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Learning and understanding dog behavior is no easy task for humans. The lizards understand each other by their own language and certain behaviors. Whether Labrador or Chihuahua - all dogs like to snuggle. However, why do they snap at learning each other in po? Why not the feet or the ears? This, of course, gives a very logical explanation, which we will share in our article.

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The nose is the most important sensory organ for the dogs and your sense of smell is at least 10,000 times higher compared to that of humans.Another breed, a dog has about 300 million odor cells. By doing this they call the environment much better than the eyes. Basically, the four legs of the poem smell like a kind of greeting. About the so-called Pheromones, which are used by the dogs of the Analdrüsen, the animals experience many important information. Moreover, our friends own a very special organ, though the Jacobson organ. It is located in the palate, close behind the cutting teeth and is specialized in growing these fragrances. Also, if they are comically audible, you should not worry - the dogs possess the ability to selectively smell. This means that they can filter out certain smells for happiness.

The Dog Behavior - Why do the four legs smell like po?

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It is amazing what information dogs can find out through the snaps. They can smell the sex of the other dog and whether it is ready for one pair. In addition, you can learn in many ways about nutrition and the health of other animals. Whether you are in good or bad mood you can also experience only a quick smell. Besides, each dog had its own unique smell and through the sniffles two dogs could quickly determine if she had met them before.

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The manner and manner of which two dogs are mutually capable of poaching can betray us who the chief is. The dominant dog catches the snuffle while the other waits quietly until he is ready. When the quadriceps are anxious, it simply pulls back, sits down, and in this way reduces the odor it emits over the anal glands. Again, this leads to the fact that the other animal can almost never be found out.

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