Billie Eilish makes an impressive performance in Hamburg

Billie Eilish green hair yellow yellow Sweatshirt

Billie Eilish, the Pop Sensation made an impressive performance in Hamburg. This day, your German fans will surely not be forgotten for a long time: The 17-year-old singer is part of the "Dockville" festival and made sure Furore was there. According to the organizers, it was a "Glucksgriff", because they had asked early, before Billie was known worldwide.

Billie Eilish: Was the Charm of the Stars Out?

With her green hair and green hip-hop attire, the 1.6 little singer on stage was not able to overlook it. And even if not all festival visitors because of the great pressures they could see, none of their clear voices could confuse fans. For a year Billie was on form, she had conquered Spotify and Youtube, a month later she also broke further records and got the third woman, the two singles on no. 1 had an alternative American chart. Before you had Alanis Morissette and Sinead O 'Connor, in a year or two, respectively. turns Mal the No. 1 position to reach.

But what was the singer's charm? According to Forbes, Billie has not actually become famous over night. "Guilt" and your success especially told your brother, who wrote a band with 17 founders and the song "Ocean Eyes". As his 13-year-old sister, Billie, the song began, it was clear to me: It was created for them. He loved the text and the music. The song becomes a success and also draws the attention of more managers and music producers to the talented singer. You signed a contract and worked on an album.

Billie Eilish: Who is going to tell that success story?

Billie Eilish singer made famous success story

Now Billie in the United States is huge success. This is just before the start, then after Hamburg they will first recover for a few days and then go on a world tour. Next, more performances will be planned in Europe, when your fans in the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the UK come at your expense. From September, they will also perform in the United States.

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