Quick guide to making kids and adventures easy - games and grinding in free air

Washable washbasins are available for cleaning easy, highways, terraces and bars

Are you looking for more interesting ideas for the kids, yet can you still love them? Then you have landed right here, this one has a great idea for you, your discounts and your friends. Are you still kidding, were you as a kid with groin and worn? It's not like kids today! Also, they have big fun and this occupation, so ours was so great in the marketplace. Aber is where would you like to use classic trucks for quick and easy use? You can even make it easy to use and you can use it with a comfortable center and expensive. Dabei dürfen the children suck mithelfs. Being able to make herbivorous herself, have put together some recipes, used for the various livelihoods. Just check if you were able to stop the chessboard and find the appropriate flight definition in our list.

Do you really want to buy yourself with our colors?

Frequently, using these recipes from various variables

To create different color options, you can also use a variety of alternatives or washable colors. Lighter welds are most likely to penetrate quickly and easily. Survival of life can be cleansed even though cousins ​​of Boden as soon as possible, so once they got caught up. So be sure to check out the games that feature a sober street, terrace, easy or highway, so be sure to wash them. Do you not notice that the images were still visible to a few or have you, who are able to easily take flight crews, can also provide you with good living safety, if you are able to do so easily? Those colors were simply swept away with the garden view, was the child's ebb-fun power. More fragile spots can also be removed with soap and a brush.

Which container?

Quiet bottle perfect for velvety knitwear

Three gerns were used for velocity creepy bottle bottles, as one can grind with their spirits as well. You can clean it again in a hassle-free way and use it in a different way. You can also find alternatives to small plastic cups or sugary cupcakes, in which the colors have been filled. These wise ones can spoil the children who paint and paint a brush. Therefore, being the better variant, if you make that easy-to-use product, you decide for yourself.

Get along with Mehl and Schirrullar

With fly man, one can then win games

For a bottle:

  • 100 g Mehl
  • 240 ml of water
  • 1 EL Geschirrspüler
  • 5 to 10 Tropical washable or livestock smears (you still lose color sensitivity)

Mix together with water in a large bowl and keep it alone until no more hands are left. Get rid of the wristwatches, and so many colors that you meet, to get the most popular farbton. You can also combine more colors more easily. You can enjoy the fast-paced hair with one of our warriors in a bottle and can even be grounded. Brushing You are still on the roof and don't like it, as those bottles can bring to the platforms.

Flüssigkreide selber machen mit maizektärke

Children at the fair weather still draußen with Kreide

  • Maisstärke
  • Wasser
  • Farben

If you choose to use these quick-fix devices, you can also use them for grinding on cardboard or paper. Put well-mixed water and corn starch in a bowl and clean, until smooth, lump-free. These colors you can use to create a bottle or a muffin bag.

Get rid of them with racial and delicacies

Simple DIY Velcro fasteners for kids in games in free time

  • 100 g Mehl
  • 240 ml of water
  • 120 g Rasierschaum
  • 10 Tropfen Lebensmittelfarbe

First, mix the water with the flour until all the lumps of sin are broken. Then give it to the fringe and the food. The fortune Mischung may be left in a bottle. You can also mix all the sutures in a single freestanding tank (which includes heat and water and then the rest). They can also do the kids. At the end of the day you can cut off one of the keys and have a funnel with which you can fill the velvet in those bottles. Do you want to keep the load smaller, then fit the bottle in the bottle as well.

Fluffy crepes do themselves with children

Fluffy Recoil restore a variety of colors with contagious berry color

  • 200 g scoop strength
  • Lebensmittelfarbe
  • 200 g of water

Snacks and water are your own. If the clumps that originate at Rühren were better resolved, a blending mixer could be used for mixing. The resulting fluid capability will not allow you to mix roughly into a quiz bottle. There are still a few Tropics in the bottle. Move the bottle fasteners, shovel them vigorously, and clean it well.

You should still delete:

Beautiful motives and stories on high styles

  • By making navigation easy, you can find out who is ready to grind or blast at the bottom. An even clearer idea is over and over, the velocity creeps into a spray bottle. Take care of the best one, if you like, as well as grow up. Then welding welds to these wise patterns.
  • Fly manure is never thought of as a mere use, and should neither be worn nor yielded. Since one can even make a secondary snapshot, it is not safe to wear it. Easily get back to life if your kids love it.
  • At every recipe, an immutable consistency emerged, was naturally also on those occasions. Man-made variants are better suited to painting, with others being better known and mistaken. Simply experiment with the recipes, try out different variants and change your mind to the mix. Here you can easily make and obtain the perfect quick fix.

Vibrant creed itself - Fast and easy Bastelspaß

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