Yes, it is really wise to find a surprise for men, about whom they really became friends! We will help and give you some Valentine's Day gifts for men for self-care! Naturally, you can also - who will be the most popular men - from the classic men's gifts in the shops, but all know that the real personal gifts are the best DIY Überraschingen sind. Only a few panic, you can't afford, who can easily and easily get rid of eye-catching single surprises. We have another article for the top 25 as well Valentine's Day gifts for men for self-care such as you worry about. You just need to use this fantasy! Also los geht´s! Surprisingly, those who love valentine's day with some really extraordinary experience, a personal gift and a lot of love, were the ones you loved! This research mode is also true good valentines gift idea and clean your money key.


1. Romantic series, the first ever gifts to Valentine's Day

Romantic Serienbild, the first ever gift to Valentine's Day
Romantic series - a great Valentinstag gift idea


Heutzutage became artistic photographs as an expression of love ever. With serial shooting, the moments are fixed. Taking photos, two men, two seals were, and were fused to some. Explore a nice idea Valentine's Day Gifts for Men to Self-List, the spatter can melt the wind in the slatted room.

2. Sweet 3D Valentinstag map

Sweet 3D Valentine's Day card


A 3D map card is very easy to read! With the basic templates, you can also simply find a personal Valentine day card for your partner. Even a few cute sails full of birds and whats are you forty!

3. Niedliche Valentinstagsnachricht per Wäscheklammer

Plain Valentinstagsnachricht per Wäscheklammer


For this down-to-earth gift for Valentine's Day you don't need anything else like a Holzwäscheklammer, a Stückchen Papier und Kleber. As an Erstes template, write a letterhead on the end of the bracket, then write "You have mail" on the whiteboard and during the color draw, describe the posts, cut it appropriately and stick it in one place. If you are looking for a home-from-the-eye look at this small task, this clip with night vision is even more interesting. valent Valentinstag gift idea, if you are not able to spend money for February 14th.


4. Laughing lovemaking bottle - Valentine's Day gifts for men for self-care

Laughing Love Bottle - Valentine's Day Gifts for Men to Say


This makes it possible to use a single Haushalt at least one leather glass bottle, which seals the dough,. Returning that bottle from the depths of the scars and transforming it into a gift. If the glass of the bottle does not coincide with it, then a matte glass stain (from the bastards) or cover the bottle with a matte, transparent foil. Describe the bottle with a charm, fused glass with lust and laughter with small revisions (not the case of acrylic or glass fiber) and draw the color. Insert a white light chain into the bottle. A beautiful decoration for a romantic evening and a small, sweet gift to Valentine's Day in one.

Do you have to treasure treasure in Valentine's Day with a most primitive treat, desserts and snacks? Then, that is the best thing to do TOP 25 VALENTINSTAG ESSENSIDEEN with guarantee agreement Erfolg with many images, instructions and recipes.

5. Picture collage full of reminders, if you owe a very personal touch to power test

Image collage full of reminders, if you want to give me personal details
Picture collage full of memories - a good Valentinstag gift idea


If one pair is ready for longer periods, then there are many common moments experienced, by sowing these many photos. Then you don't have to tune like these photos rewrights and really stick to one (or if you are more serious) one large frame Gifts for Valentinstag sigh, then stick the photos on one piece of daddy). Stick or write the scriptures "Memoirs" or "Memories" on that collage. We believe that, even if it's a customs Valentine's Day gifts for men for self-care Idee!


6. Würfellampe, a truly creative creative Valentine's Day gift

Würfellampe, an amazingly creative creative gift for her


Würfellampe, an amazingly creative creative gift for the day - Template error


These small Schachteln were offered as low-key gifts to Valentinstag in the shops for whimsical amounts, which means you can barely grumble, who can easily and happily man's self-confidence! Die Würfellampe must not tell Holz, you can use dickere Pappe as basic material. Cut out the obese stencils from cardboard. Increasingly, various patterns for Valentinag (Herzchen, "I love you", usw) were cut in the Seiten des Würfels. Do not worry about trying to determine whether or not the pattern is still or not! Wrap the dice in the boxes and, when you have time and desire, then bundle the Würfell lamp. You need to set tuning other things as an LED light in the wizard and unblock the gift! Pampered roads of fire hazard, not real flames! Tip: Cut a pattern so large that the light lock fits snugly.

7. Selfie-Bilderreihe, the best photo gift on valentines day gifts for men to make yourself a list

Selfie-Imageshare, the best photo gift on our Valentine's Day gifts for men's self-serving list


We have realized that pictures of lost couples are counting Valentine's Day gifts for men for self-care sind. Here you can see Beispiel, which is most easily available. If you have a surprise for your partner who is ready to go, then you only need to do some selfies. When you get wet in the picture, you need pictures you need, you just need to move around while recording. We are happy to become one of the most beautiful and real personal gifts for you!

8. Valentine's To-List, one of the most valued Valentine's Day gifts for you

 Valentine's To-do List, a whole lot of you made Valentine's Day gift


At a Valentine's Day gift, the cousin of the price stands in the lower floor. For this gift you have to say no coin-crafted, you only need fantasy and a few common photos. You do not need anything else as a few things that you can use to make a joint test with your partner, a To-do list as a gift for Valentine's Day. Create a few collapsed shared photos on the list and you are ready. We hope this is a really funny, very sweet gift for men.

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9. Herzcollage - a bombastical Valentine's Day gift for your partner

Herzcollage - mach ein bombastisches Valentines Day gift for their partner
Herzcollage - Happy Valentinstag Gift Idea


This is a very personal gift idea. They give no man, who ignores those photos of your arrogant heart, the symbol of lying, reproached. If you want to devote yourself to this sweet Valentine's Day gift, you are guaranteed! Yes, it is easy to find, though, some time needs to be prepared. Aber was tut man cousin everything from love, cousin?

10. Happy signal glass, a sweet Valentine's Day gift, which your partner always has lazy

Happy sign-glass, a sweet Valentine's Day gift, your partner ever gonna laugh


An unforgettable Valentine's Day gift for men for self-indulgence! This Lucky Signal Glass is an absolute prized gift idea for Valentine's Day. Write a few sweet thoughts full of fun, totally disturbed, common reminders, about which your partner guarantees laughing, on the phone. Put the Zettelchen in a glass and decorate it anyway. This is not just the perfect gift for your partner, one of Anlass's wonderful gift ideas for a friend or a lying friend.

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