Hanging of wood or stone - Practical landscape design with natural materials

design for garden with hanging attachment made of concrete and wood

There is no doubt that this design requires a lot of uphill as a flat garden, but a wooden or stone hanging attachment could be the right solution for this. This also means that if you are able to catch and hang out at your hang, you can easily and practically anticipate it. In fact, there are countless possibilities to create from your garden a beautiful scene that would even overlook a shallow garden. They can be used as an example for a trouble free hanging of wooden palisades, wooden boards, wooden boards or even wooden stairs to realize the project. For this reason, we have put together some useful tips and ideas for you in this post.

Tips for hanging wood or stone

colorful garden with gravel hanging from stairs with stone and plants

A declining court still brings with it some challenges. A hang in the garden of wood seems to be a difficult task at first glance. The main problem is that the ground tends to sink down the slope. It depends largely on how steep the slope is and what the climate is. A tilt ratio of 3: 1 or less would be considered ideal and it should be easy to breed plants there. An extreme ratio of 2: 1 or more is more difficult to control. In this case, landscaping would require additional care and maintenance. A further problem with sloping gardens is that the work on a hill can be strenuous and difficult.

hanging natural stone stacked as support wall and stairs

Beyond this, extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains could result in precipitation falling on the slope. When rain falls on the slope, the soil particles gradually shift and fall, leading to erosion. The best option for a hanging of wood or stones is the use of plants with deep, fine roots. They can also mount stone walls to slow down the flow. Another thing that probably came to your mind is that the brains on a hill can be strenuous and difficult to say. The kind of plants they are growing is important, of course. Some varieties grow perfectly in slopes, while others wash easily in rains. Plants that own for hangings hold the soil very well thanks to their strong root network. Shrubs are for this reason a popular choice for planting and hanging plants.

Stones on a hill

using natural stones and hanging in the garden of wood as a fence

A great way to prevent the plants from washing down the slope is to use large stones to anchor the soil. In this way, the grown-ups can stay in place and places while they die. Distribute the stones according to the random principle to give your slope a natural look. In the early stages, some maintenance may be required, but as soon as the plants continue to expand, only a minimum of care is required. This is a good alternative to creating flat gardens.

stonewalls with nets as hanging attachment for hanging garden

The restoration of the planting of flowers in your garden on the slope gives the landscape life and beauty. They can build a variety of blood types and colors in equal amounts. Besides, you can also vary the height of the flowers on each level. Fragrant sumachweeds, lilacs, beareneibes and warring vultures are, for example, beautiful plants that grow beautifully in hangs. Who would even be planting for your garden in the hills? These facilitate the care of your body. They own themselves especially on steep slopes, as they obviously have to worry about the running of the ground. By doing this, they alleviate the fissures of the plants and they can even create a garden room at the lower level.

Hanging wooden palisades through terracing

Grow purple flowers and border with wooden palisades

Steinmauern is a popular method of sewing and terracing slopes. They seem to require a great deal of work, and during this initial phase, you have, as soon as you are done with the walls, a garden that looks and is easy to maintain. They can design large areas in which they can build plants that would be difficult to breed outside of these walls. As stones can easily be heated in hot weather, this is for the growth of plants of great advantage, as these natural materials evoke a so-called microclimate. Ideally, there is a dining or sitting area in the garden right in front of your kitchen or living area, regardless of whether the garden of the house is still upstairs or down and away. The following is to be noted in a wooden hanging:

large areas of hard hanging in the garden of wood

  • Good drainage is unforgettable, so your terrace is not dried up in any rain. Also, make sure that your builder provides for the irrigation of Stützmauern and for the garden itself. This is especially important when the garden area of ​​Stützmauern is surrounded, in which the water cannot flow.
  • If you design your hanging garden so that its end of your living area is visible, you can also enjoy the view, if you do not walk so far in winter.
  • Use for hanging wooden beams as a solid, decorative element, for example with a look on the courtyard.
  • By installing a very high support wall that leads down or to the next level, you can create terraced plantings between the planes with two or three stiffened walls. Much more room is being spent, looking attractive and being safer for small children.
  • Choose the materials for your support walls: brick, natural stone, telegraph masts, wooden palisades, or concrete stones that should be cleaned and ironed, as are good options. Ideally, they should stand in line with the residual architecture of their homes.
  • If the cost of excavating does not match a decent terrace next to your budget, you can use the range for attractive terrace plantings with steps to a garden area nearby.

Hanging wooden boards

garden design courtyard with charcoal and hanging fastening wooden boards and flowers

For a moment, forget the garden design with the stone wall. You can catch and straighten your steep yard with a curved path, stairs or in spiral form with wooden boards. This is suitable especially when your garden is wide, without long enough to be and even if the slope is not too steep. This is also a good idea when the entrance to your garden is located next to your door. In this case, you can pave the road with grass.

Guides for hanging from wood

garden surround with charcoal pebbles and grass

The key to using wood is to make sure that the variety of your chosen variety is deep enough to conserve grass and weeds. If you cut timber, wood piles or palisades yourself, you may notice that the pieces are so deep that a few centimeters remain. These could then serve as an obstinate barrier. You can easily use a wooden garden remodel to attach the garden bed and give your landscape a certain extension. Sometimes you can even develop a slope, which you could possibly have next to your lawn, to offer your plants a flat surface for waxing. Do you also think that it is liable for failure and you may have to replace the material in the coming years.

garden path wood carving hanging garden path made of wood with planting care

So gardens on remote lands are often a challenge due to soil erosion and soil shifts. A support wall made of construction timber keeps the floor in focus and gives your garden a spacious, polished look. Before you start any construction, you will see at your urban building hearing office whether you need a permit. It is better, first of all, to make the right foundation, rather than having to tear down the wall.

Step by step instructions

retaining wall hanging wooden beams wooden bars in breeds and supports

First, plan your wall for construction. Drive with wooden poles to mark the corners of the wall, and tie a cord between the poles to mark the upper and lower borders of the wall. Dig a hole in the wall, about 5 cm deeper than the height of the construction timber. Make the digs wide enough to lift the holsters. Fill the bottom of the trench with a thin layer of gravel or sand. Lay the first row of wood from end to end and cut the parts with the chain saw so that they fit exactly in the trenches. Make sure the holsters are open.

well-groomed breed in the hanging garden with hanging fastening from wooden bales

Lie the second row of wood so that the seams lie over the down lying wood. Place the second row and each row in a distance to the lying row. Galvanized nails between the first and second rows can be knocked down to secure the wall extra. Drill the wood in advance to facilitate the work. Dig perpendicular holes into the falling slope to find headphones. These short pieces of wood support the slope and stabilize the wall further.

excavate in the garden and hang out with wood burning with laundry plans

First fill with gravel or sand to the second row and fill the bottom to the edge of the wall. Be careful to remove the dirt on each level. Materials needed are: cord, wood piles, flat back shovel, pressure-treated construction timber, chain saw, suggest hammer, nail, water heater, drilling machine, tape measure, gravel and tar paper. Wear between the rows of construction adhesives to prevent earth and water from breaking the cracks of the wall. Depending on the precipitation, you may need to place possible flow pipes in the wall.

Modern Garden in Hanglage

terraced garden hanging timber and concrete plant palisade wood

If you are a fan of contemporary decoration, you should consider a garden with concrete or cement for levels of hanging. It looks very luxurious at night when you turn the light on. The symmetry creates a pleasant view and the concrete is also used as a plant beet, with which you can build all the desired tissues, without having to worry about flowering. This is another great idea on the list, to tame your steep garden and benefit from a refined outlook at the same time.

modern hanging fort wood palisades with plant trees in forest area

The ideas for landscaping on the slope require a lot of exploration and experimentation. This can really trigger your creative thinking. With your hanging garden you can catch many. They just had to choose, was best suited, depending on available space and how steep the slope is. They can also borrow one or two things from multiple ideas to work on your own unique yard garden. Do you ever look for the above mentioned tips and you should prepare, release and attach a hanging from wood or other natural materials successfully in the garden.

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