Fashion Week Berlin 2019: Today, Fashion Week begins,

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Today, the Fashion Week Berlin starts in 2019. Every year, Fashion Week stands out, which has become the venue for influencers, designers, retailers and many other professionals from all over the world. The organizer spreads that even in those summer-time fashion shows, renowned fashion booths and more demanding designers, some knives and subordinate events that make fashion week a real experience. We provide you with an overview of the highlights.

Modewoche Berlin 2019: The Messen im Überblick

Premium Exhbitions is a fair that gives the traveler a glimpse into the latest trends in men's and women's fashion. In this year, Schunktunkt falls on sports. Whoever thinks the theme "Sport goes Fashion" provides sports clothing in the spotlight. It is not really functional, being considered a real fashion statement in the last few years.

Findable from the Messe Premium "Show & Order", a knife, which is aimed at the broad public. On six works, those visitors find the highlights as well as the more fashionable models, such as high-quality design products for the interior.

Sustainable Fashion concentrates on fashion markets, for the retention range in the ground floor. Which are the trends in the restoration of clothing and of the materials that were made models, you will experience at the fair.

Modewoche Berlin 2019: The Fashion Shows

Fashion Show Berlin 2019 Fashion Shows Knives

In this year, so many ready-made dishes, as well as total Newcomer models, are about the lawn. Your fashion is first and foremost creative, jungle, glamorous and all-day-friendly. Marina Whisperer is well known and well known to the public, or in that year, the visitor will be delighted with their Outfits. Other renowned fashion haulers were Riani and Maisonnoée, such a well-known designer who was Irene Luft, Lena Hoschek and Rebecca Ruethe in the fashion show with their own fashion show.

The Newcomer #Damur, Lou de Betoly, NEONYT was also able to extend their audience to present their audience. Well, they've got more than 10 designer suits and can look more like fashion during the fashion week.

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