40 Ideas for the Jelly Party - super JGA idea for the party

Your partner has finally teased and bitten your hand! An unforgettable moment, of them you still need to be. If you ask for the large number of people your families and friends can afford, and proudly present the functional ring and the finger. Oh yeah, yeah, so many things go forth! Stir in the rings, and as a retreat and in the latter side of the church, you straddle the whole celebratory party with your party: your jungle party! We ask you 40 Ideas for the jealousy vor. Unter unseren JGA Idea do you find Outfits, DIY Deko and party games. Viel Spaß!

40 ideas for the sword hunt - great JGA idea for the party

Ideas for the jealousy - Ring-Deko

Having a fun and simple idea is happy to include these entries too! Naturally, the ring of rings plays a Riesenrolle at Antrag. Cut diamonds from each bastard card and insert into donuts. Then slip paper stitches to a chain. In a few strips before Schlitze machen, in which then the diamonds were stung. A large variety with extra large diamonds is melted and forty is the cover.

Idea for the jargon - ring-deco

Fruity Outfits for the Paralympics

Jungjesellinnenabschied Outfit gesucht? Then say it right here! Who are these really exotic exits? Bunt Kleider combines with appealing fashion with a fruity headgear and can party that party! Fasten and tie plastic headers and flowers to one hair clip.

Fruity Outfits for the Junglosellinenabschied

JGA Party with Barbie Motto

You find Pink ever made and Barbie was your favorite game? Then shape it JGA Party completely in style of fashion pupper! Print the Barbie Logo on the Maps, Cut Out the Menu Bar to Barbies Profile. Poor counter and napkins, color-matched décor elements and natural skin cushions belong to this party stand.

JGA Party with Barbie Motto


Loads for the party party

Naturally kind of your moms, if you finished your silence with one straight card! A warm bracelet as a gift to load is a great idea and then creates a suitable accessory. At the straps of the wristband one should make a home-owned experience when the band travels.

As a result, all guest dates can be tagged, so save the date maps to save. Here's the idea. 40 Wonderful Save the Date Maps Ideas for Home Wedding

Batch Party Downloads

Jungselellinschschied Deko mit Luchtbalons

Do you still need a complete photo interface for your future browsing on the party? Then you can see a wall with balloons! Short air balloons are a nice idea, if you had the motto to have the party in the background. Tie air balloons into stubs and hang them over.

Junggesellinnenabschied Deko mit Luftballons

Ideas for the jellyfish party - Picnic

There JGA must not ever be celebrated in a single club! Who would be stunned with a matched picnic? Covers and cushions for Sitzen, cherries on the table, flower crowns in her and endless conversations with her friends - so can his JGA Party were celebrated!

Idea for the jargon - Picnic

JGA Schnitzeljagd

Write a Schnitzel hunting list! Photograph the list of things with the smartphone. Where the girls have found things, wins!

  • find a man with the name of the brigade
  • Photo with a police officer
  • on a tray
  • one type with you muscles questions, whether or not you are anxious
  • the Barkeeper kisses
  • Selfie with a group of 5+ young
  • you have a free drink
  • etc.

JGA Schnitzeljagd


Tattoos for folding - Ideas for the jellyfish

Appropriate tattoos for bread and friends are a favorite idea! The tattoo sticker will then be washed in the next morning.

First of all, naturally, those Hochzeits guests were once charged. High speed charts are the only thing that stands out! We also collected some of the Bastideids for high-speed uploads. High-speed uploads only formatted - 40 ideas for high-speed charts made entirely

Tattoos for folding - Idea for the jargon

Disclaimer with real bleeds

Eiswürfel mit essbaren blüten sehen super super! They bleed into large elliptical molds, filled with water and set a night in the hot tub. Bleeds, which have been hardened, are among others Roses, Stiefmütterchen, Veilchen, Gänseblümchen, Löwenzahn and Holunderblüten.

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