TOP 40 Self-esteem Weihnachtsgeschen-Iden Für Die Mutter

Weil Mama the Best is! We have created wonderful, creative and personalized first-rate gift ideas for you! Are you still looking for a gift for your mom? At oz you will find 40 super DIY Weihnachtsgeschen-Idea! Gift found? We will help you with packing! Below this link: 40 Weihnachten Gift Package Idea - Gift Packing


1. Generationsbild - Selbstgemachte Weihnachtsgeschenk-Ideen

Self-assured Weihnachtsgeschenk-Ideen- Creative Photos

Did you find just a few gift ideas for Mama? Bring all the generations of the family to one photo! My idea patted wunderbar. It is really very nice, all the family memorials were photographed with the real Bilderrahmen mit Foto. zuerst machst du a picture of the youngest generation and then an image of the mother, the image that loves you and so far.

2. Photo Kerze

self-made night gift idea- Kerze mit Fotos

Our next Do-It-Yourself Gift Idea: Photos on cherries transferred. For this gift you must have told God thanks to their copy-shop! You need it: white blunt-gauge, white paper, printers, paper to print, scissors, adhesive tape, beer paper, hair dryer.


Print photo on screen, it works:
Side paper with the tape is very smooth on the printing paper (with the glittering side still) .The desired photo is printed on this paper. Cut out the picture and empty it on the screen. The picture with beer paper smoothly empties around the Kerze. The Kerze is cautious in obtaining the impetus until the Tent penetrates. Slick beer paper carefully.

self-made gift gift idea- Kerze with picture

3. Stiffener from Glass bastel

selbstgemaak Weihnachtsgeschenk Ideen-Stiftalter

Self-made night-gift ideas may not be compliant! Bastle this super cool pencil case! The Muttis always needs staples, to get a quick close-up or shovel of a small aftermath of worn-out fasteners. One penis is always practical! If you need it, there is a glass of broader cut, acrylic, brush, ruler and a bleach. If your glass has a label, then it is clear that you want to move away. Disinfecting glass. Those colors make it possible to withdraw and seal the goods. Danes with a ruler eye and grind mouth and grind them with a sharper color. Fertig!

4. Orimoto Buchkunst

Self-adhesive Christmas gift - Paper falling

Cut a single book into a book and drop it? Es geht super leicht! With the Orimoto application you can just fall into one piece of art! You can find the link here: Orimoto-Anleitung


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