Sun protection and skin care in summer - many tips and products!

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It would be nice to have Schöneres, as in the summer in the beach, in the warm sun. In the most beautiful time of the year, you spend much more time in the mountains, and also enjoy more Haut as in the cold winter monads. The Hitze and the strong sunsets require an extra portion of Hautpflege in the summer. Worst to think about, what sun protection news we have and the best sun protection for kids - all the more wondering if you are in this article!

The direct Hautpflege im Sommer

Hautpflege im Sommer Sonnenschutz Sonnenbrand Vorbeugen Hausmittel Damenhut

If you are going to meet in the sunshine in the sun, you should have a basic one. Sun protection is provided by a sunburn and, as a matter of urgency, a pre-existing skin care is indispensable. Which light protection factor you need, is naturally attached to Stelle von Ihrem Hauttyp, and there is the inherent protection of the skin. Other important factors are the long-distance sunbeds and the intensity of the sun. Make sure that you always care that the sunscreen protects our UVB and UVA rays. The UVA Strahlen penetrates into the Haut cells seven times, furthering the formation of free radicals, which can dissolve solar allergens. The UVB Sunbeams penetrate to the Oberhaut and are responsible for a well-tended complexion, even for sunburn. Since they are directly damaged by DNA, they can also be found in Hautkrebs.

Hautpflege im Summer for any type of head

Hautpflege im Sommer Sonnenschutz Strand Sonnencreme SPF 50 Kinder Sonnenbrand

Altogether, there are 4 separate types of hair, the latter being determined by the melanin content. The long-lasting sun protection depends on the individual properties of the skin and the light protection factor in the sunscreen. In the case of privacy, the time span, in which the skin is exposed to the sun, can be divided between 5 and 15 minutes. The recommendations for the optimum light protection factor (LSF or SPF from the English) are still extremely subtle. The light protection factor is coming, if you can put your skin with the sun protection probe of the sun, get a sunburn.

Hautpflege in Summer Sunscreen Sun protection Sun glasses Sunburn

  • Type I Appears as the light-sensitive, and has a very bright skin and blue or green eyes. The so-called Celtic type burns quickly and should therefore use sun protection medium with a light protection factor of 50.
  • Type II also has a clear skin, blonde or brown hair and blue, brown or gray eyes. He is very slow and is very easy for a sunburn. This will provide protection with factor 30 to 50.
  • Type III soggy through a pile of browns and glossy hair to braai hair. This applies to mid-European normal cases and around 79% of the total population belong to this case. This type of hat is straight, burns aberrantly. As Hautpflege in summer, there are products with a light protection factor of 15 to 25.
  • Type IV screams like mittelmeer and has an olive-colored complexion, dark hair and eyes. It is very fast to burn and burns very rarely. A light protection factor of 6 to 10 should be said in this case.

Hautpflege in summer Light protection factor Main type UV Index Sun protection

To calculate, long the light protection factor protects your skin from a sunburn, you can use the following formula:

Eigenschutzzeit * LSF = maximum time in the sun

Do you consider that you are not aware of the UV index? If you check the weather on your mobile tomorrow, simply scroll to it - it will find the UV Index. He says, the solar radiation in the given region was still at the current time point. As a rule of law, if you lie down 3 or higher, you should spoil your sunscreen. The cows are probably looking for clouds or some rainy weather.

Many tips around the Hautpflege im Summer!

Hautpflege in Summer Taking Care Light Protection Factor UV Radiation Sun Protection

If you would like to spend the summer in the beach or in the garden, you should definitely have a green one. A sun cream works on two legs. All sun protection infections have physical filters that remain on the skin. Take care of the reflection of the sun's rays and the like. The second ebb encloses the chemical filter, which ends in the Haut rings and imitates one protective film. The UV Strahlen were then cousin reflected, wandering around in harmless energy. The Faust rule states that 3 Esslöffel sunscreen reaches for the entire carpet. You have to get into the sun, if you want protection. Do not forget to use the so-called solar bags. Including Star, Nase, Oren, Neck, Schultern, Cooking and the Decollet community. As these sets out in the strongest sunshine, they burn rapidly.

Hautpflege in Summer Sunscreen Face cream Sunscreen Sunburn Hausmittel

The most important of the Hautpflege in Summer is obviously sun protection. A sunscreen provides excellent protection for the sun. An LSF scrubbing cream should top-notch and relentlessly clean. Also, if many Beauty products contain a single LSF, then sun protection is not a much more serious effect, especially when it comes to failure. From this ground up you have the opportunity to find the hot summer sunsets best suited to a laundering sunscreen. One more advantage of solar protection products is that most of them wash laundry and heat and heat levels. Make Up, however, can take you over the sun protection, you should wart, until that full egg-eye is. Perfumes or other cosmetic products can react with the sunlight and cause bad weather. This is why we recommend welding them at their best in Hause.

Humidifying Hautpflege in summer is of much greater importance

Hautpflege im Sommer Sonnenschutz Handpflege Sunscreen SPF Factor Shiseido Cosmetics

Genauso was in the winter needed your hair in the summer once more moist. The only thing left is that the products fell to the hefty Jahreszeit as lighter as the rich winter cremes. Re-proprietary properties are at the very best available meditation with a water-gel structure and with aloe vera. They diligently grabbed your skin, and they had a very unhurried effect and saw very quickly. A further seven guys alternative are the products with hyaluronic acid, which focuses on the moisturizing of the skin.

Hautpflege in the summer face cleansing Hausmittel Sun protection sunscreen

You can look at the roofs at one of the clean and well-worn blinds, a basic face cleaning is unobservable at the Hautpflege in summer. Included education, both the salt water, the chlorine and the sand, are indelible to one of the hidden objects. With little Pickel and Mitesser emerging, it is very important that you freeze your face for a long time in the sun from all of the protection. Take in grease and glue with Eucalyptus or Menthole extracts - these stop clean and carefree. As a Finish, it also owns the Rosewood. It is a natural product, which makes the contemptuous, the traveled skin burdensome and combats small impurities. Since a face mask for the natural pH-like weight ensures, you should also consult your skin care clinic in the summer.

Lips- and Handfflege im Sommer nicht vergessen!

Skin care in summer Lips Sun protection Light protection factor Type of skin

Thanks to various sunscreens or Foundation with one LSF, your face is well protected for the sun's rays. However, the leader is often forgotten to be a facial party often - those lips. Unparalleled lip care products are perfect for finding and dealing with any drug or supermarket. Therefore, your hands will remain long and effortless, empowering you, at least for the warm months on special hand creams to detect UV factor.

So you'd like a summer fire in summer

Hautpflege im Summer Sonnenbrand vorbeugen Hausmittel Sunscreen Sun protection

The goose Take a long walk in the beach and its rusks of our ancestors just sound great, or? However, one can very quickly take a sunburn when the straight-fitting Hautpflege in Summer fails. This is about an acute development of the skin, which can cause bleeding, swelling, jerking and jerking. The first symptoms will last up to 4 to 8 hours.

  • The appropriate one Kleidung: Even if most of the people are occupied in the summer, the mounds are the best protection given to the sun. In this case, the Four-H Rule - Hut, Shirt, Hose, Hoher Light Protection Factor.
  • Weatherholes Eincremen is also of greater significance. The laundry products Produkte sind leader nicht beliebig long laundry party, they are losing suckly and fast.
  • Get the Strong Sun: In the time, 11 and 16 hours of sunshine are the sunsets. Therefore, to remember, in Hause at that time, your skin remained a small break.

Hautpflege in the summer Sunburn mite Hausmittel sun protection sunscreen

  • Head cover and sunglasses Don't forget: If you love a sunburn on the headland or face, you should cover it with a sun shade or even a headgear. The sunglasses need not be mistaken in the summer. It protects the eyes from the strong UV radiation and prevents nasal discharge.
  • Try your medication: Manchis Antibiotics, scarce or disincentives can also make your skin particularly sunny. In order to avoid a sunburn, you should read the package or ask your questions.

Sonnenbrand lindern - Hautpflege im Sommer

Hautpflege im Sommer Sonnenschutz Sonnenbrille Schuhe Strand Urlaub

Sun feverish leader feels like regeneration of the skin and education of small fields. Since the Hautpflege in summer is still an exquisite sunbathing area of ​​much depletion, given that one pair of tips, you could have a sunburn in the best light.

  • Do you like water and tea: Since the skin fell through the sunburn, the fact that the Flüssigkeitszufuhr zu obtained.
  • Aloe Vera regenerates and moisturizes the skin and sometimes supports the salvation. Enhance and enhance the effect Keep the gel in a cool state.
  • Jogurt and Quark feel particularly good and fast at a lightning sunburn. If you just run on your skin, you can weld it for 10 minutes and then you will call a shower.
  • Turmeric or bellied ribs can also recover small, burned sets.

The Hautpflege in Summer for Children

Hautpflege im Summer Kids Beach Sun protection Sun glasses Sunscreen

A worse sunburn in the childhood obscures the risk of malignant melanoma - the most desirable art of skin cancer. Daher is a special eight at the Hautpflege im Sommer für Kinder. As most of the protection mechanisms reach to the swollen lungs, the small children who are shooting the horns of the skin are thinner than with the Erwachsen. From this foundation, the UV radiation can penetrate more lightly into the various headlamps and produce the sun in a sunburn. Up until the end of the last few years, the children of children who were directly exposed to sunshine were forced to do so. As the sun protection medium exerts a tremendous burden on their sore skin, it is advisable to attack the sun cream at the end of the second life.

Worried about sun protection at children?

Hautpflege im Summer Sonnenschutz Kids Light Protection Factor Sunscreen Sun Glasses

  • The right dress is the best way to protect your child from a sunburn. Airy and long-sleeved T-shirts and long Trousers are the best choice.
  • Because the head and the face and the face are the most sensitive minds, one needs Kopfbedeckung also not missing.
  • Even for Baden and near longer Aufenthalten weather is a cream.
  • Always use it Kinderiguitig Sonnenschutzmittel, containing only Parabene, Benzophenome or Ocinoxat.
  • Don't put yourself alone Breitspraakum Sonnenschutzmittel with a light protection factor of at least 30, protect our UVB and UVA beams.

At a sunburn at grandchildren At some point, you can swallow the skin 3 to 5 times in the daytime with a cold, sweaty washcloth, until the rats disappear. Those who are infamous are those who have a mild hypoallergenic moisturizing cream or aloe vera gel.

The 5 best suncreams for the best Hautpflege im Summer

Hautpflege im Sommer Sonnenschutz Sonnencreme Kinder Sonnenbrand lindern

With our new products, we want to find the perfect partition for you, and find the right sun protection for you.

  • Daylong Kids Lotion with LSF 50+ provides an extremely high level of protection for children from one year to the next. It is easy to see in the Haut and read good. Wealthy fabrics that provide Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to the Haut mit vle pflege. Es costs about 15 Euro for 150 ml.
  • Hawaiian Tropic "Silk Hydration" with LSF 30 Bit of a lot of protection for your face. When the Lotion beer is free, they do not read any greasy film and cousin. With a price of 10 Euro for 180 ml it is neither right nor right.
  • Annemarie Börlind Sonnenmilch mit LSF 30: As the sun protection products break down Many full of the best lightweight content is, keeping the skin well-kept and protectable, eliminating the need for a complete list. Bone watches and sunflower teaser intensive moisturizing, while stepmother extracts and panthenol work out. The price is at 18 Euro for 125 ml.

Hautpflege im Summer Beach Sunscreen Strohhut Women Sun Protection Spray

  • The fragrance neutral facial skin of "Cool" with LSF 30 looks at high speed, fat cousin and provides a perfect fit on the face. Liners and biological night creams are harmful to the skin, while distal and vitamin E and C care and protect the skin. In this case this product is lying with 38.50 Euro for 50 ml in the upper price range.
  • The Waterlover Solar spray from Biotherm you can read it a few times and yet it is the perfect Hautpflege in summer for the beach. If you are a cousin, you can read a transparency, thin film, do not grease or stick to it.

Hautpflege im Sommer Strandurlaub Sunscreen Cream UV protection

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