Making Frozen Cocktails - Tips and Recipes with Vodka

Slush our summer drinks with watermelon

Frozen cocktails with vodka would be just the right thing for a hot party! When ordering at a bar or restaurant, they are usually perfect. But if you try to mix a few frozen Moscow Mules for your summer parties, and they become a watery mess, you will slowly realize that it is a true art to make slush ice cocktails. Was you a bartender, were you not sure? And who can make the perfect Frozen Cocktails yourself? The following are some tips and tricks that could help you.

Frozen Cocktails properly prepared

Frozen cocktails with melon, mint and lime

1. Use a high-performance blender
They need a blender that can make the ice-cream without a fine slush. It is nothing to be clueless to have a giant ice cube in drinking. For this purpose, you must use a powerful blender.

Alternatively, you can try this trick with two plastic teas, salt and ice.

Frozen cocktails themselves make a powerful blender

2. Use Crushed Ice
Only too often do you give the ice cube shape directly to the mixer and expect everything to beat. If you want to roll large cubes into small pieces, this is a tough task for your mixer. Through the use of Crushed Ice a part of the work is done. The final result gives you the perfect consistency, without having to mix too much.

The easiest and most advantageous method to make Crushed Ice yourself is to crush the ice cube in one bag. Lay the bag on a cutting board and fold the ice cube with a meat beater or noodle.

Slush our cocktails with strawberries and peaches for the summer

3. Not too long mixes
One of the simplest mistakes in making a Frozen Cocktails is to run the mixer for long runs. This can result in a thin or liquid drink. This perfectly matched consistency of a slushy should be your end goal.

4. Use frozen fruit
If you have a recipe in your slush, use our freezer. Regardless of whether you freeze fresh fruit or buy frozen frozen food at your grocery store, the end result is thicker and shows a better consistency. If you want more flavor, you should freeze fresh fruits yourself.

Pineapple Melone Frozen Cocktails for Summer Party

5. Begin with a low level of mixing
Mixing the mixer is a frequent mistake that results from accident or fervor. It's a great opportunity to destroy your blender. Start with a few impulses, just to add the ingredients. Begin with a low level of mixing and increase it up and down until you reach the highest level. A little patience essentially contributes to creating the perfect slush ice cocktail.

So, there you go! Five tips on how to create the perfect slush ice cream. And here are the 5 recipes for delicious Frozen Cocktails with vodka!

Frozen cocktails with vodka

Make a Moscow Mule Cocktail with vodka

Vodka is an incredibly versatile alcoholic drink that forms the perfect basis for the best alcoholic cocktails of all time. It seduces any cocktail, whether frozen or not, to overwhelm the certain etwas, without the drink. The reason why vodka is taste-neutral, odorless and colorless was an ideal addition to Frozen Cocktails.

Here is a small selection of frozen cocktails on the basis of frozen vodka, which you can enjoy at your next summer party.

Frozen cocktail with vodka Summer Slush Our Moscow Mule

1. Moscow Mule Slushies

These Moscow Mule Slushies are a light and refreshing variant of classic cocktails and are inviting for summer entertainment! If you have never had a Moscow Mule, you will be delighted with this combination of vodka, ginger beer and lime.

The fresh taste of lime and ginger is perfect for summer and as a frozen cocktail is even better. So refreshing in one hot day! With a few simple tricks and tips you can enchant your own Frozen Moscow Mules in no time.

Ingredients for 2 glasses:
375 g of ice
475 ml ginger beer
60 ml of vodka
30 ml lime juice

- Add ice to the mixer and add ginger beer, vodka and lime juice.
- The ingredients will briefly pulse and then mix until the ice cream is removed and a slushy texture is achieved. This can take between mixer 2 and 4 minutes.

2. Strawberry Frozen

Strawberry Frozen recipe for summer perfect

Frozen Rosé is a fantastic Frozen cocktail with strawberry flavor, perfect for a summer evening. Vodka reads perfectly with some sugar syrup and strawberries to provide an unforgettable taste experience.

1 bottle of rosé (750 ml), refrigerated or frozen
400 g of strawberries
3 EL sugars
60 ml of vodka
60 ml of fresh lemon juice


- Freeze the rosé for at least 6 hours.

They can freeze the rose in various ways: Use ice cube shapes, 1 liter pressure sealing bag or a glass rechargeable mold. Be creative. Do not place the glass bottle of Rosé in the freezer.

- Put those strawberries in the mixer. Sprinkle with sugar and mix.

- Then add the frozen rose, vodka and lemon juice to the blender and mix everything well.

3. Raspberry Lemonade Slush

Raspberry Lemonade Slush Recipe with Vodka

Frozen lemonade can be the perfect addition to any summer party in the outdoors. And if you prepare a few drinks for adults, it's even better! These delicious slush ice cream cocktails with vodka create a perfect opportunity to defeat the summer heat and at the same time create a beautiful mood.

Ingredients for 2 glasses:

400 g fresh raspberries
Juice of 2 lemons
110 g of sugar
80 ml of vodka
2 handfuls of ice cubes

- Freeze the raspberries.

- Squeeze the lemon juice out of 2 lemons.

- Pour all ingredients into the mixer and mix until the slushie has achieved a consistent consistency.

4. Pineapple-Mango-Slush Ice

Pineapple Mango Slush Ice Cream Recipe

Maybe this weekend you are not working on a tropical island, but with the wonderful exotic flavors of pineapple and mango, mixed with vodka, this is the drink you will enjoy!

Ingredients for 2 glasses:
160 ml of pineapple juice
120 ml of vodka
Fresh lime juice, made from one half lime
150 g pineapple pieces, frozen
150 g of mango cut into pieces, frozen
2 teaspoon agave syrup
1 cup ice cubes


- Put the ingredients in the mixer, starting with the liquid and ending with the ice cream.

- Mix everything smoothly.

If the mixture is too thick, add even more pineapple juice.

5. Watermelon Vodka Slushie

Watermelon Vodka Slushies for Summer Party

Vodka fits so well to so many different fruits. And our favorite summer fruit is watermelon. The combination of vodka and the refreshing taste of watermelon is the perfect recipe for an ice slushie for adults.

Ingredients for 2 glasses:
150 ml of vodka
60 ml lime juice
120 ml lemonade with lemon and lime flavor (Sprite)
400 g frozen watermelon pieces

Pour the frozen watermelon pieces into the blender and pour vodka, lime juice and sprite. Mix everything well until it is slushy.

Enjoy all Frozen Cocktails responsibly!

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