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An original and creative gift packaging gives each gift a unique and very personal note. While for most people it is pure horror, packing gifts for many others is a great opportunity, your creativity and imagination to leave a free run. Have you finally found the perfect gift and are you just missing the right packaging? Then read on - in this article we have a tremendous collection and many customs and not so many complicated ideas, which you can happily pack your gifts!

Packaging presents fun - cute Hasentüte für Kinder

Gifts Funny Packing Kids Birthday Gift Box DIY Guide Funny

The first idea we have for you is for this lowly princess with the little princess you got excited about! The most beautiful thing is that most of the materials have been made at home and the toddler is really bummed!


  • Geschenkpapier
  • Schere
  • Tie to tie
  • Lackmarker

And so it goes:

  • All Materials Prepare Empty.
  • Who cut Hasenohren into the desired shape.
  • Drawing mouth, nose and eyes with the paint marker.
  • Empty the gift and tie it with a sweet band. By doing so, Hasenohren also obtained the right Optics.

Packing the gifts for kids fun - funny animal gift boxes

Gifts for kids fun packing animal gift box by yourself

Beautiful gifts in most cases go very quickly and without great effort in most cases. With these simple gift boxes, you can now create an entire zoo for your kids - following the simple instructions for a super cute mouse gift box.

Required Materials:

  • Small rectangular box
  • White or gray paper for the body of the mouse
  • Pink paper for the nose and ears
  • Black marker
  • Double-sided adhesive tape
  • Schere

Step by step instructions:

  • First, cut two small circles out of the gray paper and cut two smaller ones out of the pink paper for the ears. The pink Stücke in the graben kleben.
  • Lay the gift wrap and put the box on it. Draw the trays on the gift paper and cut along the drawn lines.
  • Adhere the paper carefully to the Box.
  • Cut a small triangle out of the pink paper for the nose and attach it to the drawer.
  • Attach the ears to the upper corners with the double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Cut a small strip of paper for the tail and stick it to the back side.
  • Close with the marker that draws the eyes and the mustache to the mouse and already has your fun gift box ready!

Emoji presents fun packaging for everything and everything Jung

Gift Wrapping Funny Emojii Gift Box Same DIY DIY Guide

Pralines, handbags and various accessories - Emojis and Smileys are enjoying greater popularity in recent times. So why not give your loved ones a real joy by handing your gifts in a cool emoji gift box?


  • Rectangular Shackles
  • Gift Wrap - Black, White, Red, Blue and Pink
  • Doppelklebeband


  • Convince yourself what emojis you can make and cut the corresponding shapes for eyes, mouth, etc. Are they unhappy with your hands? No worries - on the Internet you will find thousands of Smileys proposals to print!
  • Pack the box of gift wrapping in color after election and then attach the Emoji Teile with the double tape.

Small gifts for kids pack fun

Gifts packing fun kids birthday cards easily book themselves

Do you want to give a child money or a toy? Then they are very well advised with our next proposal.

Required Materials:

  • Tonkarton
  • Papierserviette
  • Geschenkband
  • Bastwolle
  • Circle, pencil, ruler
  • Adhesives, scissors
  • One black and one red marker

Step by step instructions:

  • Cut out a circle with a diameter of 5 centimeters from the cardboard box.
  • Draw a smiling face with the black marker.
  • Next, draw and cut out about 8 inches wide collars.

Packaging gifts fun for Kids Gift DIY Guide

  • Make a hole in the middle of the forehead and at both ends of the collar.
  • Next, tie the gift band through the collars.
  • Place the gift on the napkin and tie it with the collar.
  • A pair of strips of bast wool for the hair.
  • Finally, stick the face in the collar and finish it!

Money presents fun and creative packaging

Money Gift Creative Egg Carton Recycle DIY Guide

Whether Alt or Jung - anyone is asking for money. With the next gift idea packing fun comes with joy joy on the face of the birthday child.

Here's what you need:

  • 10s egg tray (or 6 pack, if you still have not been able to make as much money)
  • 10 kids surprise eggs or other chocolate eggs
  • Brush and acrylic paint
  • Geschenkband

This is how it is made:

  • Carefully and slowly remove the paper label from the egg tray. As it is completely painted, it is not so clever if it stays sticky or the paper is easily torn off.
  • Paint the packaging with acrylic paint after choice - whether just overlap with the lid or the entire drawer.
  • Wipe the paint completely dry.

Egg Carton Gift Box DIY Instruction Kids Birthday Tag Surprise

  • In this step you can decorate the egg carton for lust and fun or just load it.
  • Unpack the surprise egg and be careful here - not all at once!
  • The moneys fell along the middle, rolled together and laid in the inner egg.
  • Repeat the process with all the eggs.
  • And finally the finished eggshell with a beautiful gift band.

Gift wrapping fun for the adult

Praline Flower Ostrich Self-DIY DIY Guide Gift Ideas For Women Easy

Do the adults also have to pack fun in the gift or not? Our first suggestion is perfect for all nasal cats - a flower ostrich of sweetness. Isn't that a dream?


  • Various addictions after election
  • Geschenkband
  • Seidenpapier
  • Shabby Spice
  • Doppelklebeband
  • A large disposable glass

Chocolate flower ostrich instruction:

  • Give the silk paper in the glass and cut a little if needed.
  • The sweets are stuck on the shabby spice.
  • Arrange and attach the piece with the tape in the disposable glass.
  • Tie the gift ribbon on the glass and finish it!

Beautiful wine gift basket for all wine lovers

Wine Bottle Packing Ideas Funny Birthday Tag Surprise

This gift basket consists of 12 different wines and in this way you make sure that your loved ones think of you and your gift every month.

What you need:

  • 12 bottles of wine - various varieties
  • Gift paper in colors after election
  • Geschenkband
  • 2 cardboard sheets - color-matched to the gift paper
  • Large wooden case - think 12 bottles of wine must be cleaned.
  • Small decoy blanket for the bottom of the coffins


  • Pack each bottle of wine in gift wrap.
  • Cut out the cardboard leaf labels and label them with the respective months.
  • Tie the labels with the gift ribbon and the wine bottles.
  • Place a small blanket on the bottom of the wooden crates and arrange the bottles in order.
  • Great fun in gifting and wine tasting!

Packing the presents amusingly in bread

Gifts Funny Packaging Gift Ideas for Men Funny DIY Guide

Yes, you have read it right! More fun and creative than it hardly is! Fresh bread and of course the gift - that's all you needed!

And so they do it:

  • Cut the bread along and remove the inside.
  • Pack the gift in a plastic bag and hide it in the bread.
  • Then tie the bread together and wrap it in gift paper after election.

Relaxation purely with a wellness gift box for you Damen

Making a woman the right gift is such a thing. But what woman does not see recovery? This gift box is individually customizable - no matter who the gift is and what products they like.


  • Eine Box
  • Wellness products after choice, such as bathing beads, face mask, face cream, body lotion, candles and of course a chocolate and a drink to pamper.
  • Geschenkpapier
  • Washi Tape
  • Geschenkband
  • Papieranhänger

Wellness Gift Box Instructions:

  • Empty the selected products in the box.
  • You can even find a few nice messages and sayings for pleasure and fun, write them on a small note and attach them to the respective products.
  • Finally, wrap the tray with the wrapping paper and wrap it with the gift wrap. On the paper trailers write some nets and attach them to the finished box.

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