Gastronomy furnishings and equipment: The cool design as the flagship of the restaurant!

The gastronomy scene has changed considerably in recent years and guests’ demands in terms of quality, health and sustainability are significantly higher than before. A good restaurant is no longer just a place to eat. People go there to relax, socialize and have a good time. Eating out is an experience and in addition to delicious dishes, the music, the atmosphere and the design also play an important role in the entire experience. No matter how good the location is or how exciting and innovative the menu is – only with the right catering equipment can you create a holistic feeling and a pleasant ambience for your customers. In order for your restaurant to stand out from the competition, in this article we will show you the latest gastronomy trends and innovations that you should know about.

Gastronomy equipment: Open restaurant kitchens are trendy

Gastronomy Design and equipment of the open kitchen in the restaurant

This year the restaurant kitchen will be the stage and open kitchens are one of the biggest trends in catering equipment and furnishings. Watching the chefs conjure up the most diverse culinary masterpieces is something special and the guests feel they are part of the cooking process. For many people it is important to get an idea of ​​the hygiene and the ingredients used and an open restaurant kitchen is the perfect way to take a look behind the scenes. But so that this can become part of the decor, there are a few things to consider. Dirty dishes, dirty pots and inferior pans do not remain hidden in the open kitchen design and for this reason it is advisable to invest in professional kitchen equipment. Whether refrigerators, dishwashers or glasses and plates – the wholesale for catering supplies meanwhile offers a wide range of high quality products that you need for your restaurant.

Consider a “take-away” corner

Restaurant interior decorating trends Gastronomy decorating restaurant furniture

In the dynamic and stressful everyday life, we unfortunately do not always have the time to visit a restaurant, so we opt for home delivery. According to a survey, 31 percent of people use different delivery services at least twice a week and 65 percent of respondents said that they would visit a restaurant more often if it had a self-ordering kiosk or a cozy pick-up corner. In order to increase efficiency and customers, it would make sense to divide the catering facility and equipment of your restaurant into two parts – one for the guests who eat in the house and one for deliveries and collections.

The restaurants turn green

Gastronomy furnishings and equipment restaurant interior design Greenery Trend

The growing popularity of healthy eating and a wide variety of superfoods has resulted in people becoming more interested in products and foods that are good for the soul and the body. The use of plants, fresh herbs and spices as part of catering furnishings and fittings is a new trend that is enjoying growing interest. If you have an outdoor seating area, why not start growing vegetables for example? This not only creates a relationship of trust with the guests, but also gives the room a touch of liveliness.

Mix & Match furniture creates a cozy and pleasant atmosphere

Mix and match interior design gastronomy furnishing trends

The mix-and-match style has become a real favorite in home decor in recent years. It is therefore not surprising that the trend has also found its way into the catering industry. Furniture and decorations in different styles are combined to achieve an exciting and modern design. In order to create a uniform overall picture, you should stick to a specific color scheme. The pleasant ambience conveys a “welcome home” feeling that your guests will love.

Restaurant interior design trends wholesale catering supplies

Deep red tones, golden orange and yellow nuances are becoming more and more popular in catering equipment and furnishings. They appear friendly and welcoming and help guests relax. In fact, warmer colors have been shown to increase heart rate and stimulate appetite, which in turn increases the likelihood of more orders in your restaurant.

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