Persistent Immunity to COVID-19: Encouraging Signs

Scientists who have been monitoring the immune response to the novel coronavirus for months are seeing encouraging signs of enduring immunity to SARS-CoV-2. This also applies to patients who had only mild symptoms of COVID-19. However, previously, experts have indicated that achieving herd immunity may not always be possible. This occurs especially when it comes to COVID-19, for which there is no vaccine. Most of all, these facts are because widespread vaccination is the most reliable way of achieving community immunity. In addition, herd immunity can protect the most vulnerable populations from coronavirus.

Would permanent immunity to coronavirus be possible?

t cells as antibodies in a coronavirus infection

So, a large number of studies suggest that active antibodies, as well as B cells and T cells that can recognize the virus, appear to persist months after the infections clear up. This reported the New York Times. That is exactly what all experts and epidemiologists would hope for. All pieces are there to develop a fully protective immune response. This was announced by Marion Pepper, who is an immunologist at the University of Washington and author of one of the new studies. While researchers cannot predict how long these immune responses will last, many experts consider the data to be the first evidence that the body has a good chance of fighting off the coronavirus infection if exposed again. So this is very promising, as scientists have already determined such immune responses against the coronavirus in rhesus monkeys. This creates more optimism about herd immunity and possibly new vaccine development.

permanent immunity to covid 19 in population groups

Things really work the way researchers and experts expected. However, there should first be evidence that most people who encounter the coronavirus a second time can actually keep it at bay. Only then could the scientists fully confirm the protection against renewed infection. However, experts believe the results could help allay recent concerns about the virus’ ability to amnesia the immune system. This makes people more prone to repeated attacks of the disease. At least 770 429 people worldwide have now died from coronavirus diseases. In 196 countries and territories, authorities have recorded approximately 21,719,870 cases. Scientists are racing against time to find a safe and effective vaccine against COVID-19.

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