10 Fall Winter 2020/21 fashion trends that every fashionista needs now!

Even though we’ve already done more than half of the year, some fashion surprises are still to come. Discover 10 of the autumn-winter 2020/21 fashion trends that you can easily try out and combine. These include, for example, the women’s suit in pop color, the all-over leather look, beige and brown tones, wide-cut trousers and much more!

10 fashion trends you need to try this season

fall winter fashion 2020: 21 trends for women

As you know, Fashion Week is not just an opportunity for designers to showcase their work. They set the tone in the fashion world and set the trends for the season in terms of colors, styles and trendy accessories. What is presented on the runway scene also comes onto the market later. So it’s time to clean out your closet and make room for some new items!

1. The pop suit

Fashion trends autumn winter 2020: 21 - the pop suit

Goodbye to the boring standard office outfit! With a pantsuit in pop colors you will be an eye-catcher in the office! This season, women’s suits are now worn in colors like blue, red, green, and yellow. Find the shade that best suits your skin type. The pop pantsuit is also available in very different versions so that it can be styled chic, sporty or elegant. With funky high heels and a chic clutch you will definitely stand out from the crowd.

2. Brown trench coat made of synthetic leather

fashion autumn winter 2020 ladies leather coat in brown

The trench coat, which is indispensable for rainy days, is celebrating a comeback in autumn 2020 in a version made of PU leather and in the color brown! Combine the trendy autumn coat with figure-hugging trousers or a mini skirt in black, gray, khaki or blue.

3. Ton in Ton Outfit in Beige

fashion for autumn 2020 beige trend color

The beige color family is one of the autumn-winter 2020/21 fashion trends! How can you properly style a tone-on-tone outfit? So that the monochrome uniform look does not look boring, pay attention to a nice mix of nice materials. For example, combine silk with knitwear or wool with leather and create exciting contrasts! In the fall winter season, there are numerous options for beautiful layering looks in a color family that you can try.

4. Wide-cut trousers tucked into military boots

fashion 2020 autumn winter pants tucked into ankle boots

The fashion of the 80s and 90s has been dominating for several seasons and this is also noticeable in the autumn-winter 2020/21 fashion trends. Wide leg pants are now tucked into military boots. This gives every outfit a subtle punk note.

5. Light blue and cognac brown

fashion 2020 2021 autumn winter wide pants outfit in brown and blue

Cognac brown is perfect for autumn because it also conveys a cozy warmth visually. As a contrast, light blue is a popular choice. So this season you can spice up a brown trouser suit with a small blue pocket or wear blue, wide-cut trousers with cognac brown ankle boots.

6. Yellow maxi-length coats

fashion novelties autumn 2020 trend color ocher

Long maxi coats have skyrocketed on the trend barometer in recent years and will again be an indispensable must-have in the wardrobe in autumn winter 2020/21. To counteract winter blues, you should definitely buy a model in ocher yellow. In combination with a white turtleneck and animal print boots, the yellow coat not only causes a stir, but also drives away any bad mood.

7. Cremefarbene Slouchy Boots

fashion autumn winter 2020 plain colors and slouchy boots

Slouch boots is the name of the new trend at the top of autumn-winter fashion 2020/21 and is so called because of their topped shaft. They look casual and elegant at the same time and can wonderfully complement any autumn or winter outfit. The color also conveys a touch of 90s flair: white, ecru or cream. The slouch boots can be combined with skinny jeans or short skirts and dresses.

8. Tigermotive

mode herbst winter 2020 tigermuster

Every season there is a new animal print that is growing in popularity. This time around, the tiger pattern offers an excellent way to make your outftits wild and eye-catching. The combination of black and warm brown goes perfectly with the autumn mood and doesn’t look too overloaded. Blue jeans can also wonderfully highlight tiger stripes.

9. Soft cluch bags in bright colors

new fashion autumn winter 2020

From Bottega Veneta to Miu Miu, there are many designers who have featured these soft handheld bags in their fall-winter collections. These are perfect as colorful eye-catchers for a rather monochrome outfit. For maximum effect, you should of course wear this chic accessory under your arm.

10. Thick link chain in combination with hoop earrings

fall 2020 fashion and jewelry combinations

Sometimes it can be a little more! That is why link chains and hoop earrings are among the jewelry trends for 2020! There is a special eye-catching effect when thick chains are combined into turtleneck sweaters. Hoops, on the other hand, are a timelessly beautiful piece of jewelry and simply go with any outfit. The diameter of the earrings is important. Large hoop earrings can create a very nice contrast to very short hair, while small hoop earrings sparkle nicely in front of long, open hair.

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