Glowing Glasses Recover with Various Materials - 5 Simple Craft Guides

Lighting glasses with simple DIY instructions

Candles, whether homemade or purchased, were yesterday! If you want to enjoy your evening with a romantic and gentle light, use luminescent glasses that can quickly and easily restore you in different ways and in different varieties. Who works? Find out more in our current article and more examples and instructions, so you can find the perfect variant for yourself. So find out who can make luminescent glasses and not just ask them for themselves, but also give them to friends and relatives. Surely you will all make it a joy.

Gleaming glasses do the same

Colorful luminous glasses with color sprinklers in disposable glasses

  • Einweckglas
  • Color that glows in the dark
  • Pinsel
  • a sheet of paper
  • Multi-purpose adhesive (e.g. Elmer's Glue), optional
  • Glitter, optional

Luminous glasses with luminous color are fast made. Use some color on the sheet of paper to make it easier to paint with the brush. Then open the clean and dry disposable glass, pick up some paint with the brush and hold it in the glass, in which you now distribute the splashes. For example, tap the brush into the edge of the glass or find yourself a technique that fits you. Begin with the glass bottom and then make the sides again.

Beautiful lenses with luminous color in various colors for indoors and outdoors

If you have enough to discuss the inside of the glass, the color must first dry. Then you should put the finished glass in a possible bright place, so that you can recharge the colors with light. 30 minutes in the sun should be sufficient. In the interim, the cover can be covered with adhesive and then sprinkled with glitter. As soon as the adhesive has dried, the lid can be scraped back onto the glass and bring the new decoration to sparkle.

Shape and paint the glass from outside or inside with a light color

Tipp: Instead of sprinklers you could of course also paint points with the brush, was not a little ugly look, but it was used more time in demand. Of course, you also paint different designs and patterns in glass interiors yourself. Just let it fall in your hands. And if you have many disposable glasses available, simply experiment until you have the perfect glowing glass completely restored to your taste. Also from the outside, the glasses were painted, if they fell lighter.

Make glowing glasses with candlelight

Use candlelight and your liquidity for the making of luminaires

Rich luminescent glass that illuminates only your surroundings (e.g. for a barbecue party) can also use candlelight. If you put the glass in a cool place, extend the light time. All in all, you should keep in mind that the liquid in the air does shine stronger, but also much more quickly the spirit is given up, than in the rod. The glass cannot be recycled afterwards, since it removes the liquid very difficult to remove.

  • Glass, clean and dry
  • Knicklichter in your favorite colors
  • Gummihandschuhe
  • Schere
  • Glitter, optional

Party decoration idea with knicklights in pink and purple

Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Bring the liquid in the candlelight to light while you nod. With a scissor, you cut the knicklight carefully in two halves. The open side then holds the glass and distributes the liquid as much as possible. It is recommended to use only one color per container, as some colors do not slow down and do not miss out. Finally, you can even distribute glitter in glass to let it shine through the light.

Attractive glowing glass - Resin with resin

Brilliant resin glass and fluorescent powder in any color

  • Glas
  • Kunstharz
  • Light powder (phosphorescent, not fluorescent)

Add the desired amount of synthetic resin to the glass and let it become a little thicker (thicker). In this way, you prevent the powder from sinking on the bottom of the glass and it reads easier to distribute. The more powder you use, the better the glass will shine in the end. Green is otherwise the brightest light color, followed by turquoise and blue, as well as all other colors. The darkest and the shortest ebb is red and violet. Glitz as an add-on is not recommended here, as these are readily perceived as dark points.

Use LED light chain

Fast luminous glasses make themselves with LED light chain

  • Glas
  • LED Light Chain
  • Batterien

Easily obtain luminescent glasses by buying a LED light chain with tiny lamps and simply distribute them in glass. If you are too bored, you can paint the interior walls of the glass in addition to any of the above ideas or if you use the effective universe in glass from the next instruction.

Universe in glass

The universe in glass is illuminated with a LED candle, light chain or flashlight

  • Glitter stickers in Rosa, Lilac and Blue (e.g. Elmer's)
  • Einweckgläser
  • Knicklights, LED candles or LED light chain
  • Plastiklöffel
  • Plastic or cardboard counter
  • Top flaps or gloves
  • Mikrowelle

Give any of your clothes on the counter. Take it with the spoon of a color and spread it inside the glass. Then repeat it with the second and then with the third color. The glass should be completely covered. Avoid one another to a thick layer. Now place the glass in the microwave for about 40 seconds. Through the heat crystallizes the adhesive. Should he still not be stuck for 40 seconds, heat it for another 30 seconds.

Universe in glass made of glitter glue and with candlelight

Take the glass with top flaps out, as it will be hot here. You can add a wider layer of adhesive as soon as the glass is cooled and if you prefer darker colors. Do not repeat this often, as at some point the glue will start to burn and become darker. Allow the glass to cool completely and add the desired light source.

Green luminous glass with dark luminous color for dot patterns

Candlelight idea for a pre-lit candlestick at parties

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