Plácido Domingo: The LA Opera will investigate the allegations

The Placido Domingo sexual woman harassed the haven

In the past week, more women have accused the opera singer Plácido Domingo of having sexually harassed them. Now, the Los Angeles opera may investigate the suspicions and if they confirm, take measures. Does that mean a career end for the opera star and is he really guilty?

Plácido Domingo: Nine women and numerous witnesses speak out against the opera singer

Expected hugs, constant calls at night, business lunches second: The nine women told many details about the alleged harassment. Many had left there for years. Countless witnesses confirm that, in the operating world, it has long been known that Plácido Domingo sexually abused young women at the beginning of their careers. Because of this, many women have been warned that they should never meet with me in the evening or order alcoholic drinks at a business dinner. The women hated anxiety, in terms of clarity, as they hated many relationships in the industry. Some said they did not want to lose their job and have given up.

A speaker for the opera singer had declared in the past week that Plácido Domingo has only the best intentions. He had always thought that all his relations were ever sensible. In a press statement, he stated and declared that the prescriptions, as listed, were incorrect.

Plácido Domingo: The Los Angeles Opera is conducting investigations against one another

Placido Domingo sexual harassment accused

For a long time, Plácido Domingo was regarded as the star of the LA opera, he was also its leader. Still, while the opera in Philadelphia is awaiting a concert with his participation, even sleepy comes to mind. The Los Angeles Opera may now conduct an examination to see if singers or dancers are being sexually harassed. Who else is going on with the opera singer's career? Up to this time, the US Attorney's Office had not adopted the presumptions. Only internal investigations were conducted in several operas in the USA. If it were to confirm that these voices were voting, it could be assumed that the opera singer would also have to perform further performances.

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