Rotate Tattoo Mind Believes, But Also Pushing: Get More About These Tattoo Styles

Ideas for red flowers were Rose and Moonflower in Watercolor or 3D

Rotten Tattoos Are The Latest Trend. Ever more distinguished for this extravagant choice, combined with black, are used as an accent or monkey to design a whole in rot. Most of all, there is one eye catching eye and makes them some tattoos, even before a few years of racing, great competition. However, you end up wiping it, you should wipe out your pretty tattoos. There was no seldom as Mythos saw the big tattoo work, it was said to be worthwhile, you were told by your homeowner. However, today we have put together some information on straight tattoos, followed by a series of interesting designs.

Rotten tattoos and you should be clear

Rotated Tattoos and You Should Clearly - Black with Black


For most tattoos, tattoos are most likely to be worn on the skin, and they are used to a powerful nuance. Whatever the color is very attractive, cousins ​​are rarely tolerated. It has one bad rump and one ground is that its color is the one that solves most allergies. Grund is the content that can be contained in tattoo work. The Allergies were conceived by Zinnober (Quicksilver). Manually used in the root suit or ready to use. The cadmium rot as a pigment contains soggy metals, which are useful for the repair of automotive lacquers and plastics-prohibited mind, not for tattoo work.

Typical symptoms of an allergy are disorders and exercises, digestion, jumping, burning, and the formation of blisters to the excuse and trouble. The symptoms still occur during healing or after some years. At cadmium root can come a light allergy, the following burning mind. An allergy test for tattoos can be transmitted through skin care and is required to respond to this problem.

Rotated Tattoos for the Poor with Mandala, Flowers, Herons and Sunset

Slower Healing

Rotten Tattoos or the Range, which were rotated, are generally slower. This is no problem for the health, but the Pflege puts those scars in the right direction. Because of the slower healing, the pure color of the digestive system contains pigment dicker minds. It is possible to shave off the tea-maker, which color underneath the skin. Being dense, it has to be more stubborn, was naturally also more stressful to the Haut.

Mandalas in various shapes and rotate tattoo tents

Verschwommen Ränder

Correct stripes and clear lines are not possible at one tattoo. From this ground up, the big tattoo work is similarly suited to watercolor tattoos, because it is a smoother outlet from one color to the other. If you want to get rid of tattoos with multiple borders, combine them better with one another for this purpose.

Tattoo Ideas for bone and arm in rot or rot-black

Are Tattoos Really Stubborn?

Whenever one hears this waste, one can not say that rotten tattoos have a lower halt strength. They stay cousin as a different-looking motive, as long as they are straightforward. Some tips you can find below. When the roots of the abyss were lifted out of the sun, they were endowed with a sunbathing color. So, if one has fixedly blunted, it is likely that the government is not properly polished.

Rote Tattoos - Vegan or cousin?

Small, Tattoos like Trend for Women - Leopard after the elbows

Ideally, you are at the forefront of moments and wonders, as this question is in all respects related to the root of the tattoo work. There Grund is really interesting. Reshaping the true Tattoo Color, these were all very popular. The color, which has been won (shellac), intensifies the Rotton. As well as Wollwachs, called Lanolin, the Tinte für rote Tattoos can occur. If you are on a vegan style of living, you should inform them about the composition of the related tents in your home.

Motiv Ideen voor rote Tattoos

Chinese dragon as a motive for a tattoo in rot

In principle, you have an interest in the motive of free choice. We still remember that the red color tends to get rid of it, if you wanted your motive, you should consider it. You can also easily weld in the tattoo studio. Anxiety can be seen that, for the most part, a rotating dragon tattoo is very much like it. Once once images of Chinese drafts have been seen, it has been established that this is the case. The power of the pure color for a drafts attestation is naturally ideal.

A pure rose headgear and a splash of warm water

As well as pure roses as a tattoo are very important. The true monkey in principle for all species of flowers, still beautiful mohnblume. With floral motifs, you can't say anything about the blemish, except the entire design. When you combine beliefs with other colors. Hinzu Bowls Bird Tattoos, Schlangen, Geometric Motive and Madalas or other Buddhist Motives.

Mini-Tattoo with a root air balloon on the back of the arm

Scripture and small symbols are a more popular variant. Mostly Herzen, star or similar were greatly appreciated and worked in Form a Micro-Tattoos particularly interesting and disadvantageous. At Scripture or others, motifs consist in the fact that the tattoo is not even more readable after a while, if Tattoo work gets worse.

Farbcom combinations for pretty tattoos

Rotate Tattoos with Black Combine for Mandalas, Portraits and Flowers

Combine your convenience and the power you encounter. The classic Black is one of the most wonderful tools in this respect, creating minimalist black-and-white tattoos. At a Tattoo in Rot-Schwarz have seen the Farbee's resemblance and can create interesting effects. A few interesting games for the Tattoo in Black-Rot can also be found in the gallery. Of course, every other Farbtöne can be remembered as a Kombi for straight tattoos. Particularly stated here is the white color.

The Right Pflege at Tattoo in Rot

Tattoo stitch with rotary color - Tips, information and pictures

Jedes Tattoo needed the right Pflege, for a long time, clean and fresh. It is very special for colorful outdoor seating. The Pflege begins to prepare happily for the stews and should last a lifetime long. Don't worry, the Tattoo is a bit annoying at all, the beauty care is no longer so great.

  • The fresh tattoo is cleaned with antibacterial Seife. Then load 15 minutes, without repairing it. It was most likely to be taken up with a saucer, as possible were avoided.
  • Soothe that Haut is round about the tattoo, is treated with Vaseline and up to heart in the roof. It applies to the first two weeks of the healing phase. On the point of being the Wound, the tattoo was still yes, content bad, which promoted salvation and is prevented from getting ready for the rest.
  • During the Heilungsphase, you should avoid the sun completely. Thanks to sunbathing, you can always use sunscreen, if you want to put out tattoos of the sun. The Sun certainly does not stay out of the pure color, while still reading pink with time.
  • The practical Hautpflege is important! Take a break from the roof to protect your tattoo.

Tattoo Idea with Hands a Savior in Rot and Black on the Cross Stitch

Wundersköne, Nelke met 3D-effect on de poor een Frau

Two winding Schlangen rotate color on the lower arm

Complete the reverse color with a rotary mix

Buddhist Designs Mind For Pure Tattoos Seen Much

Dark pink with black leaves and beautiful estimates

Effective Flower Design and Folk Designs in Warm Colors were Rot, Orange and Brown

One of the most popular people in Rot as a secondary education for women

Floral and geometric with speckles in black and red

For both poor subterranean mandalas in root

Geometric motifs with erosion in rot and black

Micro-Tattoo Idea with Scripture Dream on the inside of arms

Mandala in Rot as Women or Mens Tattoos for the Arm

Small Roses Tattoo in Rot with Large Stem

Smaller Bird on the Feet Rotates Tattoo Work

Idea for a pitbull in two colors as a dog tattoo

Hubby Damentattoo with a root Mohnblume and this, grünem Stengel

Welcome to Blätter as men's tattoo on the lower arm

Larger, Tiger rotates completely out of rotating tin for women

Micro-Tattoo with red hearts on the handle as an idea for partner boxes

Minimalist motif with black lines and rotar travel

Mohnblume in strong rot and green on the chest cork as a touch for women

Lower and feminine heart with points on the upper arm

Romantic Design in Form and Devotees in Rot and Black Accents

Rose in Rot as Minitattoo on the arm with abstract look

Rotate as an accent in Tattoo with well and sunset

Tattoos for women with flowers on the chest

Rotate Wolf with Sheath in Black on the Brust

Rotate Mouth as an excuse for a motif with island, palm, stars and walls

Rotate the arm with a more symbolic symbol

Rotate Tattoos with Watercolor Effect for Flowers on the Arm

Black Tattoos in Black-Rot - Ideas with Rose and Quail

Rotate Tattoos In Small Format With Idea For A Hand On The Handle

Rugged doors with a smooth Chinese swag

Schlangen in Rot and Black on a men's break

Closer mouth in Sichelform and face in rotating color

Scripture on both lower arms - Game Changer

Scripture for the Lord - I am my God (I'm my own God)

Scripture Idea in English and Rotating Tint - Pretty Bird

Scripture Idea with Botany - Not afraid (I have some fear)

Combining Black and Straight Tattoos - Sick Woman With Cat In Background

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