So can my one-time Advent calendar sell bastard - 15 idea

Such a one-time Advent calendar may be a bastard - 15 Idea

That Bäume is cold, there nebula hangs morning dick over the tributary and the sky hides behind the clouds. The after-shell weather runs until after some time, but it is still hard to reach and the Advent season begins! Lighting, glittering and childrens encompass that air, which is baked, gifted and time-consuming. Advent calendar itself bastelen is not so funny, if you think you could. Here is 15 DIY Bastelideen

  Such a single Advent calendar may be a bastard - 15 ideas


Manchmal has no need to fall, to bust a sunny Advent calendar . Hang sneakers and hooks in the wall, then decorate 24 smooth paper trays with tempered adhesive film and small painted mushrooms. Chocolate or small gifts in those tuna bags and with a bundle of sticker stickers, then hang them with small staples in the cord.

    Advent calendar selber basteln - 15 Idea - Weihnachten 2017 - DIY Bastelidee

Hanging Advent calendar itself bastelen

For this silent calendar, learn to report Streichholzschachteln with green acylfarbe principles and the pages. Grind white pastries and forget about the shells, then attach the stuffed tails with white balls and one of the tucked tin teeth.

    Adventskalender selber basteln - 15 Ideen - Weihnachten 2017 - DIY Bastelideen

Rustic Filz calendar

Once you hang up with a red gift box and a nail in the wall, bundles of Filz cut into 24 square pieces. Die with a stencil and some color. Small openings at the back. With Schnünen in the ankles.

    Advent calendar selber basteln - 15 Idea - Weihnachten 2017 - Bastelidee Advent

Tannenbäumchen calendar

Cut off cardboard swivel and print back covers or cover sticker stickers. Nothing but nice activities that make it easier for you to watch a romantic movie, grab a bag of chocolate, or run a long phone with the best friends and write these things on the back of the book. The teeth are stuck in a tray with grooves. Who bells you from one organizer to another and sets up over 10 more remote calendar ideas for an Advent calendar, also in meinem spring.

    Advent calendar selber basteln - 15 Idea - Weihnachten 2017 - Bastelideen Advent

Bunt Tüchchen

For this idea, paper files with bonuses are bundled and my bundled mixed film is different, then print a sheet with numbers and cut out the shades. Arrange the number images with bundles of small blanks in the stick attachments and those in a basket.

    Advent calendar selber basteln - 15 Idea - Weihnacht 2017 - Bastelideen Advent - Gift bastelen

Snow Covered Gypsum

A square of green bastard carton falling into a slab and a slide, a seat with a beautiful seat or some other type of slab, then both sides of the slat trunks. These spikes fold high and the upper ends cut off. Cut a piece of skin from each bastard card and fall over the gypsum trap. Fix my adhesive film. No time for an open calendar? Then make sure you are in letter modes Last-Minute Advent Calendar bastard can!

    Advent calendar selber basteln - 15 Idea - Weihnachten 2017 - Bastelideen Advent - Gift bastelen Weihnachten

Shaft Calendar

The Deckel of small rounds painted Pappschachteln in one color after choice and with the help of stencils to polish on. Decorate the white shells with curly root stripes, so say they are zucksticks. Only two loops on the inside of the deck and with white-rotem yarns on top. Two rows of shafts make and hang in the wall in the wall.

    Advent calendar selber basteln - 15 Idea - Weihnachten 2017 - Bastelideen Advent - Weihnachtsbasteln

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