Making nettle tea yourself: effect, dosage and recipes for home remedies

In your own garden it is considered a weed, in fact the weed has many uses as a remedy. We take a close look at the medicinal properties of the plant and explain how you can make, dose and use nettle tea yourself. We also offer several recipes for home remedies with nettle tea that relieve pain, kill germs and promote detoxification in the body.

Make nettle tea yourself: This is why the medicinal plant is healthy

Nettle tea cure cystitis and prevent urinary tract diseases

The medicinal properties of wild herbs have long been underestimated. However, new studies show what was already known to people in ancient times: the nettle can be used for various ailments. The nettle tea stimulates the metabolism and digestion and can heal inflammation. It is above all rich in minerals such as iron or calcium, in vitamin C and in fatty acids. The nettle tea is often used for dehydration and detoxification in spring cures. In folk medicine, the infusion drink is also recommended for strengthening the kidneys and producing milk. It can also help with bladder infections, iron deficiency and osteoarthritis. It has also been scientifically proven that the infusion can relieve the symptoms of certain intestinal diseases.

Make nettle tea yourself: recipe

Drink nettle tea for high blood pressure recipe

You can of course find powdered nettle tea in drug stores, but you can also make it yourself. In order for the tea to develop its healing properties, you should pay attention to a few things when it comes to dosage and use. In the following we summarize what is important for you:

1. The harvest time of the nettle extends from late spring to early autumn. Late summer, however, is the right time to dry nettle leaves. All you have to do is pick the young leaves with their stems and hang them upside down in a shady place in the garden. Optionally, they can also be dried in the winter garden, in the garden shed or in a sunny room with low humidity. The leaves can only be stripped off after the end of the drying time.

2. If you don’t have nettles in your garden, you can buy dried nettle leaves. When buying, make sure that they come from a natural growing area.

3. Nettle dosage: To prepare nettle tea, scald two heaped teaspoons of nettle leaves with 500 ml of boiling water. Let the tea steep for nine minutes before removing the leaves.

4. How often do you drink nettle tea? If you have symptoms, you can drink the tea or tea mixtures containing nettle once a day for a maximum of seven weeks. After that, you should definitely take a break of several weeks.

5. It is best to drink nettle tea in the early afternoon to achieve a detoxifying effect.

Nettle tea side effects

Drink nettle tea for dehydration tips and ideas

Although the infusion drink is a natural remedy, nettle tea can still have side effects. People with impaired kidney and heart function should therefore avoid it. The same applies to pregnant women. If in doubt, you should seek advice from a doctor. The side effects in healthy people are rare. Nettle can cause an allergic reaction. Sometimes the medicinal plant can also cause mild stomach problems.

What does nettle tea do?

Make your own nettle tea recipe for an infusion drink

Wondering what nettle tea is good for and how to use the infusion as a remedy? We list several areas of application and give recipes for home remedies with nettle tea. But you can mix the dried leaves with other types of tea and use them to alleviate or improve various ailments. There are also various hair treatments, as well as numerous recipes for homemade cosmetics with nettle tea.

Nettle tea for cystitis

How often to drink nettle tea for kidney problems

Nettle tea can help relieve urinary tract disease symptoms. Typical symptoms of cystitis are a burning sensation and pain when urinating. But they can be combated with the infusion drink. The tea flushes the urinary tract and flushes harmful bacteria out of the bladder.

Recipe for the home remedy: Pour 140 ml of boiling water over 2 g of dried nettle leaves and let it steep for 6 minutes. Drink a freshly made cup of tea three times a day before eating. If the complaint does not go away after a week, seek advice from a doctor. If there is blood in the urine and a fever, urgently consult a doctor!

Nettle tea for healthy kidneys

Drink nettle tea for drainage and detoxification as often

Do you want to detoxify your kidneys? The following tea mix is ​​ideal for flushing therapy:

  • 14 g bearberry leaves, dried
  • 8 g birch leaves, dried
  • 6 g goldenrod, dried
  • 5 g peppermint leaves, dried
  • 40 g nettle leaves, dried

The infusion is sufficient for the preparation of 20 cups of tea. Simply mix the different types of tea and keep them airtight. The dosage of nettle tea will be much easier for you if you divide the tea mix into 20 filter bags. You should only prepare the tea after consulting a doctor. Then adhere to the prescribed daily amount and duration of use. Unless otherwise prescribed, use the remedy for a maximum of 2 weeks. Side effects include various stomach problems, most of them happen with an overdose.

With flushing therapy, you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water daily to avoid drainage from the nettle tea.

Nettle tea for draining

What causes nettle tea different recipes for home remedies

As mentioned earlier, nettle tea can help detoxify the body. In this case, you can prepare the tea in the morning and then drink it cold or warm throughout the day. In order to drain your body with nettle tea, you should drink between 4 and 6 cups a day. The tea is often prescribed by general practitioners for water retention unless other medical reasons have been established. Water retention can be caused by heart or kidney problems and nettle tea is contraindicated in these patients.

Many healthy people choose to detoxify their bodies with various cures in spring. Nettle tea can also be used for this purpose as long as the detox doesn’t take longer than a week.

Make nettle tea yourself and use it against high blood pressure

Nettle tea itself has an overview of its effect and dosage and application

In Moroccan folk medicine, nettle tea is also used as a blood pressure reducer. It has also been scientifically proven that the medicinal plant relaxes blood vessels. This improves blood circulation and lowers high blood pressure in a natural way. Here, too, you should consult your family doctor to adjust the therapy if necessary. It is not for nothing that high blood pressure is considered a “silent killer”, because most of the time you feel the consequences when it is too late. For this reason, as I said, a visit to the doctor is essential.

Nettle tea for arthritis and rheumatic diseases

Nettle tea for arthritis and rheumatic diseases

As the name itself suggests, nettles can sting your skin. The plant’s poison is made up of three substances: acetylcholine, serotonin and histamine. Acetylcholine stimulates blood vessels and serotonin has similar effects on skeletal muscles. The better the blood circulation, the faster harmful pathogens are broken down. This is especially true with inflammation. Scalded with hot water, the infusion can develop its anti-inflammatory effect. If you have gout and rheumatism symptoms, six to eight cups of tea can be drunk daily. Since the tea also contains histamine, allergy sufferers should first seek advice from their family doctor.

Nettle tea effect on the skin

Nettle tea anti-inflammatory effect on the skin

Nettle tea is anti-inflammatory and can kill bacteria not only in our body, but also on our skin. Since it also promotes blood circulation, it can significantly improve the complexion within just a few weeks. You can also apply the tea directly to the face, especially for pimples and blemished skin. First wash the skin with a gentle anti-acne cleanser or cleanse it with micellar water. Then prepare a cup of nettle tea, let it cool and apply it selectively to inflamed areas. It is worthwhile to apply the tea to an invisible area first. In individual cases it can cause redness.

Nettle tea for hair: make the cure yourself

Make your own nettle hair treatment recipe against split ends with natural remedies

A nettle tea cure can help with dry and damaged hair. Here are the necessary ingredients at a glance:

  • 150 ml natural yogurt
  • 4 g nettle leaves, dried
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon honey

Preparation: First put the nettle leaves in a saucepan and pour 100 ml of hot water over them. Bring the tea to the boil and let it cool down, then divide it into two cups. Mix the tea in the first cup with the natural yoghurt, olive oil and honey. Mix the mask well until it becomes a smooth mass. Then apply the treatment to damp hair and massage gently from the hair roots to the tips. Leave on for about 15 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Then shake the second cup of nettle tea onto your hair.

Nettle for allergy: Helpful against hay fever

Using nettle tea against hay fever Tips and effects

The nettle tea, which is prepared from the leaves of the medicinal plant, is often used as part of a therapy for allergy sufferers. The nettle is rich in histamine. Daily contact with the messenger substance can lead the body to slowly get used to it. This will prevent a severe allergic reaction. The tea is therefore often prescribed by doctors. It is very important that the allergy sufferer seek advice first. Because in many cases it is not about an allergy at all, but about histamine intolerance. With the latter, nettle cannot help, but may even exacerbate the symptoms.

Hardly any other medicinal herb is more versatile than nettle. And best of all – the weeds grow in your own garden, in the forest or in the field. But if you want to collect nettle leaves and prepare a tea from them, you should pay extra attention to the location of the plant. Plants next to streets and in big cities hide more risks than benefits to our health.

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