Cottagecore fashion trend: What is behind the new trend and how do you achieve the look?

Imagine a place where the sun shines every day, blooming flowers sway in the wind, and the whole house smells of freshly baked bread. Sounds too good to be true, you would probably say. Yet this idyllic place actually exists (at least in some form) and the concept is currently taking over social media. If you’ve been scrolling through Instagram or TikTok recently, you’ve probably noticed beautiful pictures of vintage outfits, playful prairie dresses, and breathtaking forest landscapes. We’re talking about cottagecore – a movement that idealizes country house life and the simple things in life and goes hand in hand with nature. For many people, cottagecore is a kind of lifestyle, while others only include it aesthetically in their outfits. What exactly is the Cottagecore fashion trend and which items of clothing are essential for the airy looks, we will tell you in our article!

Women's hat combine accessories trends autumn 2020 cottagecore outfits

Although Cottagecore first became popular in 2018, it’s gaining traction this year. The trend is sort of a reaction to the quarantine period we all went through due to COVID-19. We all longed to be able to enjoy our freedom and to escape the stressful everyday life for a certain moment. The Cottagecore movement offers us refuge from modern life and includes the little things in life like picking flowers, picnics in the woods, crocheting, knitting, etc.

What exactly is the Cottagecore fashion trend?

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The word Cottagecore is made up of the English words “cottage”, which means country house or hut and “core”, which is derived from “hardcore”. Together it literally describes extreme country house life. In essence, Cottagecore is an aesthetic subculture that romanticizes the benefits of living in a cabin in the woods. However, the movement is not entirely new. As early as the 18th century, the French Queen Marie Antoinette, in her desire for a simpler country life, built a small farming village in the castle park. The fact that the hashtag #cottagecore on the TikTok social platform has more than 218 million views is clear evidence that more and more people are longing for freedom and harmony.

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We all know the photos of the numerous fashion influencers in expensive designer outfits and chic restaurants. But instead of being in the metropolises, all fashionistas can now be photographed picking flowers or having a picnic in the forest – mostly in airy dresses with floral patterns and playful braided hairstyles. The Cottagecore fashion trend has something dreamy about it and is characterized by a certain lightness and romance. While there aren’t any specific styling rules, details like lace, ruffles, plaids, and eye-catching puffed sleeves are staples for anyone wanting to achieve the look. As long as your outfit has the typical romantic and light country house atmosphere, you’re doing everything right.

So what’s the best way to achieve the cottage core look?

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Cottagecore isn’t just a trend – it’s much more of an aesthetic that inspires nostalgia for nature and a simpler life in us. Log out of social media, put your phone away and enjoy the outdoors. Go for a hike or a short walk through the forest and in no time you will feel much happier and more relaxed. But if all of this is just impossible for you, you can always go the easier route by adopting the cottagecore fashion trend with some fashion essentials.

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Warm white, neutral brown, mustard yellow, deep green and lavender – these nuances exude a feeling of lightness and are essential for the cottagecore fashion trend. Think airy dresses and midi skirts, cozy cardigans or oversized shirt blouses in combination with jeans and a straw hat. The outfits have a vintage touch and reflect the love and connection between people and nature.

Dresses with floral patterns underline our femininity and radiate a special elegance

Cottage Core Fashion Trend Outfit Ideas for Fall Flower Pattern Trend 2020

Patterns inspired by nature that reflect the seasons are at the heart of the Cottagecore fashion trend. Floral pattern dresses are a timeless classic that will never go out of style. And for good reason – the beautiful flowers give our outfit a unique feminine and nostalgic touch. Plus, the trend is an easy way to add some color to the otherwise dreary autumn and winter days.

Cozy sweaters and cardigans are a must-have

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To relax in a cozy cardigan in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine – doesn’t that sound wonderful? Cardigans and sweaters are an absolute must for the coming autumn and winter months and can be combined with almost any item of clothing in your wardrobe. Wear it with a midi skirt or over your favorite summer dress and you have the perfect romantic look for a walk through the woods and heels.

Sun hats and hair accessories are at the center of the Cottagecore fashion trend

Floral pattern dresses combine fashion trends fall 2020 cottagecore outfit ideas

No day on which you walk through the fields or have a picnic would be complete without the right summer straw hat. Women’s hats not only protect you from the sun, but also perfectly capture the essence of rural life. Hats not your thing? Playful shawl hairstyles are another excellent way to immerse yourself in the cottagecore fashion trend!

It’s that easy to pick up on the cottagecore fashion trend

Cottagecore trend dress with floral pattern combine fashion trends fall 2020

Knitted hair towels are very popular in autumn and give your outfit a warm touch

Cottagecore Trend Fashion Trends Herbst Winter 2020 Hair Accessories

An oversized linen shirt blouse is a great way to change the mood of the rest of your outfit

Cottagecore Trend Outfit Ideen Damen Accessoires Trends 2020

The Cottagecore fashion trend is perfect for everyone who loves flowing dresses with a vintage look

Cottagecore trend to combine summer dresses in autumn

Hair scarves with a flower pattern underline the aesthetics of the cottage core trend

Hair Towels Hairstyles Cottagecore Definiton Fashion Trends Women Fall 2020

A white apron reminds us of country house life and radiates a special lightness

Hair Bow Hairstyles For Long Hair Cottagecore Trend Definition

Romantic blouses with puff sleeves are ideal for slowly getting to grips with the fashion trend

Fashion trends fall 2020 Cottagecore trend outfit ideas

The cottage core fashion trend goes hand in hand with airy dresses in soft nuances

Prairie dresses combine cottagecore trend fall outfit ideas for women

There is nothing more beautiful and calming than reading your favorite book in peace in the middle of the forest

Prairie dresses combine fashion trends fall 2020 cottagecore outfit ideas

Romantic off-the-shoulder blouses with voluminous puff sleeves are strongly represented in the Cottagecore fashion trend

strapless blouse combine cottagecore trend

Cozy cardigans keep you warm in the dreary autumn days and round off your rural outfit perfectly

Cardigan Fall Outfits Cottagecore Trend Definiton

Ruffles and knitting details exude the typical cottage-style feeling of the cottage core trend

Summer dresses in autumn wear outfits cottagecore trend

And when even David Beckham swapped T-shirts and jeans for a stick and a hat, the cottage core fashion trend has also caught on with celebrities

Victoria Beckham Outfits Cottagecore Modetrends Herbst 2020

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