Singer Halle Bailey wins the Hauptrolle in Disney movie "Arielle, the Meerjungfrau"

Halle Bailey Arielle Meerjungfrau Disney

The American singer Halle Bailey hated the Hauptrolle in Disney movie "Arielle, the Meerjungfrau". The cheerful Zeichentrickfilm vom Jahr 1989, based on the Kurzgeschichte von Hans Christian Andersen, is based on inspiration for the planted new film. These became Schauspieler who took on roles, praised composers became the music for the film. Some time, preparations for the three jobs are fuller.

The Singer Halle Bailey is popularly popular on Youtube

The 19-year-old Halle Bailey singer is very much in the USA. Captured as a teenager, they had a successful Youtube channel. Together with your Schwester Kloe base, one R&B Duo, the Herzen der Jugendlichen in America, conquers hats. The talented Swester words from Beyoncé discover and the Pop Icons support their damals and produce more songs.

Searching for a playlist and singer, who was able to find the role of "Arielle, the Multi-Virgin", has hit many Disney producers and the director with many talented candidates. But Halle has conquered our hearts with your "Geiz, Herz and Substance". The three jobs should begin at the beginning of the year, as Melissa McCarthy is currently speaking for the role of Ursula's craze.

Halle Bailey as Arielle? Fans and wanderer on Twitter

Halle Bailey Arielle Hauptdarstellerin Disney Film

However, not all of the choice is made by the enthusiastic enthusiast. A Hashtag NotMyAriel on Twitter wins fast and popularity. Criticized, in particular, is the Tatsache, that the Schauspielerin Halle Baley does not coincide with the screen character. Also, watch several fans of the screen tick movies report to Wort and supported Hales with a Hashtag Black Princess. Also, the Oscar-preacher Halle Berry hid the young lady.

In the same year, some of the others have come across two more Disney movies in the cinema: "Aladdin" and "The King of Legends". The film studio plans to film their most famous screen music in the coming years. Those songs were also reviewed. These nightstands provided the Disney Fans for Furore. Video cassette collections with the most popular Disney movies are available for over $ 5000 on Ebay.

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