is going to stay slim or lose weight, then it essentially comes down to calorie intake. For this reason, it is important that you provide yourself with an overview of how many calories you take in during the day.

Attendance: The calorie counting was for some years still an overly strenuous and forceful affair, as the bulk of the documentation "on foot" had to be completed. Today, most people are equipped with smartphones and apps that take this job. They load them on your cell phone, give you your current body weight and your goal (e.g. weight reduction or content) and have almost an entire database of all the calorie-rich foods available in your pantry. And the things that are missing and that you eat regularly can be self-sustaining within a few seconds.

Even more important: These programs provide you with a clue as to what your current calorie consumption is. So now you know how many calories you burn per day and how many you feed on your diet, document your daily meal time - with the help of the app - document (was a question of few handgrips).

This is an extremely powerful tool, which controls your body weight essentially depends on what the daily / weekly / monthly surplus is, respectively. Deficit is.

Nutrition tips for muscle building calorie excess

• If you want to gain weight (e.g., because of sportsmanship), you should add about 10% more calories, if consumed, to synthesize your body's new muscle mass. In this case, we speak of a "positive calorie balance" or " a "calorie surplus."

• If you do not want to lose or lose weight (for example, if you are satisfied with your figure and weight), then your calorie intake should fall just as high as your calorie consumption. In this case, one speaks of a "balanced calorie balance".

• If you want to lose weight (for example, if you seek a body fat reduction), your daily calorie intake should be about 10-20% below the calorie consumption. In the case, one talks of a "negative calorie balance" or " a "calorie deficit."

No matter what diet and diet you can follow, you can influence your calorie intake in the long term, in which direction your body weight will move.

Set yourself macronutrient targets

How much protein fats and carbohydrates one should eat per day

Maybe you have a rough idea about how to put together our food. It provides three essential macronutrients, which in one particular combination contain in our food: Proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

All of them take on important functions in our body, so that the delivered masses can be made variable, but through it, Sinn's power can reach certain minimum quantities.

- proteine are, for example, important for the maintenance of the immune system, for the formation of more important hormones and for the building and maintenance of muscle. In addition, they are capable of missing out on a small boost so you burn more calories and sit long.

- Fette is important for cell and brain health and also involved in the production of elemental hormones. In addition, they allow the intake of certain vitamins (A, E, D and K).

- Kohlenhydrate provide our bodies with valuable energy that is needed, for example, by the musculature, the central nervous system, and the brain. They improve the nutrient uptake of the cells and they make and sat and satisfy.

By helping you understand your app, how many calories you consume and consume, it can not hurt if you optimize your macronutrient supply so that you see the utmost usefulness - not just from a health perspective, but without a healthy perspective, it is about physical and mental performance.

Healthy Nutrition Tips Macronutrients Know Proteins Fat Carbohydrates

The basic protein requirement of an adult is at 0.8 g per kilogram of body weight. Therefore, if you weigh 80 kg, you should feed at least 80 g of protein on a daily basis.

- Based on the above-mentioned benefits, which are associated with protein distribution (e.g. better satiety, less hunger, muscle building), would be a Protein intake of 1.2 - 1.8 g per kilogram of body weight meaningful - in our chosen example, an 80 kg heavyweight person would therefore have 104 - 144 g of protein that should be consumed daily (if you are physically active, you should place yourself at the upper end of the scale; if you are living an overwhelmingly seated lifestyle) without sporting activity, at the bottom).

Daily fat intake should never lie below 0.5 g per kilogram of body weight in the long term, as it can otherwise lead to health complications. Eine daily fat intake of 0.8 - 1.0 g per kilogram of body weight would be optimal today.

- An 80 kg heavier man should therefore carry about 64 - 80 g of fat per day, to provide for all necessities.

In contrast to proteins and fats are carbohydrates not essential (for the sake of survival), was in so many respects that this carbohydrate amount should be appropriately designed - yet Alltagsaktivität -.

Healthy Nutrition Eating After Exercise For Fat Loss

Closing words

With the help of these three universal nutritional tips, it is possible for your individual nutritional habits to be long-term healthier, more nutritious and purposeful - regardless of whether you are able to lose weight or lose weight with your body weight, or lose fat.

The key to success is choosing a nutritional and dietary form that suits a personal natural, having fun and joy and motivating them to continue.

Body weight control (and muscle and fat intake) is a matter of calorie intake and therefore it is extremely important that you perform a file recording to know where they stand. It is indeed through the goals of calorie counting to get closer, but if that success fails, you often do not know where it was ultimately located. This can be frustrating and demotivating.

The distribution of macronutrient supply is, of course, important, arranged below the caloric balance. By ensuring that you get a minimum supply (or optimized supply) of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, you can optimize the results for each diet and diet if you so desire.

Bonus recipe: protein-rich two-layer chocolate pie without soil

Healthy cheesecake recipe with no sugar or beans with quark and cocoa

After studying this comprehensive contribution, do you deserve a reward, do you not find? For this reason, we share with you our secret recipe for an unbeatable, delicious and healthy Two-layer Schoko cheesecake without soil, you too are guaranteed to be loved!

Those ingredients

• 250 g of lean quark
• 150 g of fresh cheese light
• 10 g of baking cocoa
• 75 g of erythrite or 50 g of sugar
• 1/2 cup (20g) powdered powder in vanilla flavor
• 50 ml of mineral water
• A few drops of FlavDrops from Myprotein in the taste direction of "cheesecake"
• 1 full or 2 acorns
• Lemon juice

Die Zubereitung

1. Preheat the oven to 200 ° C.
2. Mix the lean quark with the fresh cheese.
3. Use the sugar or alternative erythritis. (Important: Do not weld, as the volume is missing!)
4. Add the vanilla pudding powder and lemon zest and all well squeezed with a stirrer.
5. Now approx. Simply drain 50 ml of mineral water and mix the dough until a homogeneous mass is formed.
6. Drizzle Flavdrops with cheesecake.
7. Divide the dough into 2 equal portions.
8. In one half of the mass, the back cocoa will be served for a Schoko kick only. (Adjust the dosage here to Belieben)
9. Finally, first add the chocolate dough and then bake the other half in a greased 15 cm baking tray or alternatively in a silicone mold.
(Tip: If the shape has no openings, lay it back with some paper so that the cakes can be easily retrieved later.)
10. I prepare preheated stoves for approx. 30 minutes of baking.
By using the rod test you can determine if the cake is through. Shouldn't be left hanging in the woodpile anymore, he's finished.
11. The cake should cool at best in the oven as it retains its volume.

The finished chocolate cheesecake is best served overnight in the refrigerator, since it provides such a perfect aroma. This also had the nice side effect that the cakes were refreshed at the hot temperatures. We wish you a good appetite!

The nutrients
for the whole cakes with Eiklar & Erythrit.
• 408 kcal
• 39.1 g of carbohydrate
• 56.6 g of protein
• 1.5 g of fat

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