Farbenfrohe Jelly Nails - so slow to the new Nail Trend in 2019!

Jelly Nails Nail in Almond Shape Long Neon Pink Nail Polish Nail Design Schmetterling Summer

The 90s This year, this year is two-wheeled in full corridors and has conquered some fashion world. Von auffälligen Hair Accessories for the voluminous arm to the airy Wickelkidern is completely on the Retro Style. The late nail trend for the summer is Jelly Nails and recalls a bunch of the cultic transparent bathing sandals of the 80s, who had so eagerly worn each other in childhood. The special in this Nail design is the transparency nail tips, which make your handmade guarantee for any Hingucker. Regardless of whether a bright Neon Color, with glitter or casual nail boots - with Jelly Nails, the mood comes very smoothly! If you want to look for something new and up-to-date manicures and the new, conceived trend like trying out, read out and inspire more of our image gallery!

Jelly Nails is perfect for summer

Jelly Nails selber machen Neonfarben Orange Nail Polish Summer Nail Design

After the interesting Spider Gel Nails and the elegant baby boomers, this year, in the social media, a new beauty trend has been discovered. The transparent capability provides for an expert look, including the name Jelly Nails. Clever Neon Colors, many glittering details and various shapes - most likely the Jelly Nails are not sacked. But if you want to meet and meet creative creations, then you will fall into the nail design! Transparent and simple bundles - it is no wonder that many stars on the other side of the Atlantic total mind the trend.

The trendy Jelly Nails are in Hause machen

Jelly Nails order online KunstNägel Neongelb Nail Polish Glitzer Nail Trends Summer

For the trendy Jelly Nails mind leader always artificial nail is useful. To get the transparencies and bundles look like in Hause, you need the so-called tips that were tied to that nature. When you have made a gel Maniküre, you know the real abundance - a tip is actually the base plate, which is clipped onto the nail and then covered with gel. This step, however, falls into the new all-encompassing way - these tips remain easily visible and thus ensures the unique wow effect. When looking at this natural nail through the transparencies of their minds, they should be made very careful and durable. Therefore, if you have no handsome hands, please remember to keep the nail in a nail studio.

Jelly Nails selber machen Stiletto Nägel sky blue Nail polish Summer Nail trends

Do you have any time and desire, 2 hours in a nail studio? Then there are some good news for you - Jelly Nails can also easily be made in Hause!

  1. The earliest variant, which is also the fastest and easiest, can order directly online bundle of nail tips and then close it to your neck. Some of them had a lot of work and time, and in summer it was still possible to say much about it.
  2. Those who, among them, who make the Näge themselves in Hause, were required to follow:
  • Transparent Nail Tips
  • Farbiger Top Coat
  • If you have some neat top coats, you can wear one transparency and one with a few tropics can miss normal nail polish.

Make Jelly Nails Independent - Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Jelly Nails is a very easy to use

  • As a replacement, you will need the artificial nail tips on your neck. Bringing these into the desired form - especially beautiful and casual - Jelly Nails either in the almond or in the stiletto form. The length of the artificial tip must ignite the one's own cross, so that the cool transparent look can come straight to geltung.
  • Now you can still add your nail to the top top coat and pull welding. The award is wonderful, unhelpful and colorful Jelly Nails!
  • If you want to try the fashion trends, make sure you meet natural settings, then simply put one of the top coats in hand and try to do this more.

Elegant Jelly Nails property for every Anlass

Jelly Nails is a real nail trend Summer elegant Nagdelko Strasssteine

Standing close and not so enjoyable, these delicate elegant Jelly Nails are right for you. The small Strasssteine ​​like Nageldeko make this minimalist Nail design to a very unattractive Hingucker. This Look fits reproductive to any outfit and is so suited to the office.

Kunterbunte Jelly Nails in Neonfarben

Jelly Nails selber machen Nail design Purple Nail polish Nageldeko Summer Fashion trends

The bright neonfares also belong to the most popular fashion trends this year, and so are just summer. Wastes and warms up those Jelly Nails in the warm months, handled for fun.

Jelly Nails Stiletto Nail Long Root Nail Polish Nail Trends Summer Nail Design

There are no classics and glamorous ones as beautiful, rock-like nails. You are gone, did not come out of fashion and simply wandered out. Long, straight Jelly Nails connect the classic with the cool transparent look and temptation of their hands to a particular look. Regardless of whether you are looking for a comfortable fit or elegant for fixing, this design is totally up to date. A combination with elegant and filigree accessories, Ihr Outfit is completely seamless.

Rainbow Jelly Nails is one of them Hingucker

Jelly Nails kurz Neonfarben Nail Polish Rainbow Nägel Summer Anleitung Nail trends

Can you distinguish for a particular color and play with different nail polish nuances? Then their colorful Jelly Nails in Rainbow Look can still tell your story. Each Nail glitters to another Neonfarbe and the cool summer mood is easily programmed with this Nail design.

Fuzzy Jelly Nails for a Glamorous Look

Jelly Nails Neonfarb Neonpink Nail Polish Strassstein Nageldeko Summer Fashion trends

Dass Diamonds which are the best friends of women, also prove this nail model. These kinds of, funky, rhinestones, a combination with smooth neon-pink, make your hands on an eye-catching eyecatcher. If you need them more and more, you can paint your neck in pastel nuances. Whichever variant you choose - it is so or so one stylistic trend for the festive evening event.

Jelly Nails Nail Trend Neon Color Rainbow Nail Summer

These wasted variants of the Rainbow Jelly Nails are absolutely stunning. When the Nail Tips are transparent, the Neonfarbs capture the light and look subtle and gentle.

Extravagant Jelly Nails in Stiletto Nail Form

Jelly Nails Stiletto Nail Shape Neon Color Neon Gel Nail Polishes Summer Fashion Trends

You are eager to celebrate! Glintless, Nägel in Stiletto Nail form is super glamorous and extravagant. Since no one has nature from completely transparent nail, these Jelly Nails are one of them. Still, Stiletto Nägel is totally in trend, they are also very practical. It can make Spaß, the night-time design for a music festival or for a long night-night rehearsal, monkeys for the public can be seen and inconvenient. This Look is for those mutated women, who like to see the work on them.

Jelly Nails selber machen Acrylic Nägel hellblau Nail polish Nageldeko Fingertattoo Idea

Take a look at this look with suit wonders, turquoise legs Jelly Nails. The lively Farbton is perfect for your summer fun and a combination with a few gemstones or glitter looks like a surprising gut.

Jelly Nails kurz Kunstnägel order Neongelb Nail Polish Nail Trends Summer

Even if long nails do not appeal to your taste, you will find the longest way to try out the new nail-necking cousin. Regardless of whether or not a soft-billed or bumpy rot-like jelly nails look good and quiet!

Jelly Nails selber machen Nail Studio Blau Pink Nail Polish Nail Trends Summer

Jelly Nails selber machen AcrylicNail Nail Recliner Nail Polish Nail Design easy

Jelly Nails Self-Wearing Nail Polish Black Transparent Nail Polish Nail Trends Summer

Jelly Nails Neonfarben Nail Trends Nail Piercing Nail Polish Rhinestone Stones

Jelly Nails Nail Trends Summer Nail Piercing Nail Shoe Neon Nail Polish Summer

Jelly Nails Nail Trends Summer Neon Color Neon Gel Nail Polish Nail Polish

Jelly Nails Nail Trends Summer Nail Design Obst Nageldeko Easy

Jelly Nails Nail Trends Summer Stiletto Nail Shape Glitzer Nail Polish Nail Design

Jelly Nails Nail Trend Stiletto Nail Nail Design Matt Nail Polish Black

Jelly Nails Nail Trend Stiletto Nail Shape Neon Nail Polish Fashion Trends Summer

Jelly Nails Nail Trend Nail Design Summer Root Nail Polish Summer Nail in Almond Shape

Jelly Nails Nail Trend Summer Neon Nail Polish Glitzer

Jelly Nails Nail Polish Nail Polish Nail Design Summer Pink

Jelly Nails Nail Foil Gold Nail Polish Summer Stiletto Nail Nail Design Summer

Jelly Nails Nail Trend Nail Design Nail Shoes Long Acrylic Nail

Jelly Nails Nail Polish Navel in Almond Shape Long Pastel Colored Nail Polish Summer

Jelly Nails Nail Design Nail Trends Summer Gltzer Nail Polish

Jelly Nails Nail Design Nail Shoes Blumen Nail Polish Summer Nail trends

Jelly Nails Nail Stiletto Nail Shape Long Pastel Blue Nail Polish Nail Design Summer

Jelly Nails Nail in almond shape long turquoise Nail polish Nail trends Finger tattoo

Jelly Nails Nails in almond shape Nail design Herz Nageldeko Steine ​​Nail trends Summer

Jelly Nails Nail Trend Nail Polish Gold Blumen Nail Shoes Summer

Jelly Nails Nail Trend Summer Nail Shoes Rhinestones Nail Design Flowers

Jelly Nails Nail in Mandel shape long Nageldeko Glitzer Nail polish Summer trends

Jelly Nails Nail in Mandelform kurz Root Nail polish Fashion trends Summer

Jelly Nails Nails in Almond Shape Long Purple Nail Polish Nail Shoe Pearl Summer Nail trends

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