Wedding hat for women - many stylish inspirations and hairstyles ideas!

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The straw hat for women has been one of the biggest summer classics for years, but once again this summer has experienced a big comeback in the fashion world. However, the aforementioned accessories do not pamper only your summer outfit - they also protect from direct sunlight and serve as a shade donor in hot days. Whether Fedora, Panama or XXL straw hat - we have compiled the most beautiful models for you to choose from. Do you ask yourself, did you have to do your hair under the hut - leave your hangers, haystacks or prefer a braid? In this article we will tell you some cool and easy hairstyle ideas under the hat!

Straw hat for ladies - the various models at a glance

Women's Hut Models Summer Outfit Trends Dress Shoulder-Free Sunglasses Round

However, the women's hut is an all-rounder and reads very differently. Whether casual for the beach with maxi dresses or even elegant with a stylish, classic pencil skirt - it lends every outfit the certain etwas. These hut can be made from many different types of straw - paper straw, sisal straw, sinamayastroh or panamastroh.

  • There Fedora Strohhut draws through one of the corners and in the side looks for curved cramps, which are either flat or even curved. It offers you plenty of shades before the sun and at the same time looks very elegant and beautiful.
  • There Panama Hut had a high hat crown and medium cramp. These hats were braided in Ecuador from a very high level of radiation, which was brought into the correct form by the medium heat, humidity and pressure.
  • XXL straw hut is the perfect choice for all women who like to go crazy. The great cremation makes them a true hingucker and gives your look a unique Boho note. They fit perfectly into long skirts and dresses of all kinds.

Which straw hat fits your face?

Hairstyles For Hut Summer Outfit Ideas T-Shirt Oversized Fashion Trends

Finding the right hat can sometimes be a real challenge and, for that reason, many women shy away from the nice trend. In order to find out, you should simply go in a load and try out a few models during the next shopping tour - only then can you get an impression of which form is best for you. And yet, there are a few tips that you could be helpful in choosing.

  • If you have one have round face you should come up with a model that will underpin those rounds. Perfect for you, therefore, are the Fedora and Panama roads.
  • For the women with one grim face own the best hut with a rounded head - like Fedora or a cowboy hat.
  • Damit Sie Your heart-shaped face shape not yet emphasized, you should prefer to sit in a looser and bulky pod.
  • Wenn Sie have an oval face, then you can wear absolutely any model. Whether Fedora, with big crotch or out-of-the-box design - you can handle everything!

Straw hat for women - simple and fast hairstyles ideas

Braids long hair simple shoulder free blouse combine fashion trends

You have prepared a beautiful straw hat and are not sure who to style your hair with? We have a couple of nice and easy suggestions for you!

  • The first and easiest variant is one silky ponytail. Even more beautiful are the classics under the hairstyles with a couple of striking shades and light locks. In this look you wear your hat in the best looser upper.
  • One messy bun is just another quicker suggestion. You can wear this hairstyle best under a Fedora straw hat.

Hairstyles unterm hat simple long hair dress shoulder-free knee-long fashion trends

Have you ever heard of Pigtail Braids? A straw hat for women in combination with this sweet hairstyle gives you a powerful, sporty look.

And that's how it was made:

  • With a fine comb pull a middle section and divide the hair into two parts.
  • On each side or near the star, divide three small rays.
  • The hair that was in a classic French braid and alternating right and left always take more hair. Next, fix the tips with a thin hair gum.

Elegant hairstyles for straw hat for ladies

Hairstyles For Hut Summer Eyes Make-Up Ideas Shirt Blouse Fashion Trends

  • Auch ein elegant, classic dutt own perfectly as a hairstyle under the hat. It doesn't matter if it is high or low in the neck - it reads very quickly and looks beautiful. Lock in a few small strands in the bedroom and already complete the perfect casual beach look!
  • The straw hat for women with a slightly falling body is perfect for a cool boho look. Simply make a couple of light beach waves and, according to your wishes and wishes, you can either wrap your hair with a pair of small, braided beads or with appropriate accessories.

Strawhut for women Fashion trends Hairstyles straightforward hut braiding hairstyles easy

  • Ein Fischgrätenzopf reads easy styling and belongs to the classics in the braiding hairstyle. However, the looking look is only suitable for medium or long hair.
  • The so called Beach Waves stand out both in short, as in long hair. Whether for the beach or for an official evening event - it is a real hangout everywhere.

Long haircut long hair hat fashion trends women summer

  • Styling tips for straw hat for women with long hair - You can wear your long hair calmly under the hat. If they come to fruition, you should either turn them on a hot wiper or blow them over a large, round brush. Especially noble and elegant it looks when you plug your mane into a deep-seated knot.

Wrap the straw hat - DIY instruction

Straw hat refreshment ideas DIY DIY fashion accessories

The beauty and austerity is that if you taste them, they will be able to discriminate according to taste - you can apply them, apply them or even add them. In the following, we show you how to very quickly change your beautiful hat to a completely new look.


  • a straw hat for ladies of course
  • a pair of crystals or other stones with a grasp
  • Schere
  • Faden and needle

And that's how it was made:

  • Lie the stones on the hut and make sure that all are placed at the same height.
  • The first stone to arrive and the ends well knotted. You can cut off the residue.
  • Repeat the process with all the other stones and your straw hat is already done!

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