Cool Tattoos - an interview with the tattoo artist Neli Dubarova from Bulgaria!

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About 30% of the 25- to 35-year-olds in Germany are tattooed. These trends surprise us all over again with new and many cool tattoos, designs and designs to conquer social media. But who else looks the whole way from the other side? Who embodies this work as a tattooist, was it their particular beauty and beauty and why do you have to fight constantly? The answers to these and many other questions we get from the young tattooist Neli Dubarova from Burgas, Bulgaria.

Cool Tattoos - tattooed by Neli Dubarova to tell us more

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Neli Dubarova is only 30 years old and is one of the best after-school tattoo artists in Bulgaria. Get a glimpse of your wonderful artwork on your Facebook page and convince yourself of the young lady's talent!

Hello Neli! How long are you already a tattooist and who did you come to - was it inspired?

  • I have always looked for tattoos and am interested in cool tattoos and the latest trends, but I have never, ever believed that I could earn my living. I started training in the year 2014. I really wanted to learn it already, but my self-esteem was down to nothing - it's a thing to draw on a sheet of paper and a full other on someone's skin. The thing that inspired me was the drawing - it is my greatest passion and profession.

Tattooers still count as a kind of men's profession. Do you find it difficult to put yourself through as a woman?

  • No, I don't believe it. When one has talent, gender does not play a role.

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Is there any particular motive you prefer? If yes - what and why?

  • I love tattoos in the so-called Realistic Style and they have gained a lot of popularity and popularity in the last few years. Various motifs of animals also stand out very much and they belong to me as well as the cool tattoos, because they are very detailed. But most of all, I wish I could get better in the field of portrait tattoos.

What are the latest tattoo trends and motifs in recent times?

  • Specifically, these are Japanese-style tattoos - they never come out of fashion. More and more people are also stealing various animal motifs or quotes from the Bible.

A look behind the scenes in the tattoo world

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Have you changed tattooing techniques for the last year?

  • Just as in any area, new and emerging markets are also coming to the market - as well as the ink colors, as well as the tattoo machines, and they have to stay on the run.

Was that the first tattoo you ever had in your life?

  • Unfortunately, writing and the results were not very satisfactory. But you learn from their mistakes.

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Are there any tattoos that you refuse to put on? If yes - why?

  • Yes, please. Most tattooists specialize in certain things and styles. If I am not 100% sure whether I can fulfill our customer's wishes, I can always recommend them to a colleague instead of disappointing them in the end. As the tattoo trends continue to evolve, one has to stay on the run and the customer satisfaction comes to me in the first place. Besides, I don't have any tattoos on my face.

What is the craziest tattoo you ever had to put on?

  • Honestly, for me, no motive is peculiar or absurd - ultimately, each person has their own taste. On the contrary - I find it expensive, if I want unusual and cool tattoos!

Further interesting questions

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Were you in your profession?

  • Just everything! Every day is different, I always get to know new people. The confidence in me and the proximity to the most diverse people make this job so unique and wonderful to me.

What was the craziest thing you did during a session?

  • As far as I am concerned, it has never happened to many people. Once there was a power outage and the customer's tattoo was still not half finished, but as long as it can pass. Another customer came in during the session - no idea who he was working on. Apparently he had dreamed of it very uphill, because he had easily sucked my hand and struck me. Then we laughed together together.

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Is Gibt es Tattoo Artist inspiring you? Which and why?

  • Natürlich! The world is full of tragic tattooists who inspire me and interest me for their work. These are all people who have set all the new trends in motion and designed many cool tattoos. Here, too, in my hometown, there are many artists who can fascinate and learn from those I can only learn.

Which are the most popular bodies for a tattoo?

  • No exact answer to the question can be provided - it is very different and depends on many factors. Many customers want for professional or personal reasons that they can hide their tattoos. But maybe the backs and the poor.

Also tattoo older people and are there tattoo trends in anyone else's?

  • Yes, people come to me at absolutely any age. Women always choose small and delicate designs, while most men steal large works of art.

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Did you believe - in the last time, tattooing more women than men?

  • I do not know the exact fact that women over the years have become much more courageous and have no fear of the needle.

Earlier, all people with tattoos became victims of certain prejudices. Has that changed since then?

  • Yes, I already believe. Although there are still people of the old generation, those who find tattoos unacceptable and rebellious.

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You've already worked in Hamburg. Tell us a little more about it - why did you like it? Are those customers different than in Bulgaria?

  • The discipline and the correctness of the German is already remarkable and fascinating. A small difference between the customers and their desires in relation to the motive already exists - but if the trends in the different countries are different, I find that perfectly normal. Dort also had many interesting projects for cool tattoos, which were a real challenge for me.

In Germany, more tattoo festivals and conventions are held every year. Have you already taken part in some davon?

  • Until now I have worked at a couple of Tattoo Festivals, but I have never been awarded a prize. We still lack the courage and believe I am not already. Maybe 2-3 years later;].

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