Combine Concrete, Tiles and Hols: A modern living in India

Concrete flies Holz Wohnzimmer puristically end up dwelling pages

Tradition is on modern in Ahmedabad, India. A twin room is completely renovated and transforms an oasis in the middle of the city. The open Bauplan, the functional unit and the sophisticated color palette allow for a comfortable living space limited to living space. The Material combination combines the rustic charm of the apartments. Concrete, flakes and hollows are easy to cover as wall coverings or wall coverings. The Saransh architectures are based on sounds, niches and echoes in scenes, and with the chosen materials, the air-character of the dwelling is better suited to light. To clear and explain one virtual round, you can transform the ideas into those four turnovers.

Combine concrete, tile and hollow and create a home with loft character

Concrete flanges Holz Wohnzimmer gray finishes

The small apartment with 67 square meters of living space was originally divided into several smaller rooms. The architects have been closing in on monkeys, who sit inside and over to the interior of the Badezimmer-Tür. On this point, a more comfortable, light-flooded living space is created, where the chalet, the Essplatz and the Wohnzimmer are decorated. The architects wanted to unravel the lonesome visual visual inland, and at the same time create a virtually undisturbed distance between the various sons. To this end, they have resolved to embarrass a very happy new bidder. In flur and in the kitchen, special attention is paid. The bedding layer is very comfortable, it can easily be cleaned more often in the roof and you do not have to worry about being covered in wood. In Wohnzimmer, matted flies put Farbakzente, one of the Leseecke offers a spare bid for relaxation.

Concrete, Fliesen and Holz as Akzente im Interior

Concrete Flies Holz geometric Muster Kaffeetic Wohna accessories

For example, the combination of materials, which on the bottom of the window does not fit together, compels the journey of the purist air-space. The concrete booths bring a purist Note ins interior, which flies - a cabin exotic and the warm Holzfarbe attracts the purist dwelling image. In the end effect, there is an eclectic arrangement that works surprisingly harmoniously.

Concrete flies Holz Buchregal Room tile modern art Topfpflanzen

This harmonious purist image is made better by the furniture. In the window, the concrete tile can be reshuffled, the screen and wall rails from Mass Hollow and the wall of the paper wall are mitigated with marble tiles.

Tilting Hollow Kitchen Touchscreen Concrete Workbench Tilting Mirror

The upcoming Essplatz, which includes a non-existent esque with marble-flat and Japanese Zaisu - Bodenstühle, features a charming Sitzgroup, serving as Übergang between Essen and Reading. The mixed reading box with more Sitzpuffs and a tag set offers excellent possibilities for the entire family. Enjoyment can be used for guest needs as a guest room.

Concrete Flies Holz Essplaty offered in India Residence

Concrete Flanges Holz Bodenbelag Create Idea Exit

The whole of Holz's booklet can be separated from the Essplatz by necessity, a Holz and Glass control system also serves as a space trailer. They are thought to be frugal. More of the well-known Sitzpuffs and the minimalist bag set will not find any other furniture. A futuristic pendulum light brings nicely modern modern touches and, on the other hand, brings a retro-touch interior.

Concrete Fliesen Holz Holzwand Puffs Sitzkissen Wohnzimmer exotic finishes

The Demmbeton and the Massive Waves of the House are seen, minimalist look. Both of these materials do not cope with any appealing optics, even with some angry haptics. Fitted inside If it provides concrete for enclosing and accommodating summer days and its polished surfaces are extremely attractive.

Concrete flies of hollow stripes of concrete design idea

The Boden-belgium has become one of the most important architectural elements in modern architecture. The concrete concrete booths present puristically in Grau, a neutral Farbe, which shrinks Ruhe. In contrast, the workshops work warmly and work out a friendly ambient.

Concrete flanges Holz hohe Decke niedriger Betonisch

A polished concrete concrete booth is provided by the comfortable living area to the slab. Only the privately-held occupant has no tur. On this point, the architects even wanted to show the loft character of the living space.

Modern, minimalist, and exotic and careless, it says the small Loft living in India. The Material Combination reads extraordinarily bright and cozy works.

Concrete flies Holz Stühle Esstical Pendulum lights

Concrete flanges Holz Treppe Living space more Ebenen

The slab bedroom works with the blue bathing linings and the gel-light orange wallfares are particularly maritime. The slope ready becomes sparse again. A Doppelbett mit Holzrahmen, a smaller beistelltisch and several topfansflannen round the Wohnprogramm ab.

Concrete flies Holz Flur Schlafzimmer Essplatz Holwand

Concrete Flies Holz Schlafzimmer India Residence

Concrete flanges Holz Wohnzimmer finishes Designer Sessel

Concrete flanges and hollow combined flur shapes ideas concrete underneath

Concrete Flies Holz Flur modern minimalist shapes

Concrete flakes of hollow blue pattern Sand-colored wall Hollow-wood

Concrete Flies Holz modern rectangular decors Flannzen Boden Muster

Concrete Flanged Holes and Trees Loft Apartment India

Concrete Flies Holz Mirror Wall

Concrete Flies Holz Upholstery Wall Pictures Idea

Tiles and holes combine slatted beams with blue concrete

Concrete airborne hollow air home ideas

Concrete flaps and hollow combining slatted floor

Concrete flanges and hollow combine Eingang Bauplan

Concrete Flies and Holz combine Bauplan Grundriss

Concrete flies Holz Bauplan Aussicht oben

A project by Saransh Architects.

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