Types of ports and suns: Observe the light protection factor in your home type

Main types and suns are more important

The sun does not improve the mood, because it is very much for the health. Moderate sunbeds stimulate the production of Vitamin D, which is invisible to healthy kneading and health and improves the mood. Even more beautiful, sunscreen makes even optical slimmer and attractive. Neither way, any respite responds to solar radiation. While the beautiful Bronze-Tone is still in its infancy, the strong sun can cause others to rotate skin, pigmentation, an allergic reaction or a heavy sunburn. To avoid these problems, it is reassuring to measure your head type and to match the light protection factor.

Type 3 ebenmäßigen Teint come in

Our teams (including hair dye, iris, nose form and other brand-new looks) were challenged by the environment and the genes. As regards the changing environmental conditions, the human body moves over hundreds of years. The most successful mutations were fixed and inherited. Provide similar living space conditions to similar adaptation mechanisms.

Since the intensities of UV-Strahlen in the equator zone and in the mountains is higher, more people from these places have a clearer skin. The migration and hedging of varieties across multiple generations has led to a greater fall in the size of the main islands.

various main types of fish patch of 1 to 6 sun protection factor determines

In 1975, American Dermatologist Thomas Fitzpatrick developed a scale of the main types. They disintegrate unterminar in the melanin level, which is the Hautton bone solution. Melanin is a pigment that protects the human skin from UV rays. Everybody type responds to ultraviolet radiation. The same (or zero) type may be seen as a significant deficiency and pigmentation - albinism. In Albinos, Melanin is produced by no means at all and can not protect our ultraviolet radiation. This Pathology manifested itself in a variety of nations with subterranean frequencies in ranges of 1: 20,000 to 1: 145. Albinos provided real protection, if the tag was in free mind. A separate Ansatz requires the effect of ultraviolet radiation on children. This theme deserves a healthier activity.

Type 2 Nordic Healing Skin Sun protection cream

Was ultraviolet radiation? This is turbulent electromagnetic radiation. These are long ultra-violet waves - visible and light X-rays. You still find Wellenlänge various types of UV-Strahlen, which are subterranean in UVA, UVB and UVC.

UVA - Ultraviolet with the longest Wellen (315-400 nm). The UVA radiation crosses solid unbalanced ozone layer and controls melanin production (and then sunburn fire).

UVB - These are ultra-violet rays of a cross-section (280-315 nm). They were not absorbed by the ozone layer. They are the ones who harm us. They end up in those late hills, enduring collagen phases and obtaining the production of abnormal elastin. It allows for enlargement of the skin, training of fall and field. Pigment specks on, facial compacts, cured patches. At the end, they can hurt Krebs.

Which types of hatches do you give?

Different types of heads in view of hell

The Fitzpatrick scale scales the skin into six types. It also determines the sewing time, which can be consumed by hackers in the sunsets. These are naturally-customized habits: enabling the seperate time spent in the sun to get rid of other factors becoming obscure - this intensified the ultraviolet radiation (in the past, it is more difficult to control). Generally, you can find the recommendations of the following table, as well as protect the effects of UVB radiation.

6 Types of logs were often time spent in the sun

Main Type I
Hautfarbe: sehr hell, hellrosa, ivory-colored, spleen white. Summer cross: often. Hair: rotten, blond, sehr hellblonde. Eyes: blue, green, hellgrau, seven rare hellbraun. Sunburn: always strong. Secure time in the sun - up to 10 minutes.

Type II
Hautfarbe: hell, Pfirsichunterton. Summer cross: manchmal. Hair: Root, Braun, Gold, all Blondes. Eyes: blue, green, gray, brown. Sonnenbrand: In the most popular Fällen schwer. Secure time in the sun - up to 15 minutes.

Type III
Hautfarbe: hellbraun, hellbeige, olivfarbene Haut. Summer crosses: sehr selten. Hair: dark blonde, chestnut bun. Eyes: blue, green, gray, brown. Sonnenbrand: manchmal mittelschwer. Secure time in the sun - up to 20 minutes.

Main type 2 nordic type blonde hair sun protection

Type IV
Hautfarbe: dark bream, hellbraun, oliv, gelblich, hellbronze. Summer cross: keine. Hair: dark brown, black. Eyes: black, brown, rare gray, rare green, six rare blue. Sunburn: rare and not strong. Secure time in the sun - up to 30 minutes.

Main type V
Hautfarbe: sehr dunkel, bronze, gelb, gelbbraun, rattlich. Summer cross: keine. Hair: dark brown, black. Eyes: black, brown, seven rare greens, one six green. Sunburn: six seal and not strong. Secure Time in the Sun - 50 Minutes or More

Type VI
Hautfarbe: dark - by dark brown to firm black. Summer cross: keine. Hair: black. Eyes: black, brown, seven rare greens, one six green. Sonnenbrand: come practically cousin spring. Secure Time In The Sun - A Time Or More.

Adapt sunscreen cream to the root type

When you delete, you would have been able to say something more in the sun. We have never had the opportunity to limit the time in the sun. Based on our very rapid livelihood, the degree of exposure to skin-producing ultraviolet radiation can always be appreciated. They can shoot our UVB radiation, if you use some sun protection creams with light protection factor:

  • Minimum 15 SPF in every day for types I and II
  • Nothing more like 4-6 SPF in Alltag for III and IV types
  • at least 50 SPF in the all-in and at longer exposures in the fresh air for types I and II
  • at least 30 SPF in the all-in and at longer exposition in the fresh air for III and IV types

Do not mention in the choice of light protection factor your Hautfarbe, other than the land, were being built into it. If you are unable to separate, put on a sun protection message with a higher light protection factor.

Celtic Type 1 and Sun Light Protection Factor 50 SPF

Was it still protecting our skin - beyond the well-known products with a light protection factor? Either way, banal - it is dressing, sunglasses, shields, natural fabric covers - flags, cocks (that is, up to 7 SPF) and specially reshaped mischief (up to 40 SPF). Also a designated source of livelihood, the right and antioxidant mind. These are one more important factor on cell carriages by preventing free radicals and reducing alternatives.

What types of huts do I have? Test

Celtic type 1 many summer grooves and halibut

You can do this test, to find out your main types, add the bullet point for your answered questions. In the end, one scales, which for the last six types of skin, is a target. You can quickly and easily fix, if any types you have.

Genetic marker painting

Your Augenfarbe is:
Hellblau, Hellgrau or Hellgrün = 0
Blue, Gray or Green = 1
Hasel or Hellbraun = 2
Dark brown = 3
Braunschwarz = 4

Your natural hair color is:
Rot or Hellblond = 0
Blonde = 1
Dark Blonde or Hellbraun = 2
Dark brown = 3
Black = 4

Your natural Hautfarbe (our solar infrared) is:
Ivory = 0
Hell or blass = 1
Hell to beige, with goldenem Unterton = 2
Oliv oder Hellbraun = 3
Dark brown or black = 4

Who many summer crosses have they exposed to your skin?
Files = 0
More = 1
Single = 2
Sehr wenige = 3
Only 4

Response to solar radiation

Who often hates you in Sonnenbrand?
Always = 0
Often = 1
Size = 2
Celts, if at all = 3
Niemals = 4

Do you want your skin?
Niemals = 0
Celts = 1
Manchmal = 2
Often = 3
Always = 4

Who did you eat?
Gar nicht oder sehr wenig = 0
Empty = 1
Size = 2
Tief = 3
My skin is dark in nature = 4

Who is sensitive to your face for the sun?
Very empfindlich = 0
empfindlich = 1
normal = 2
persistent = 3
hard to resist / hate no problem = 4

Simply add the points you have in the questions and look for answers.

0 - 7 points -> Celtic type
8 - 16 Points -> II nordischer Typ
17 - 25 Points -> III Minter Type
25 - 30 Points -> IV mediterranes
about 30 points -> V - VI dunkelhäutiger Type

Also, if you want to have a wonderfully radiant bronze-complexion, it is reassuring to ignore the theme of sun protection. The excessive exposure to UV radiation can also re-transform skin diseases and alter the alternative.

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