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Do you want a green oasis, do you ever have a small garden or a balcony? When this spot is limited, then the keyboard walks as a space-saving alternative. A bubble garden also gives you the possibility to combine tiles with separate calls and offers, or to put the wall panels in the effect in those scenes in the summer. If the end result is positive, care must be taken carefully. To declare, if you consider mice, if you have to create one-card designs and provide useful tips, you can compile colorful ensembles.

Picture gardening: There Standort

The garden grasses blend in with a single flower color fan

When choosing one of the wall-mounted shapes, you will have a secure stand or a free niche as standard. Here comes the greatest magnitude requirement: You should match those light ratios. These are exceptionally solid and sunny for sunny, absurd, semi-cute and cute standards. It is, in the meantime, of much greater significance, that it focuses on the light incident. Most hobby gardeners automatically and automatically find that they lie outdoors in the sun or in treasure. Undisputed with false opinions. Here are some tips, which you will support in the tasks:

1. In the sun, more than 6 hours lie in the sun. Most of the bubble flanges for sunny standards can easily stay in the bright sunlight for 6 hours. If your base is more than 8 hours per day in the sun, you can create one wall or make thoughts about a sun protection.

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2. With the term "more absurd standard", standards in the garden were detected, leaving no direct sunlight. However, the geese take a lot of time - there is a nearby garden patch, which reflects the heaviest house façade or the facades. The absurd standard is because of this, sunlight, single sunbeams and flowers can be planted.

3. A bench that is lying in half-treasures comes four to five hours in the direct sunlight. He lies in the midst of treasures and is abused by the intense sunshine in the morning.

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4. Luminous standards are mostly under a laubbaum or underneath a pergola. From time to time, change in the light and treasure.

5. If a standard sunlight is required for several hours per day, then this is a very nice standard.

Creating garden shapes: Finding the appropriate Kübel

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If you meet a wall-to-wall design, you should look for the appropriate Kübel yet. You will need to consider more criteria when buying, if you need to create one of the following:

1. The Kübelgröße. A bigger Kübel trocknet was slower than a smaller Blumentopf. A bigger Kübel rocks more and is moving shrewdly. So, in front of you, if the bubble flaps are overwhelmed, mice or in the winter monads may continue to grow. If you want to make your favorite wallpapers look like new arrangements, then smaller Blumenkübel's one variant variant. This way, they remain flexible and can bring some of the plans to work.

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2. The material. Ceramics or terracotta bubbles can be watered down and diluted. So you need to make very little worries, so that they are filled with images. This bubble is more suitable for cute, semi-cute or absurd standards. Synthetic material is one of the most enduring materials that heat can easily solve and water does not. Plastic dust is therefore best suited to fit in the sunny garden.

Shaped rock gardens: Combine blends, flowers, and grass shrubs

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If you decide to switch off the standard and chew the bubble, then you can overcome any problems that come in question. Please read this helpfully a boumschule. This allows you to gain new control mode, which slows down and eliminates the problem in the selected standard. Should be arranged the flowers, cities and grasshoppers so that in the midst of the Kübelgartens a higher pflanze bz. Blend a more beautiful color that looks like it. These perennial or multifaceted banners are then surrounded by multiple leaf crumbs or other flowers in contrasting colors. On the edge of the Kübelgartens, there are more green grasses, which border the garden visually.

If you have a good experience with a wall garden, you can combine fresh, summer and autumnal flowers. On this point, you will be able to enjoy your extraordinary ever-blowing breath.

Creating gardening: Flowered chewing

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You still need to know and have your favorite tiles, buy the appropriate substrate. The Erde vom eigen Garten is not suitable for a wedding garden. If you prefer investing in a flowered flower, it is most popular for most beautiful flowers, gardens and grasshoppers. Specific clusters require special precious materials, which increase the waiting time and the training time. They can also be repaired even if you still need bedding, stone pellets or quartz sand beds.

Creating wallpapers: Flanges

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Load into the boule box if the best planting area for your flowers, stands and grasses is. You should also be aware that fresh fringes can stay in the garden or if they are left for several days in the house. Please inform them if they are using the flowered mouse or mouse. Who are you going to squash around these tabs? You can also tell if a storming system is capable. It can provide the boot with water, while still enjoying the water, or if you feel invaluable on the road.

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