Smart Casual Wedding - Many Styling Tips and Inspirations!

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Getting a wedding invitation can be quite exciting. Whether official or casual in the garden - a wedding is always something special and even the guests have to dress appropriately. More and more bride and groom are choosing a dress code for your holiday. Are you invited to a smart casual wedding and have absolutely no idea who they are and who you should look to? What rules as a guest at your outfit should consider as many styling tips and fashionable inspirations as we share in our article!

What is a Smart Casual Wedding?

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Even if a wedding is a very festive affair, in recent times, more brides and grooms spend on a strict dress order and add more casual outfits. But a smart casual wedding in no case means that you must appear with your favorite jeans and sneakers - and then you have to adhere to certain requirements and rules. Your wardrobe should be quieter and less formal, but should have an elegant note. This option offers you a great deal of freedom in choosing your outfits.

Outfit Smart Casual Wedding Men - The Most Important Styling Tips

Smart casual wedding man jeans blazer caromuster shirt wild leather shoes men

Even the men do not have it easy, if it is the appropriate outfit for a smart casual wedding. The word "smart" lends a little formal touch to the otherwise casual dress code - the t-shirt and the normal jeans should you prefer to leave in the closet. An official train with blazer and ties is also not an option. With a beige trouser or chinos in combination with a white shirt with open collar you are pretty well advised! Are you invited to a summer wedding and wear young long pants? Fortunately, there are many elegant shorts models that you can wear super with a loose linen shirt. Elegant, dark-blue jeans are the mind-boggling alternative. Slim leather shoes, slippers or cool sneakers perfectly complement the outfit for a smart casual wedding at the men's. Of course, even small colored bags are seen in the socks - colorful socks are particularly regarded by men this year and bring a little color to the game in a cute way.

Smart Casual Wedding Ladies - What Should You Look For?

Smart casual wedding woman mid-dress pastel colors bright pink dress handbag leather

The combinations of outfits with the ladies for such a celebration are more versatile than you might think. From an elegant culotte over an airy summer dress to a beautiful pencil skirt - everything is permissible. The most important thing, what you should consider, is that you are not too casual or formally attracted - so simply leave the ball gown and flip flops at home. The choice of outfits also plays a very important role in the place where the fire takes place. For a summer wedding at the beach or in the garden, a beautiful, airy and knee-length dress is the best choice. A cool straw hat will protect you from the sun's rays and perfectly round your outfit at the same time. Do you ever think that in a church training your shoulders should be covered - in this case you can wear a beautiful, casual blazer.

Smart casual wedding woman pencil skirt combine casual pumps beige

Elegant pencil skirts and knee-length A-line skirts in combination with an elegant blouse and high heels make the perfect look for the fire. Have no fear with experimenting with different patterns and colors. This dress code is also the perfect occasion to wear a nice, long overall. A pair of chic sandals and precious accessories and you have the perfect outfit!

Styling Tips For A Smart Casual Wedding - Was It Taboo In Anyway?

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  • Don't wear white - At a wedding, only a woman must wear white and that is, of course, the bride. Both women, as well as men, should dress in colors such as white or cream.
  • Mini skirts and deep cuts are forbidden - Extremely short dresses and skirts or very deep cuts are not seen at all at a wedding. Best grip on garments that end or short above the knee.
  • Sandals and boots you should also leave it at home in the closet.

The Most Beautiful Smart Casual Wedding Outfits

Many men's beige casual outfit wedding guest white shirt wilderness shoes men

Men's fashion Chinos with sneakers and blazers wear summer outfit

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Fashion Trends Men's Vest Combine Men's Chinos Hose White Sneakers

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Smart casual wedding man jeans blazer caromuster shirt wild leather shoes men

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Smart Casual Wedding Ladies Styling Inspirations

Wedding guest outfit women mid-length linen fashion trends pastel sandals

A-line skirts combine shirt blouse from silk caromuster fashion trends women

Culotte Combine Fashion Trends Women's Outfit Ideas High Heels

Wedding outfit Casual summer dress long plateau sneakers combine fashion trends women

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Casual Outfit Wedding Guest Summer Sandals Fashion Trends

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Lace Dress Smart Casual Wedding Womens Outfit Ideas Fashion Trends

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