After the Fall of the Soviet Union: Cosmonaut Sergei Krikaljow was caught on the Mir space station

Zerfall der Soviet Union Raumstation MIR Erde

If there is on May 18th. In 1991, at the space station MIR flight, at Sergei Krikaljow's cousin, he was conquered. Out of it he experienced the Fall of the Soviet Union and, as a matter of fact, dubbed Zeit im Weltall, as swarted. Anxiously you have forgotten about the very easy. For a year, he had been caught prisoner, the tallest newspaper, the somebody on "MIR" banned hats. In the end, there is always a lot of talk material. Scientist did, he was the first man to hatch a time travel. Lions said Career hats Krikaljow and a total of 6 expeditions in the space economy and was for a long time led by the Russian cosmonaut training centers. We can tell you an amazing story, which definitely proves that everything can change humanly.

Cosmonaut Sergei Krikaljow hated the professional career of the Soviet Union

Lost the Soviet Union Cosmonaut in Space

Our Zerfall of the Soviet Union really hated Krikaljow a very serious career and a great deal of lohn. It was the earliest template with the spacecraft Soyuz TM-7 flown in 1988 to space station MIR and destroyed five months. Significant training in cosmonaut centers hid its ability, maximizing up to five months in space. Damal's work there damal 33-year-old engineer with still two cosmonauts, keeping the space station in a state of affairs and navigating queasy labor.

Following on from this mission, the latter became particularly popular in the former Homeland, and they were selected for a second flight in May 1991. The space rocket is being started by Baikonur Kosmodrom in Kazakhstan.

After Zerfall of the Soviet Union, Krikaljow is forgotten

Zerfall der Sowjetunion Demonstrators 1991

Still time, as soon as it lands on the MIR board, the Soviet Union feels alien. Damal powers are krikaljow and their colleagues worry about the future. They were able to cousin, were passers-by and marvelous, whether or not the protest was on top of the Russian spacecraft. The jack-of-the-mill, which ran all the way to the space station, could not be opened, was also on its premises. Mostly, a stay of one month is extended. Dann are bitten afterwards, even longer on MIR. In Russia, chaos was ravaged, there was no government and the population living in secrecy. The Zerfall caused many problems with the state being in a difficult economic crisis. Easy to find money for your return. Years later, Sergei Krikaljow remembered and told journalists, his colleagues were hoping that their stay would be bad for their health, monkeys should be divorced.

Zerfall of the Soviet Union Russia Photos

He wondered if he had the power to stay longer. There was a lot of strong radiation excreted, the cancer risk was well received, because of muscular injury and its immune system was weakened. It can wrap MIR via a rescue capsule, but it could be damaged by the space station. The Raumstation was able to find some trusses, found to be in the free fall around the Erde herum. Since the atmosphere of the third monkey is relatively late, this free fall is killed and the MIR sank even more meters. The staff on board must therefore regularly keep their tape on, at one stop at the bottom. Heat the Krikaljow that wasted the space station, MIR was dropped again as a kurzer Zeit.

For Sergei Krikaljow begins a nervenaufreibendes Wartespiel

Zerfall of the Soviet Union Sergej Krikaljow Raumschiff Engineer

For the Kosmonaut experience, a nervous break began. Altogether, he broke more than those months at the space station and set up a record. In this time frame, two more of a total of four planted missions are underway. The heavy economic burden kept the Russian space programs afloat, selling to their spacecrafts. Austria chewing a sitz im room for 7 million dollars, Japan - for 12 million dollars and sent a journalist to MIR. In the euphoric Soviet Union, in-laws are discussed, MIR urgently sell. The down-to-earth version meant that there was no place for krikaljow and that - as a single aircraft engineer should stay on board.

Jack-of-the-bat tell your colleagues, really to send it to you. They were able to find sweet cherries and donated cherries. Swept, worn out and a poorly sound condition, the cosmonaut dared to march in March 1992 to the first flight, Germany more than 24 million USD for a place for the designing engineer Klaus Dietrich flat-hatred.

The back door to the fall of the Soviet Union

The Soviet Union Krikaljow late Soviet citizen

Journalists described Krikaljow as very slow. There were hardly any leaves and felt very strong. War Is It A Surge Of Space? The cosmonaut could not wait any longer. Kurze Zeit after this turnaround completes an improvement and began to prepare for a further mission.

Said liven on the first hat does not change greatly. Our Zerfall of the Soviet Union is located in Leningrad. Once the Zerfall, the city of St. Petersburg is called. Anxiety could be found as a cosmonaut, after a NASA astronaut training, and four males for new ISS, with one international team working.

Did Sergei Krikaljow travel in the future?

Zerfall of the Soviet Union Cosmonaut Legend

Manche Wissenschaftler maintained that Sergei Krikaljow hated the longest time travel. You consider your accommodation on the theory of relativity. Last Einstein relies on the Zeit für Objektte, which constantly moves slower than for solche im Ruhezustand. MIR moved with a speed of around 28,000 kilometers per hour. Then one can escape the fact that Soviet citizens were slower than those people on the altar altar and traveled to those pastures in the future.

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