Rotin connection can help march up, store muscle mass

Resveratrol comes in spring and spring

Resveratrol, one contained in Phenol containing pollen, could be used to protect the muscles of astronauts from prolonged shifts in all or in future Mars missions. While performing experimentally, experiments reveal scientists that Resveratrol possesses the muscle mass and power of rats, which exhibits the abnormal effects of the simulated Mars work force in the body. The NASA-funded study is published in the "Frontiers in Physiology" journal.

Experiments have shown that longer spells in space negatively affect the muscle and knuckles. "Even three weeks in space, the human Soleus muscle shrinks at one throttle," said Dr Marie Mortreux, researcher at Harvard Medical School, a press release. "This one, with a loss of slow sucking muscle mass, was needed for the duration."

At the international space station, astronauts find training facilities, with which the power and health of their muscle can be maintained. On a space mission to Mars over large disturbances, astronauts were ignored for diesel resources. There Mars is about a month's worth of Earth, so NASA.

Soleus muscle in the Wade scrapes the world around one turtle

Scientists have sobriety of neurotransmitters, which help astronauts conquer men, muscle and kidnapping wounds. The possible health benefits of Resveratrol, a compound that occurs in the scales of root stairs and blueberries, have been ignored in the current study.

In the conditions of microgravity - Mars has 40% of earth gravity -, the scientist has 24 male rats with a full-grain garden and hung in a chain in the shroud, so that your feet can barely touch the bottom. The half of the rats receive Resveratrol in their water. Those others have come to the water. Anxieties are thrilled to have their feet cut.

During the 14-day study, the scientist is the driver of the rats and the strength of the rear feet.

Austeron muscles train their muscles

The rewards were endearing. The muscles of the rats, which tear down any water, become smaller and more difficult, for the rest, Resveratrol firmly prevented the loss of muscle phase. The investigator saw that the enthusiasm-inhibiting and antioxidative work of the fabric can help them to obtain the health of the muscles and the knuckles. This connection can also protect our diminished insulin sensitivity.

Further experiments are required, to look at the ideals of men and women, and to investigate possible complications with other medications and neurotransmitters.

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