Furniture roller shutters offer practical storage space solutions for tight spaces

Are you looking for a way to optimize the storage space in a small room or to make effective use of a dead corner in the kitchen? Here is an idea to consider when furnishing your home. Furniture roller shutters are a practical storage space solution that also saves a lot of space compared to conventional cabinet doors. These innovative roller shutter systems are a salvation for all owners of small apartments and open up completely new design possibilities!

Furniture roller shutters are real space miracles

Furniture shutters in white for kitchen utensils and helpers

When furnishing our four walls, we have to remember that every room should not only be beautiful but also functional. This is not easy to achieve when you definitely want a few extra square feet in your home. How can you save valuable space? With just a few clever tricks you can significantly increase the functionality of a room. Furniture shutters are one of them. Manufacturers such as Rehau, Ostermann and Häfele offer various models that enable you to adapt the roller shutter systems perfectly to a specific room and to meet different needs.

Tailor-made solution for modern furniture

Furniture roller shutter cabinet fits perfectly into the modern kitchen

Furniture roller shutters are installed instead of conventional cabinet doors or drawers and save a lot of space in the room. In contrast to normal cabinet doors, they can be opened vertically or horizontally and do not protrude into the room. They are therefore ideally suited where there is little space in terms of width and there is no space to open a standard wing door. The roller shutter systems make optimal use of the available space in terms of height and offer maximum storage space. Furniture roller shutters are a good choice for all types of interiors: for living rooms as well as for offices, but also for workshops, garages, closets, mobile homes or yachts.

Where do furniture roller shutters work best?

modern white kitchen with built-in appliances and roller shutter cabinet in the corner

Roller shutter systems are a great way to keep various devices in small rooms or in hard-to-reach places. They are also suitable wherever you want to hide various everyday objects behind doors so that the room always looks nice and tidy.

white kitchen with island and turquoise wall

Roller shutter systems are an ideal solution for the kitchen. There we often store a large number of pots, pans and other utensils that we don’t want to leave unused on the worktop. Furniture roller shutters help to eliminate the visual chaos in the kitchen and to better organize the kitchen cabinets. L- or U-shaped kitchens in particular, where dead corners that are difficult to use, benefit from this ingenious storage space idea.

Cabinet shutters for the kitchen

black glass back wall in a modern kitchen

The roller shutter systems can be installed on all kitchen cabinets or only in hard-to-reach places – e.g. in a corner of the kitchen, above the worktop or in narrow spaces next to the refrigerator or stove.

White U-shaped kitchen with peninsula and dining table

Larger models can be used anywhere you want to cover a large area. For example, if a room-high niche is to be used as a pantry or broom cupboard.

furniture shutters made to measure in mint green

Smaller roller shutter systems are a good storage space idea for items and devices that we like to hide behind doors in the kitchen, but also always want to have close at hand, such as a coffee machine, a bread box or a microwave. As soon as you no longer use the devices, you can simply close the roller shutters. This way the kitchen will always look tidy!

An open living area can fulfill different functions

large kitchen with island and wet bar

The tambour door systems also open up many other design options that set no limits to your creativity. They also make entire functional areas disappear and can be brought out again if necessary. For example, you can accommodate a workplace in a large living room without losing the cozy atmosphere.

Space-saving solution for a workplace in the living room

Workplace in the living room integrated with a roller shutter system

Furniture roller shutters as a decorative element

Roller shutter system in a country kitchen in blue and white

The advantage of furniture roller shutters lies not only in their functionality and accessibility, but also in their extremely modern appearance. The furniture equipped with them acquire a very original, unique character, and the room in which they are located – a unique style. The furniture roller shutters are available in different shapes, textures and colors so that they fit seamlessly into any interior.

The roller blinds have a decorative and protective function

Cabinet roller shutter system in beige for modern kitchens with country house flair

The closet shutters can be selected according to the style of a particular room. Roller blinds in white or metallic tones are best for rooms with an industrial or modern style, while roller blinds with a wood look go perfectly with the rustic, country house or boho style. Roller blinds in matt black are a real statement and also go well with black fittings in the kitchen. The appearance of the furniture shutters can also be customized to match the color of the walls, furniture or the rest of the facility.

white furniture shutters in a modern kitchen

Furniture roller shutters are both an ideal storage option in small rooms and an interesting decorative accent. They make the interior much more functional and add additional aesthetic value to it. Take a look at the ideas in our gallery and see for yourself how versatile a roller shutter system is.


modern high-gloss kitchen in white with roller shutter cabinet

A locking system prevents the formation of dust and dirt

modern high-gloss kitchen with cooking island in marble look

The roller shutters are especially suitable for small work surfaces

Roller shutter in the small kitchen

Optimal use of space in the corner in the small kitchen

small kitchen with strappy back wall, gray worktop and wooden base units

High-quality roller shutters are characterized by their appearance, functionality and convenience

Furniture roller shutters in wood look go well with black and white in the modern kitchen

Good solution for a corner in the U-shaped kitchen

Furniture roller shutters in wood look for the modern kitchen

A wine rack also fits next to the roller shutter cabinet

Furniture shutters in black looks very modern

Colored roller shutters are also no problem

Furniture roller shutters in red combined with anthracite and white

The aluminum shutters are in harmony with the Inox kitchen appliances

Aluminum roller shutters in the kitchen go well with stainless steel appliances and gray countertops

Put together the right material, system and accessories

Aluminum roller shutters for kitchen cupboards

Order custom-made roller blinds for the kitchen

Make optimal use of a corner in the kitchen with roller shutters

Make optimal use of the corner next to the built-in oven

Clever use of a dead corner in the kitchen with the roller shutter system

Ideal for temporarily used areas

designed small workspace in a large kitchen

Good idea for a coffee station

Furniture shutters perfect for a coffee station in the kitchen

Coffee machines, kettles and the like disappear behind the roller shutter.

Roller shutter system for closets in the hallway

Also suitable for a house bar

Roller shutter system in brown for home bar

Practical and user-friendly storage space solution

Aluminum furniture shutters in a corner of the kitchen that is difficult to access

With this trick, the kitchen always looks tidy and clean

Furniture shutters can be opened vertically and save space

With a roller shutter solution you can avoid a conflict between the entrance door and the cabinet door

Roller shutter system for cupboard in the hallway behind the entrance door

So you don’t have to do without storage space in the kitchen island

Roller shutter system installed on a kitchen island

Modern black and white kitchen with a sink in front of the window

white kitchen with black worktop and sink in front of the window

A furniture roller shutter creates rooms that are difficult to access

white kitchen with black handles, wooden worktop and aluminum roller shutter system

Thanks to the furniture roller shutter, there is no conflict with the wall cabinets

narrow window in the kitchen and roller shutter system

The color of the tambour door harmonises wonderfully with the marble surfaces

white kitchen with marble island and rear wall with aluminum roller shutter cabinet

The perfect addition to the modern handleless kitchen

white high-gloss kitchen with handleless fronts and tambour door system

With a roller shutter system, the washing machine can also be placed in a niche in the bathroom

Roller shutter system to hide the washing machine in the bathroom

Furniture shutters are also used in the guest toilet

Roller shutter door for niches in the guest toilet or bathroom

A roller shutter cabinet is a storage space miracle for the balcony

Room-high roller shutter system as a cupboard on the balcony

Devices and other objects disappear behind the roller doors after use

Furniture shutters in the kitchen are useful

Clever solutions for designing storage space in the kitchen

Furniture roller shutters in the kitchen optimize storage space

The work surface in the kitchen is always free

Furniture shutters help in hard-to-reach corners in the kitchen

The roller shutter systems allow quick access and a good overview

all appliances and kitchen helpers disappear behind the shutters

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