Early detection of blood poisoning: A part of the sepsis cases in Germany are misdiagnosed

Avoid blood poisoning early detection of emergency

Coughing, fever and limb pain: Background flu-like symptoms could hide some sepsis. More than 70,000 people die annually in a blood poisoning, which is more than those colon cancer deaths. The dangerous disease reads difficult to diagnose at the beginning. The reason: They often hide from other diseases, such as pneumonia. The timely treatment is highly decisive, the sooner the drugs in question are administered, the greater the chances of survival. It is important, therefore, to recognize blood poisoning early.

Recognize blood poisoning early: Who can trigger the disease?

For a successful sepsis treatment, early recognition plays a crucial role. Often, those affected have no idea that they could be dealing with a blood poisoning. In a large part of the sepsis cases, the life-threatening disease is triggered by bacteria. You went through small wounds in the blood. In England, the media reported, for example, about a young woman and a little girl who tried new shoes barefoot and put them on.

Recognize blood poisoning early: Diagnosis and treatment

Nurse tending patient in intensive care

The earliest symptoms of sepsis can also lead to confusion among household physicians: fever, high pulse and sweating are typical of a blood poisoning. The patient is also often confused and sleepy. If there is any doubt that it was possible to deal with the ill-health, the person concerned will be treated as an emergency. Blood tests can provide more information and facilitate the diagnosis. Those who have been prescribed antibiotics in the earliest hours have an average survival rate and can prevent complications. However, even if the physician correctly interprets the symptoms, the patient may die. Resistant bacteria do not, for example, treat certain antibiotics.

Certain contraceptive measures can offer some protection against a blood poisoning.

  • Never try new footwear barefoot. Treat bubbles and small wounds in a timely manner.
  • If you suddenly have high pulse, fever and severe pain, then a visit to the doctor or the emergency station is necessary. Should you have any open wounds, inform your physician.
  • Medicines treat the disease with strong antibiotics. Have no fear of the drugs, they can protect them from a septic shock and save their lives.
  • It gives a pneumococcal vaccine. Grandchildren were then vaccinated and in this way effectively protected from the dangerous bacteria. Those pneumococci count for the most common triggers of sepsis. Even adults can get vaccinated.

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